Best Monitors for Eye Strain

7 Best Monitors for Eye Strain in 2023 (Reduce Eye Fatigue)

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time in front of a bright screen and feel the effects of digital eyestrain. These are the best monitors for eye strain reduction right now.

Let’s face the facts:

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), spending more than 2 hours daily on digital devices (such as computer screens) might result in digital eye strain for 66% of people1.

Well, I know I spend way more than 2 hours working in front of a computer monitor, and you probably do the same and run the risk of computer vision syndrome.

Many brands claim to be suitable for eye strain with “low blue light mode.” Unfortunately, it’s become a bit of a buzzword if you don’t do proper research, and lucky for you, I’ve done just that!

I’ll cover everything you need to know to forge an environment where your eyes will thank you instead of hate you with the best eye care monitors. Let’s get to it!

1. BenQ EW3270U

BenQ EW3270U monitor for eye strain

Brand: BenQ
Screen size: 31.5”
Resolution: 4K (3840×2160 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $349

If you wish for more than a full-HD experience with fantastic eye-care technology but don’t wish to buy a top-of-the-line monitor like the Apple Studio, then the BenQ EW3270U is a fantastic choice and, overall, the best monitor for eye strain.

It has a 31.5-inch 4K UHD monitor designed to emphasize HDR (High Dynamic Range) entertainment content.

The 3000:1 native contrast ratio and 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut make it excellent for immersive multimedia experiences for long periods of time.

Features that Make a Difference

  • Built-in Eye Care: Helps maintain eye comfort and well-being during long periods of use, including binge-watching sessions and gaming marathons.
  • Smart Focus: This feature highlights the selected window or area, which enables users to concentrate on the main content and reduces distractions in the background.
  • Brightness Intelligence Technology: Adapts display brightness and color temperature based on screen content and environmental lighting, improving comfort and visibility.
  • HDR Technology: Enhanced brightness and contrast result in incredible details and vividness, making HDR video content more immersive.
  • High Resolution: The 4K UHD resolution provides four times the pixel density of a Full HD display, ensuring sharper images with more detail.

User Experience Report and Uses

The features of the BenQ EW3270U make it suitable for various applications, such as gaming, multimedia, and long hours in the office.

Given its attention to eye comfort and visual performance, this monitor is perfect for users who spend a significant amount of time on work or entertainment while wanting to minimize eye strain.

BenQ EW3270U

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The pricing information for the BenQ EW3270U monitor is within the $350-$399 price range and is pretty much double the BenQ GW2475H.

But for the additional dollars, you get so much more in quality, HDR, and resolution while still including the eye-care technology you crave, making it an excellent premium choice.

2. Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display monitor

Brand: Apple
Screen size: 27”
Resolution: 5K Retina Display (5120 x 2880 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $1,299

Apple Studio Display is designed for macOS, offering rich and immersive visuals, custom-tuned audio, and an array of high-performance features that help editors, designers, developers, artists, and Mac enthusiasts bring their work and ideas to life.

This screen boasts a 5K retina display, one billion colors, and 600 nits of brightness for ultra-clear and beautifully rich color accuracy and details – perfect for graphic design or creating artwork.

The computer screen has an inbuilt ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the color temperature and screen brightness to help reduce eye strain.

At the same time, the anti-glare coating provides better readability and comfort. You can also opt for nano-texture glass, which gives superb image quality from all viewing angles in bright-light conditions.

The monitor also features six built-in speakers, an ultrawide webcam, three USB-C ports, plus a Thunderbolt port to connect your Apple devices. The ultra-slim design has a tilt- and height-adjustable stand and is VESA mountable.

Features that make a difference

The premium standout features that makes the Apple Studio Display one of the best monitor for eye strain include:

  • Stunning Display: The Studio Display houses a breathtaking 5K Retina display. This means that all the pictures and videos displayed have a higher pixel density, making them sharper, brighter, and more detailed. Images appear more realistic, which is beneficial for photo and video editing.
  • True Tone Technology: This technology automatically adjusts the display’s colour temperature based on the light in your environment. This feature can significantly reduce eye strain by giving a more natural, comfortable viewing experience.
  • Nano-texture Glass Option: One major stride against eye strain is their nano-texture glass option, engineered at the nanometer level to reduce glare to the barest minimum.
  • Built-in Camera, Microphone, and Speakers: Studio Display features a studio-quality three-microphone array, a high-fidelity six-speaker sound system, and a 12-megapixel Ultra Wide camera for excellent audio and video communication.

