Things Every Man Should Own

Discover the 30 Things Every Man Should Own—And Why!

Gentlemen, there are items, and then there are staples.

Staples, you ask? It’s the things every man should own that are extraordinary. These things do more than fill up space in your drawer; they define you, present you, and shape your experiences.

“The clothes maketh the man” is not just a cheesy line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

A study of 200 participants found that men with clothing styles (and owning the right items) were perceived as significantly more charismatic and approved of as leaders1.

So my best tips for any man looking to get to the next level in life is to:

Owning the right items at your disposal isn’t just vanity; it’s a confident stride into the world that prepares you for the journey ahead.

Life’s a grand adventure, and you’ve got the power to paint your narrative, one signature item at a time.

1. A Luxury Watch That Speaks Volumes

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A luxury watch is not just a timekeeping device; it’s a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

Investing in a good quality watch adds a touch of class to any outfit, whether a tailored suit or casual attire. A high-quality watch, like the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, showcases your value and complements a pair of leather shoes for formal occasions!

Owning a luxury watch is a timeless investment that speaks volumes about your personal style, taste, and attention to detail.

Connect with high value men at networking events and leave a lasting impression.

2. A Quality Leather Wallet

Things Every Man Should Own 1

A quality leather wallet keeps your valuables safe and secure and adds a touch of sophistication and style to your ensemble.

Personally, I prefer a slim wallet for formal occasions as it won’t create a bulky appearance in your pocket and easily slides into your suit’s inner pocket.

Look for wallets with the following:

By only storing cards and items used regularly each week, you maintain an organized and efficient wallet that complements any formal outfit.

3. Quality Sunglasses

Things Every Man Should Own 2

Protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays is, of course, important. But investing in a quality pair of quality sunglasses also gives you a certain style that’s hard to miss.

Classic models such as Ray-Bans or aviators are stylish, timeless, and provide UV protection.

So why not invest in a good pair of sunglasses that safeguard your vision and enhance your sense of style?

Pro tip from a real-life event: Make sure to get a statement bag to go with your sunglasses for storage, or you might forget them after a night out smoking cigars and hanging out with the bros.

It’s never fun to lose personal belongings, even if you can afford a new one.

4. Statement Bags for Every Occasion

Things Every Man Should Own 3

Whether heading to the gym, going on a weekend getaway, or networking with your brothers for world domination, having a statement bag that suits the occasion is a standout feature.

From sling bags, crossbody bags, and utility pouches for carrying essentials, there’s a statement bag for every man and every occasion.

When selecting a statement bag, look for features such as:

Not only do statement bags provide practicality, but they also elevate your style.

After all, life is full of different occasions, and having the right bag to complement each event showcases your versatility and adaptability just a little bit.

And you’ll look like a straight-up G.

5. High-End Carry on Luggage

Things Every Man Should Own 4

Jet-setters, weekend road-trippers, business travelers, listen up. The bags you carry tell a lot about you.

And right off the bat, those bags must be practical, durable, and stylish. That’s where high-end carry-ons and travel bags come into play.

These bags are built to last and crafted to impress. Consider the power and elegance they bring to your attire.

Practicality: These pieces offer plenty of storage spaces, clever compartments for your essentials, and they meet airline carry-on requirements. Got important documents or expensive gear? These bags protect them.

Durability: Ever heard of a travel bag making it through countless trips and still looking new? High-end carry-ons and travel bags offer just that – longevity.

Style: Sure, they encase your stuff but also complete your look. Why blend in when you can complement your style? Make an impact on business travels and important networking events and travel in style.

Looking for the top contenders? There’s Samsonite for durability, Tumi for functional design, and Louis Vuitton for that showstopper quality. Pick the one that best aligns with your needs and style.

6. Premium Grooming Kit For Self-Care

Things Every Man Should Own 5

Personal grooming? It’s one of those subtle charms that speaks volumes about a man. And that’s where your indispensable companion – the Premium Grooming Kit – triumphs.

Quality should always be paramount when it comes to your skin. Carefully crafted products protect and nourish your skin, giving you that confidence-boosting fresh look every day.

A comprehensive grooming kit should include:

Investing in a premium grooming kit showcases your ability to care for yourself and maintain a polished appearance. After all, when you look good, you feel good, and that’s something every man should strive for.

7. A Signature Scent

Things Every Man Should Own 6

Dress well, they notice. Smell amazing, and they won’t forget.

