BenQ LaptopBar Review 2023 – Portable and Powerful Lighting

Chris, Chief Editor

Updated Sep 20, 2023

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Hey there, and welcome to this BenQ LaptopBar review.

The LaptopBar is ideal for those who travel frequently, stay in hotels, or work in areas with poor lighting. It’s a simple yet effective solution that provides ample light for a comfortable work session.

I’d recommend it to anyone in need of better lighting, especially when on the move. If you have a stationary workspace, consider a monitor light bar for a more robust lighting setup.

What We Like

  • Portable
  • Sleek design
  • Powerful lighting
  • Easy attachment to your laptop

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery life is decent
  • The attachment mechanism might not be to everyone’s taste


I’ve used the BenQ monitor light bar for years now, and honestly, it has done so much for my home office and desk setup that I can’t really imagine being without one anymore.

Now, this LaptopBar, which is a new little gadget, solves a very particular problem: having good lighting when you’re traveling or not at your desk.

Refined professionals are always on the go, so why should you compromise your working environment without good lighting?

That’s why I’m delighted to do an in-depth review of this laptopbar sitting at the top of my MacBook Air M1 while writing this review.

Read on to discover the benefits of this thing and also something you should definitely avoid doing when using it the first time (don’t do what I did!).

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What is the LaptopBar?

IMG 20230928 150729

The LaptopBar is a nifty little monitor light bar that attaches to the back end of your laptop to illuminate the space in front of you, adding a bit of light around you as well.

It’s crafted from aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, which contributes to its small, lightweight design, making it easy to take along in its included travel case, which has a pleasant feel to it.

Who Created the LaptopBar?

The LaptopBar is the brainchild of BenQ, a renowned multinational company that’s been innovating in the field of electronics and technology since its inception in 1984.

Over the years, BenQ has established itself as a leader in the industry, particularly for its vision-care technologies and lighting solutions, targeting eye strain reduction and improving overall visual comfort.

The creation of the LaptopBar is a reflection of BenQ’s dedication to premium quality with a compact and innovative lighting solution. The LaptopBar is a stellar addition to the brand’s lineup of lighting products and carries the brand’s signature blend of ergonomic design and tech.

BenQ LaptopBar Features

Let’s dive into the standout features that come with this LaptopBar and explore what makes it shine.


IMG 20230928 152028

This portable little LED light is 9.4 inches in length (24 cm) and weighs just about 1.94 ounces (55 g). Despite feeling a bit plasticky to the touch, the build quality is intentionally robust, surpassing its larger counterpart, the BenQ ScreenBar, in terms of resilience. You wouldn’t want it breaking from a minor mishap, so durability is a necessary feature for a device designed to be on the move.

I’m particularly fond of its portability — it’s effortless to pack it into its case, and the detachable design means you can separate the head from the base for easier storage. Fully assembled, it has a slightly more substantial presence, weighing in at approximately 5.89 ounces (167 g).

A thoughtful addition is the base’s standalone functionality; you can simply place it on a table without attaching it to your laptop. This is perfect for other activities where you might need lighting, like reading a book in bed.

Powerful Lighting

IMG 20230928 151905

The amount of light emitted by such a compact device is impressive, easily illuminating a large area of my office desk.

If you’re lounging on your couch in a dimly lit room, this little light atop your laptop will greatly reduce eye fatigue and improve your work environment.

The LaptopBar features a cool touch bar at the top, where you can adjust the light intensity and hue with a simple finger slide – from warmer tones that are easier on the eyes to cooler, darker shades.

Touchless Controls

IMG 20230928 151747

I’ve mentioned it briefly, but you also get the convenience of touchless activation with a simple hand gesture above the sensor to turn the light on and off.

It’s a testament to BenQ’s ingenuity in creating a user-friendly experience without any fuss – just wave your hand, and the light responds. It’s an elegant addition to the overall experience.

Battery Life

IMG 20230928 145929

The battery life of the BenQ LaptopBar is shorter than expected, offering only a few hours before needing a recharge. Thankfully, recharging is straightforward with a USB-C cable.

If you’re using a MacBook Air with ports only on the left and the LaptopBar’s charging port on the right, the cable must stretch around the laptop, which is a minor design oversight. Not all laptops will face this issue, but it’s worth noting.

Attachment to Your Laptop

IMG 20230928 150540

The LaptopBar uses a small magnetic patch that you adhere to the back of your laptop. You get two patches, one in dark gray and one in light gray.

If you remove one, it might break, leaving you with just the spare. After providing feedback to BenQ, they’ve considered it for future improvements.

Despite the practicality of the magnetic attachment, you might find the patch unsightly. But if functionality is your priority, this won’t be a concern at all.

LaptopBar Alternatives

While there aren’t many direct competitors for portable lighting solutions like this LaptopBar, a regular lamp or flashlight could serve as a makeshift alternative.

For a fixed setup, the BenQ Screen Bar is an excellent choice for a more powerful lighting option.

My LaptopBar Personal Experience: A Much Brighter Room

IMG 20230928 151607

I took the LaptopBar on my travels, particularly when staying in poorly lit rooms, like at my parents’ house. The room’s single lamp wasn’t sufficient and I often worked late into the night.

This LaptopBar not only illuminates my workspace but also makes working on my laptop more pleasant and less straining on the eyes. It’s incredibly portable, fits easily into my duffel bag, and has proven to be invaluable in hotels.

Overall, I recommend the LaptopBar if you’re someone on the go and appreciate a well-lit environment. It’s a bit of a niche product, but you’ve probably had the thought that you wished you had better lighting.

The BenQ LaptopBar is the solution to the problem you weren’t even aware of.

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