User experience report and uses

Customers strongly recommend the Apple Studio Display, providing an excellent viewing experience.

Its high-definition screen delivers exceptionally clear images, which makes it suitable for professional photo and video editing, design, and artwork.

Its high-resolution 5K display benefits software developers and professionals requiring precision detail. Because of its high pixel density, text appears sharper and easier to read, reducing the strain on the eye during long periods of use.

Customers love the vibrancy of this monitor’s picture quality and appreciate the high-tech specs.

Apple Studio Display

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The Apple Studio Display price starts at $1299. An additional nano-texture glass, which cuts down on glare for even more comfortable viewing, is priced at $1599.

While the cost of the Apple Studio Display is enormous (to say the least), its unique features, the premium quality you get from Apple, and the focus on minimizing eye strain make it a compelling choice for professionals who spend a substantial amount of time looking at their screen daily.

And the payment plan options offered by Apple give customers flexibility on how they wish to purchase their product, making it more affordable.


ASUS VP28UQG monitor

Brand: Asus
Screen size: 28”
Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $449

Incredibly affordable, the Asus VP28UQG offers 4K UHD resolution with crisp, clear images.

Featuring Asus Eye Care technology, the monitor reduces blue light exposure and flicker-free backlighting for optimum viewing comfort.

The 60 Hz refresh rate prevents stuttering and tearing, while the game’s visual settings enhance the color performance and frame rates.

The monitor boasts a pixel density of 157 PPI, enough for photo-realistic visuals and viewing small details. The screen tilts and swivels for an ergonomic field of view and is VESA mountable.

You can’t go wrong with this monitor if you want to balance cost and eye-care features.

Features that make a difference

  • 4K UHD Display: The VP28UQG’s 4K resolution produces crisp visuals and immense detail in games, videos, and productivity applications.
  • Adaptive Sync Technology: This feature reduces screen tearing and stuttering, providing smooth gameplay and a more immersive experience.
  • Display Alignment: This feature facilitates precise monitor alignment in multi-display setups.
  • FPS Counter: For all of you gamers out there, the monitor’s built-in FPS counter allows you to assess the performance impact of different graphics settings and system configurations.

User Experience Report and Uses

The ASUS monitor has received consistently positive feedback from users. They have praised its 4K resolution and exquisite color reproduction, enhancing gaming and content consumption experiences.

Additionally, people commended its various gaming features, such as the customizable crosshair and on-screen timer, which make for seamless and enjoyable gameplay.

Customers say this monitor is great value for money and can be viewed for long periods without feeling fatigued.


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The ASUS VP28UQG gaming monitor is competitively priced, given its impressive feature set, 4K resolution, and focus on reducing eye strain.

The pricing is fair and perfectly positioned in the middle of its competitors such as the BenQ EW3270U and the Samsungs G7.

The ASUS VP28UQG’s 4K UHD display, gaming-centric features, and ASUS Eye Care technology make it an excellent choice for a high-performance monitor that prioritizes user comfort.

4. Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor

Brand: Samsung
Screen size: 32”
Resolution: WQHD (2560 x 1440 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $699

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a 32-inch wide monitor using the WQHD QLED curved screen for a superior experience.

The 1000R panel of the Odyssey matches the curvature of the human eye for minimal eye strain and creating complete immersion. With 1.7 times the pixel density of FHD, this WQHD monitor produces ultra-sharp images and crystal-clear text.

The monitor also features an eye-saver mode, anti-flicker technology, and a black equalizer designed to minimize eye strain.

Although it’s not ultrawide, with a massive 240Hz refresh rate, this is the best-curved monitor for gaming fans. The HDR 600 technology lets you see the darkest, gloomiest game scenes without straining or squinting.

Features that make a difference

Some notable features of the Samsung Odyssey G7 include:

  • Curved QLED Display: The 1000R curvature of the screen provides an incredibly immersive experience that enhances viewing comfort, making it easier on the eyes during prolonged usage.
  • High-Quality Quantum Dots: The QLED technology with quantum dots provides accurate color reproduction, exceptional contrast, and deep blacks. This ensures a superior visual experience.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatibility: This feature reduces image tearing, stuttering, and screen lag, which not only enhances the gaming experience but also helps by offering a smooth, consistent visual experience.
  • Fast Refresh Rate and Response Time: The 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time provide a smoother, more fluid viewing experience, reducing eye fatigue caused by motion blur or stuttering.