A signature scent sets you apart, creating a unique identity that lingers on even after you’ve left a room. The charm? Your signature scent is your personalized scent stamp. Powerful, indelible, and distinct.

You can’t go with cheap or popular fragrances if you aim to impress the ladies. You should wear a scent they haven’t smelled before, which usually entails higher-priced scents from the Creed brand.

YOUR signature scent is your silent yet powerful personal statement — and owning one speaks volumes about you. Make your unforgettable mark with a simple spray.

8. A Durable Toiletry Bag

Things Every Man Should Own 7

A durable toiletry bag makes organizing personal care items during travel a breeze.

Benefits include easy-to-clean materials, keeping your essentials neatly stored and protected from spills, and providing quick access to your needed items.

A good toiletry bag shows you care about both hygiene and traveling stress-free.

Made from waterproof materials and featuring a spacious interior, a reliable toiletry bag is a must-have item for every man.

When you can quickly and easily access your essentials, you can instead focus on looking and feeling your best – no matter where life takes you.

9. A Well-Made Weekender Bag

Things Every Man Should Own 8

Investing in a well-made weekender bag helps ensure hassle-free short trips or overnight stays.

A quality bag offers enough space to hold essentials without being bulky, protects belongings, and often features compartments for better organization.

A weekender bag, such as the Public Rec Pro Weekender, offers ample storage and is made from high-quality materials that provide both style and functionality!

A weekender bag is a fantastic investment for anyone who loves to travel, where style and convenience go hand-in-hand with this travel essential.

10. Travel Comforts

Things Every Man Should Own 9

Traveling can be exhausting, but you can make your journey more enjoyable and relaxing with the right comforts.

Incorporating travel comforts like an Adidas tracksuit, a neck pillow, and an eye mask into your packing list enhances relaxation during long journeys.

Benefits include better sleep, reduced muscle strain, and improved overall traveling experience. Being well-prepared allows you to enjoy your journey and arrive refreshed, ready to tackle anything.

I can’t mention how often I’ve arrived at a networking event that starts with an intense boxing session right as I leave the airport.

Being combat-ready at all times is a requirement, so make sure you’re well-rested during your travels with the right travel comforts.

11. Noise-Canceling Earphones

Things Every Man Should Own 10

Noise-canceling earphones provide an immersive audio experience, making them perfect for daily commutes or long flights.

Easy to pack and enhance your traveling experience, the Sony WF-1000XM5 is a great pair of noise-canceling earphones.

Key benefits include reduced ambient noise, improved sound quality, and increased focus. You’ll enjoy your favorite tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks without external distractions.

Don’t let the noise of the world distract you – invest in a pair of quality earphones that let you focus on what’s truly important and not the bs of everyday travel conversations.

12. A Collection of Classic Books

Things Every Man Should Own 11

A thoughtfully curated collection of classic books enriches your life with various perspectives and timeless wisdom.

Reading classics expands your knowledge, enhances critical thinking skills, and exposes you to different eras and cultures.

You’ll be able to engage in meaningful conversations and connect with others on a deeper level, spark engaging conversations, and enhance your personal library.

The value of a well-curated book collection goes beyond the pages themselves. It represents a commitment to lifelong learning, personal growth, and an appreciation for the written word.

13. Dress Shoes for Every Occasion

Things Every Man Should Own 12

Every man should have a good pair of dress shoes in his wardrobe, suitable for a variety of formal occasions.

From oxfords and loafers to brogues, the right dress shoes elevate your style and complement your suit.

Investing in a quality pair, like the Morjas or MYRQVIST options, ensures you’re always ready to make a lasting impression at special events or date nights.

When selecting dress shoes, prioritize quality and comfort, and remember to coordinate the belt color with the shoe color for a polished and put-together look.

After all, the right pair of dress shoes can make or break an outfit, so choose wisely and always dress to impress.

14. A Durable and Stylish Leather Belt

Things Every Man Should Own 13

A durable and stylish leather belt is an essential accessory that every man should own.

Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Invest in a good leather belt, like a Morjas option, that complements your wardrobe and can be worn with various outfits. This ensures you always look put together and polished, no matter the occasion.

A quality leather belt is an investment that will last for years.

15. Timeless Leather Boots

Things Every Man Should Own 14

Timeless leather boots prove invaluable for their durability, versatility, and style.

They pair effortlessly with various outfits and suit casual and semi-formal settings. Leather boots offer protection and functionality, becoming a staple in any man’s wardrobe.

