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Architecture encapsulates visions and dreams. Our aim is to craft spaces that not only serve
functional needs but also resonate with our senses and emotions. Every design we envision
is a harmonious blend of logic and passion – The Architectural Collective.

About Us

In every line we draw, we capture dreams, craft legacies, and define futures. Join us in a journey of architectural brilliance.


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Where innovation meets artistry. Dive into a world where each design stands as a testament to passion and precision.

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Together, we can shape marble and carve out the future. Your architectural journey starts here.


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Fiver Star Rating

Marble Studios crafted our vision with precision. Remarkable attention to detail. Thanks to the talented team.

Sarah Johnson

Fiver Star Rating

Marble Studios excels, seamlessly blending elegance and functionality. Professionalism at its finest.

Michael Anderson

Fiver Star Rating

Choosing Marble Studios was the best decision. Passion for design, seamless communication, highly recommended.

Emily Williams

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Discover Architectural Brilliance

Challenge us with your aspirations, and let us create something extraordinary together. Contact us to embark on a journey of architectural ingenuity.

Let’s get straight to the point: SEO services are unnecessarily complicated.

People make shit up, don’t really know what they’re talking about, or don’t look at your brand holistically to increase revenue.

There’s a lot that goes into “SEO” with a lot of moving parts.

I simplify it as much as possible with years of experience in the field so you can feel comfortable making an ROI on your SEO investments.

How I Can Help

If you’re a blogging beginner with zero cash flow, I highly recommend you get into the Blog Growth Engine course.

A strategy call is for established brands seeking consultation to make the right SEO decisions now.

My bespoke ROI-based SEO is a deep dive into your organic content strategy, starting with an audit of your site. We’ll craft a clearly laid-out monthly plan to accelerate your brand for long-term success and ROI. This is a 3-month commitment at the bare minimum for the best results.

My goal is to keep everything SIMPLE, with a high ROI, and tailored to your brand.

Our Blogging Course

  • 51+ Training Videos
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Live strategy call


ROI-based SEO Consulting

  • A 25-minute call
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  • Everything is recorded and transcribed
  • You get an action plan to implement

ROI-based SEO

It should make sense to drop a few grand as a business investment if you KNOW you’ll get that investment back and MORE in time.

My bespoke consulting does just that and I keep it very simple.

If you struggle with organic marketing on Google, working with me will result in the following:

  • Knowledge and insights into WHY your brand is struggling
  • A recommended PLAN on how to turn things around

From there, it’s up to you to implement the changes and see the fruits of the labor, just as we did for this e-commerce beauty brand with a mere 6 content pieces.

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And I’m going to keep it 100 with you: we can’t wish, promise, or hope for traffic and increased revenue to manifest. What Google does is beyond our control.

What we CAN CONTROL is the content strategy, the keywords we target, the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and mental frameworks to work with Google for the long term.

Yes, SEO is complicated, and I’ll make it really simple for you to take action on the right things that move the needle in your favor.

In short, what you’ll gain with ROI-based SEO are:

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Why Work With Chris

I’ve been involved in the industry since 2020, built my own brand from nothing, and quit my job as a well-paid engineer, all with the power of organic marketing.

I’ve coached over 3300 students and taken hundreds of consulting calls inside one of the fastest-growing online business courses, Blog Growth Engine.

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I’m constantly updating my knowledge in the organic marketing space with what works NOW, not 10 years ago, such as:

  • Topical Authority
  • Holistic and Semantic SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Monetization Strategies

How Does An SEO Consultation Work?

Step 1

Prepare your Questions

Before booking a call, consider your main problem, what specific questions you’d want answered, and your goals for the brand.

Please be as specific as possible.

Step 2

Book The Call

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be directed to my calendar to pick and choose the best time that fits your schedule.

Please submit your thoughts from Step 1 here.

Step 3

The Live Session

After a brief introduction, we’ll get to work and dive into why your brand is not performing, what we can improve, and how to do it.

Step 4

Follow Up Support

You’ll be sent the live recording after our call, which you can review at any time. You’ll also have access to our support for any follow-up questions about the strategy.