User experience report and uses

Users praise the Samsung Odyssey G7 for its excellent image quality, particularly regarding gaming performance.

The fast refresh rate, minimal input lag, and compatibility with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology make it an ideal choice for varying applications, including professional gaming and video editing.

The curved design has also received positive feedback for its ergonomic and immersive design, making it suitable for users who spend long hours in front of a screen.

The curvature makes viewing content on the screen’s sides easier, resulting in less eye strain.

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7

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The Samsung Odyssey G7 32-inch monitor is priced at around $699, positioning it as a more affordable option when compared to premium products like Apple’s Studio Display.

Its combination of features, performance, and price make it an attractive choice for those looking for a monitor that reduces eye strain without breaking the bank.

5. BenQ GW2475H

BenQ GW2475H monitor

Brand: BenQ
Screen size: 23.8”
Resolution: Full-HD (1920×1080 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $159

The BenQ GW2475H is a 23.8-inch Full HD slim bezel monitor entirely centered around eye health.

It is designed with BenQ’s proprietary Eye-Care™ Technology to deliver visual comfort during extended viewing periods. The eye care monitor has low blue and flicker-free technology to help combat eye strain. The matte screen works to reduce glare and has an excellent contrast ratio.

Designed to be versatile and elegant, the slim bezel and minimalist ergonomic design look great in any home office setup.

Features that make a difference

Key features of the BenQ GW2475H include:

  • IPS (In-Plane Switching) Technology: This technology affords accurate color and image reproduction from any angle, with an expansive 178° viewing angle. This feature ensures a consistent viewing experience, reducing eye strain regardless of your viewing position.
  • Eye-Care™ Technology: BenQ’s proprietary Eye-Care™ technologies reduce eye fatigue, increasing comfort, productivity, and safety during extended use. This makes it particularly suitable for users who spend many hours in front of a computer.
  • Flicker-Free Technology: One of the standout Eye-Care™ features is the flicker-free technology. This exclusive BenQ technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to monitor flicker, adversely affecting productivity.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: The GW2475H is embedded with HDMI and VGA ports, enabling users to easily switch between two media sources without the trouble of plugging in and out repeatedly.

User experience report and uses

The BenQ GW2475H is often praised for its excellent image quality, particularly the color accuracy provided by the IPS technology. Users regularly commend the effectiveness of the Eye-Care™ technologies, reporting less eye fatigue during extended usage.

Its stylish design and slim bezel make it popular for home offices and workplaces. Furthermore, the multiple connectivity options are appreciated for adding versatility to this monitor’s usage, satisfying various multimedia needs.

BenQ GW2475H

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The pricing for the BenQ GW2475H ranges from $159 to $180, making it an affordable option compared to some higher-end monitors.

In conclusion, for anyone looking for a monitor that offers a fantastic balance of price, performance, and features that help reduce eye strain, the BenQ GW2475H is indeed a worthy consideration.

Customers rave about the incredible value of this monitor and think it’s superb quality, considering the low price.

6. LG 29WN600-W

LG 29WN600-W monitor

Brand: LG
Screen size: 29”
Resolution: UltraWide WFHD (2560 x 1080 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $199

The LG 29WN600-W is a 29″ UltraWide WFHD IPS monitor strikingly crafted for those who value expansive work or entertainment space.

With its 21:9 aspect ratio and Full HD (2560 x 1080) resolution, this impressive monitor delivers 33% more screen space than a Full HD resolution display, enabling you to enjoy larger visuals and accommodate more attendees in a webinar.

Features that make a difference

  • 21:9 UltraWide Full HD Display: The larger display area allows users to view more content, providing a richer and more immersive work or entertainment experience.
  • Reader Mode & Flicker Safe: These features mitigate eye strain, with Reader Mode reducing harmful blue light emission and Flicker Safe reducing screen flicker levels.
  • HDR10 Compatible: The monitor delivers a more vivid and realistic visual experience with the HDR10 feature, enhancing content visibility with a broader spectrum of colors and luminosity adjustments.
  • AMD FreeSync™: This feature eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for fluid gameplay, ensuring a smooth, immersive gaming experience without stressing the eyes.

User Experience Report and Uses

Due to its UltraWide display, users found that the LG 29WN600-W ably facilitates multitasking, making it fitting for professionals requiring multiple windows open simultaneously.

The monitor’s gaming performance has also been highly praised due to the AMD FreeSync technology, which provides a seamless gaming experience without interruptions.

LG 29WN600-W
$199.99 $177.90

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The LG 29WN600-W is priced moderately for its exciting variety of features and sophisticated technology.