Leather boots, such as the MYRQVIST Granhult or the Thursday Boots Captain, offer a versatile and stylish option that can be dressed up or down.

And did I mention that leather boots are durable with long-lasting performance? From a night out on the town to a business meeting, a quality pair of leather boots will last and make all the difference in your appearance.

16. The Perfect White T-Shirt

Things Every Man Should Own 15

A plain white t-shirt is a versatile, timeless, and classic wardrobe staple that every man should own. Once you find a white T-shirt that fits well for your body type, make sure to buy a shitton of it!

I personally own over five pieces of the same Zara T-shirt in black and white, simplifying dressing decisions in the morning and saving me a ton of brain-power for business tasks instead.

Made from high-quality materials, a well-fitted white t-shirt can be worn in various:

A perfect white t-shirt is the epitome of effortless style and simplicity. Look for one that fits well, is made from quality fabric, and resists discoloration.

A white t-shirt pairs with virtually anything, proving a versatile foundation for countless fashionable outfits.

17. A Stylish Pair of Joggers

Things Every Man Should Own 16

Modern joggers blend comfort with style, making them essential for every man.

They transition seamlessly from workouts to casual outings and offer a relaxed yet presentable appearance.

From lounging at home to traveling in style or hitting the gym, a well-made pair of joggers, like the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger, is your go-to choice for a wide range of activities.

Joggers provide flexibility for an active lifestyle or even just a stylish lounging-at-home look.

18. A Well-Fitted Suit

Things Every Man Should Own 17

You never know when you’ll need to make a great impression, and if you’re a high value man, that will be more often than not.

Business meetings or special networking events call for a well-fitted tailored suit. This instant icon of style and professionalism elevates your confidence and presents you at your best. A fine wool suit, for example, provides a polished and professional look that exudes self-confidence and comfort.

When selecting a suit, focus on fit most of all, quality and style. A custom-tailored suit provides lasting quality and ensures that you always look and feel your best, no matter the occasion.

A well-fitted suit is an investment in your personal and professional image and your ability to network, whether it’s an important business meeting or a black-tie event, so make it count!

19. A Classic Leather Jacket

Things Every Man Should Own 18

A classic leather jacket is another timeless wardrobe staple.

Ideal for transitional weather, it provides warmth without sacrificing style. Universally recognized as a symbol of cool, a leather jacket offers wear-anywhere versatility and lasting durability.

Whether dressing up for a night out, formal wear or adding a touch of edge to your everyday attire, a leather jacket, like the Jacket Maker Dean, offers a timeless and fashionable option that will never go out of style.

A close companion to the leather jacket is a Suede jacked, matching brilliantly with an all-black attire for an effortless and sharp look.

20. Cigar Accessories

Things Every Man Should Own 19

If cigars are your thing, appropriate accessories are worth consideration, such as:

Cigar accessories maintain the quality of your cigars and showcase a hobby enthusiasts worldwide appreciate.

And for men on the constant move, a travel cigar humidor case is the perfect companion for taking your Cohiba cigars with you wherever you are.

Investing in quality cigar accessories enhances your experience and makes for an impressive display when entertaining guests or sharing a smoke with friends.

I love my cigar accessories, and playing around with a lighter in my hands feels good when deep in thought or working on a business problem.

21. Drink-Appropriate Glassware

Things Every Man Should Own 20

Matching your drink with the right glassware isn’t just about aesthetics – it enhances flavor perception and the overall drinking experience.

Ranging from whiskey tumblers to wine glasses, the correct glassware makes a marked difference to your hosting game and personal enjoyment, whether you’re sipping on a fine whiskey, enjoying a glass of wine, or mixing up a cocktail.

Not only does drink-appropriate glassware improve the taste and aroma of your beverages, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home bar or entertaining space.

22. A Home Office for Productivity and Focus

Things Every Man Should Own 21

A well-equipped home office provides a quiet, focused environment to accomplish tasks without distractions, and making the most of your home sets you up for success in your professional life.

When looking for masculine home office ideas, consider comfortable seating, ample lighting, and organized storage to create a space that promotes productivity and focus.

Personalize your space with motivational wall art, indoor plants, and a selection of your favorite books to make it a place where you truly enjoy spending time.

Your home office is more than just a workspace; it’s an extension of your living space and reflects your personal style.