While the pricing varies between $189-$199 depending on the retailer or location, its investment is worth considering if you seek the best monitor to alleviate eye strain while allowing for extensive multitasking or gaming.

In essence, the LG 29WN600-W’s UltraWide Full HD display, along with its HDR10 compatibility and AMD FreeSync technology, makes it an excellent choice.

7. ViewSonic VX2257

ViewSonic VX2257 monitor

Brand: ViewSonic
Screen size: 22”
Resolution: Full-HD (1920×1080 Pixels)
Price: Starting at $209

The ViewSonic VX2257-mhd is a 22″ (21.5″ viewable) Full HD monitor designed purposely for gaming and entertainment aficionados.

It utilizes VESA Adaptive-Sync Technology to diminish screen tearing and stuttering, enabling fluid gameplay even in high-octane action sequences. The 1ms response time and low input lag mode further ensure a smooth, blur-free onboard experience.

Features that make a difference

  • VESA Adaptive-Sync Technology: This indispensable feature mitigates screen tearing and stuttering, providing an unmatched gaming experience with smooth transitions and swift response rates.
  • 1ms Response Time: Unleashing stunning visual clarity without any ghosting or blur even in fast-paced games as a result of the lightning-fast 1ms response time.
  • Black Stabilization Function: This function aids with depth perception without losing out on color richness and contrast, enhancing the total immersion experience.

User Experience Report and Uses

According to users, the ViewSonic VX2257-mhd monitor provides a quality gaming and entertainment experience. Customers appreciate the Adaptive-Sync Technology and the low response time that eliminates blurring, ghosting, and screen tearing, enabling them to enjoy smooth gameplay.

Moreover, its flexible connectivity options – DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA, allow users to connect with diverse devices, making it a versatile addition to their setup.

ViewSonic VX2757-MHD

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The ViewSonic VX2257-mhd is competitively priced, considering the features it offers targeted for gaming and entertainment, starting at $209 retail.

Computer Monitors for Eye-Strain Buying Guide

1. Screen Resolution

Squinting to make sense of a blurry image doesn’t feel great and increases eye fatigue. So choosing a 5k monitor with a high resolution will allow you to see images clearly and without straining.

If you often work with highly detailed images, you may want to consider a monitor with a minimum of 4K resolution to avoid staring at a blurry screen all day long.

2. Blue Light Filter

Excessive exposure to blue light is not great, especially if you spend hours staring at a screen daily.

High-quality monitors will have anti-blue light technology built to filter and block the blue light emissions so that you can look at the screen for longer periods without exposure.

3. Anti-Flicker

A flickering screen can cause increased eye fatigue, headaches, and other discomforts. To avoid this problem, opt for a monitor that includes flicker-free technology.

Thankfully most newer monitors have this sorted, but this might be an issue if you shop for used models.

A Monitor Light Bar Is Your New Best Friend

BenQ Screenbar Halo monitor light bar

It all starts with a great quality monitor for eye strain reduction, but sometimes it’s just not enough if you sit in a dark room with barely any lighting.

That’s where I recommend complementing your screen with one of the best monitor light bars illuminating your entire desk environment without any screen glare reflecting off your new monitor.

I’ve had mine for years, an essential item I cannot be without for my home office.

BenQ ScreenBar Halo

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02/18/2024 06:34 am GMT

Monitor for Eye-Strain FAQs

Why Does My Monitor Give Me Eye Strain?

There are a few reasons your monitor may give you eye strain.

  • The image could be blurry and cause you to squint.
  • The monitor might not have anti-flicker and blue-light reduction technology built in.
  • The monitor may not be ergonomically set up for your requirements. It could be too close or far away to view comfortably.

Does a Bigger Monitor Help With Eye Strain?

A bigger monitor isn’t necessarily the answer to reducing eye strain.

Certainly, if your current monitor is too small and you’re straining to see details, it could be worth upgrading to a larger model.

However, going too large could increase eye strain because you cannot take all the images simultaneously.

Usually, a bad resolution is a culprit for causing eye strain rather than the monitor size, so consider upgrading to a 4K monitor before considering the size.

Are 4K Monitors Better for Eye Strain?

4K monitors allow you to see the detail much more clearly and without straining.

Therefore, they are more comfortable to view than lower-resolution monitors, particularly if you’re viewing the screen from a distance.

From personal experience looking at my dad’s 14-year-old monitor, I know that a low resolution hurts to look at.

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