23. An Elegant Pen Collection

Things Every Man Should Own 22

In a world dominated by technology, there’s something timeless and sophisticated about a well-curated pen collection.

An elegant pen collection isn’t just for avid writers or stationery lovers. Stylish, high-quality pens lend a sense of sophistication to your desk and make note-taking or signing documents feel more special.

These small details significantly affect how you perceive your everyday tasks.

From fountain pens and ballpoint pens to rollerball pens, owning a variety of elegant writing instruments add a touch of class to your personal and professional life.

There’s no better feeling than whipping out a luxury pen to someone in need at a networking event, making it a great conversation starter and setting the bar high for how others perceive you from a simple pen!

24. A Reliable Coffee Maker for Daily Rituals

Things Every Man Should Own 23

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and investing in a reliable coffee maker helps you enjoy this daily ritual to the fullest.

For me, the motion and the smells of creating my coffee in the morning immediately set the mood for productive work; it’s a trigger to get stuff done, and a fantastic mind hack.

Whether you prefer a simple drip coffee maker or a sophisticated espresso machine, a quality coffee maker ensures that you always start your day with a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee.

25. High-Quality Bedding for Improved Sleep

Things Every Man Should Own 24

Better sleep promotes good health, increases productivity, and enhances overall well-being, and by extension, investing in high-quality bedding makes all the difference in how you feel each morning.

From luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets to a comfortable mattress and plush pillows, prioritizing quality sleep helps you to enjoy a restful night and wake up ready to tackle the day.

Most people still work by the dogma of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” and gravely underestimate the power of a good night’s rest.

Investing in high-quality bedding improves not just your bedroom’s look and feel but also your health and happiness.

26. Cast Iron Skillet for Cooking Mastery

Things Every Man Should Own 25

A cast iron skillet is a must-have tool for any home cook looking to master their cooking skills. Here are some reasons why:

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your cooking journey, a cast iron skillet is an indispensable tool that will help you create delicious and memorable meals for years and stay healthy doing so.

27. A Quality Chef’s Knife

Things Every Man Should Own 26

A quality chef’s knife is the cornerstone of any kitchen, allowing you to prepare meals precisely and efficiently.

Whether chopping vegetables, slicing meat, or mincing herbs, a sharp, well-balanced chef’s knife, like the Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch, makes meal preparation faster, safer, and more enjoyable.

Your time spent preparing your post-workout meals is more efficient and enjoyable when you have a quality knife at hand.

28. A Gym Membership

Things Every Man Should Own 27

Being in shape is the epitome of looking like an alpha male, but what is holding you back from achieving that physique? Most likely consistency and plain old boredom.

That’s why you need a gym membership that gives you access to a diverse range of fitness equipment and classes.

This variety encourages consistency, helps you avoid boredom, and ensures a well-rounded workout routine. Exercise is essential for overall health, and a gym membership helps you stay committed to your fitness goals.

Whether you prefer weightlifting, cardio, or group classes, a gym membership provides access to exercise equipment, expert guidance, and a supportive fitness community.

29. A Multi-Tool for Everyday Preparedness

Things Every Man Should Own 28

Life is full of unexpected challenges, and having a multi-tool on hand helps you easily tackle various tasks.

A multi-tool, like the Leatherman Wave+, is a lifesaver in everyday situations, camping trips, or emergencies, providing essential tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and scissors in a compact and portable design.

By investing in a quality multi-tool, you’re not just adding a practical item to your collection but also taking a proactive approach, from fixing minor repairs to opening bottles; it’s an indispensable item for your bag or car.

Don’t forget to pair it with the right work gloves for added protection and efficiency.

30. A Reliable Pocket Knife

Things Every Man Should Own 29

A reliable pocket knife is an indispensable tool for any man, offering versatile use in everyday situations, camping, or emergencies.

Whether for cutting items, opening packages, or even camping and outdoor activities, a pocket knife proves its worth in countless situations. A trusty pocket knife, like the Civivi Elementum fits the bill for a go-to tool for a wide range of tasks.

It’s just one of those essential things every man SHOULD own.

That’s A Wrap!

Who knew that crafting your personal style and image involved many different elements, right?

But hey, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, embracing those nuances is what sets you apart!

In the end, the ultimate goal is to own items that resonate with your personality and values. Considering the practical benefits they offer while harmonizing with your unique vibe is essential.

Good luck refining your list of essential possessions, and know that the items you choose will be instrumental in crafting your one-of-a-kind life story.

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