Best Derma Roller for Beard

7 Best Derma Roller for Superior Beard Growth (2023 Edition)

Imagine having a fuller, thicker beard that adds character and confidence to your appearance, and it’s not even a pipe dream away with the best derma roller for beard growth!

Derma rollers have become a popular tool to help men achieve better beards by stimulating growth and promoting a healthier, more vibrant beard.

Derma rollers are handheld devices featuring a roller covered in microneedles. These rollers work by inducing micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen production and blood flow, promoting hair growth, and even reducing acne scars.

The process may sound intimidating and even a bit weird, but it’s a safe and effective way to promote hair growth.

I’ve sifted through all the BS online to find you the absolute best derma roller for YOUR beard. I also cover all the neat stuff, such as how derma rollers work and what to consider when buying one.

So, let’s dive in!

Super Quick Tips

  • Factors to consider when selecting a derma roller include needle size, head size, quality of materials, and number of needles.
  • Alternatives like beard balm, beard oil, or complete beard growth kits are also available for patchy beard solutions or as a fantastic gift to a struggling brother.

What Are The Best Derma Rollers for Beard Growth?

These derma rollers have proven to stimulate hair growth and promote healthier facial hair effectively.

The best derma roller for beards includes a range of brands and models tailored to suit different preferences and needs.

  1. Striking Viking Derma Roller for Beard

    The Striking Viking Beard Growth Kit is more than just a simple derma roller. It’s a comprehensive system designed specifically to stimulate beard growth.

    The derma roller features a needle size of 0.25mm, an optimal length for promoting beard growth without causing significant discomfort.

    This roller head covers a large area in a few strokes, making your beard care routine efficient.

    The needles are made of titanium, a robust and durable material that ensures the long-lasting utility of the tool.

    What I Like

    As numerous other customers attest, I love the Striking Viking Beard Growth Kit’s effectiveness and sturdy design.

    Men indicate noticeable improvements in their beard growth after consistent use.

    The needle size strikes a perfect balance of functionality and comfort, leaving the skin feeling stimulated without being overly irritated.

    Also, the materials’ quality means this product is built to last, making it excellent value for money.


    The Striking Viking Beard Growth Kit is best for men with patchy or inconsistent beard growth. It’s also ideal for those who have perhaps been unsuccessful with other beard growth products in the past.

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  2. Jurgen K Beard Growth Kit

    The Jurgen K beard growth kit includes everything a man might need for bread growth and maintenance! It includes beard growth oil, a beard derma roller, beard balm, a handmade beard comb, and even an eBook.

    What I Like

    I appreciate how the kit targets the growth of facial hair and the overall health of the beard using different elements. These products work synergistically to provide noticeable results such as increased beard density and health. The oil and the balm are nice with moisturizing and conditioning properties.


    The Jurgen K Beard Growth Kit is best suited for men who want a complete package for taking care of their beloved beards while stimulating new hair strands as much as possible.

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  3. Thappink Beard Derma Roller

    The beard derma roller from Thappink is a purpose-designed microneedle roller intended to be used at home to promote beard growth.

    The needle size is 0.25mm, widely considered the perfect size for home use.

    It’s not specified how many needles the roller head contains, but a high count is typical to ensure comprehensive coverage.

    The roller is well-built with high-quality needle materials for durable and long-lasting performance.

    What I like

    Thappink has a lot going for it. What captures my attention is its effortless design. The ergonomic handle has been applauded for making the roller easy and comfortable.

    Ease of use also extends to the entire grooming process, with customers appreciating that only a few minutes per session are necessary.

    A free storage case is another mention-worthy aspect, adding to the convenience.


    The Thappink beard derma roller is perfect for men on the go, providing a practical and cost-effective solution for beard growth.

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  4. Crafted Beard Growth Roller

    The Crafted beard Roller is a definitive tool for elevating your beard game.

    This package comes with a quality derma roller with a needle size of 0.3mm, and the microneedle roller is specifically designed to stimulate the skin beneath your beard and promote growth and thickness.

    What I Like

    What impresses me most about this beard growth kit is its two-fold approach to beard maintenance.

    Not only does it include a top-notch derma roller, but it also comes with a growth serum. This blend of all-natural ingredients, such as Jojoba oil, Castor Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil, is designed to assist the beard growth process.

    Many users have commended the serum’s effectiveness, adding that using the derma roller in conjunction amplifies the benefits.


    The Crafted Beards Beard Growth Kit is perfect for those in the early stages of growing a beard. Within 4-8 weeks of usage, users have seen notable improvements in their beard density and overall health.

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  5. Roselynboutique Beard Derma Roller

    The Roselynboutique beard derma roller is a high-quality grooming tool.

    This derma roller is equipped with 540 sturdy microneedles, each with a needle size of your choice! Choose all the way from 0.25mm to 1mm.

    Designed for promoting hair growth on the face, this roller is constructed with titanium microneedles – a material reputable for its toughness, durability, and long-lasting use.

    The quality construction and sleek, glossy black aesthetic make this a winner in my books.

    What I Like

    This derma roller is top-tier in its functionality and effectiveness.

    I appreciate the lightweight yet robust construction of this derma roller. The roller is easy to use and handle, and the included storage case is nice for hygiene and portability.


    The Roselynboutique beard derma roller is best for men with tough skin as you have the flexibility to pick a needle size that works for you.

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  6. Yoobeaul Beard Derma Roller

    The YOOBEAUL Beard Care Kit is a great grooming pack dedicated to enhancing and improving beard health.

    This kit features a Derma Roller for Beard with a needle size of 0.25mm, which is more on the safer side and makes it ideal for gifting to a dad, brother, or friends.

    What I Like

    I like the YOOBEAUL kit for several reasons. The kit includes a well-designed derma roller and a nourishing beard oil and balm to complete the beard care routine.

    Men appreciate that it offers a complete package for a healthier, fuller-looking beard.

    Customers have witnessed noticeable improvements in beard growth and coverage when consistently using the YOOBEAUL kit.


    The YOOBEAUL Beard Care Kit is best suited for men serious about cultivating a healthy, full beard. The kit makes an excellent gift for men, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as an encouraging gesture to support their beard care journey.

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  7. Koi Beauty Derma Roller

    The Koi Beauty derma roller for beard growth comes with 540 titanium needles, and offers an exceptional user-friendly experience, thanks to its unique matte texture and ergonomic handle.

    Each needle measures 0.25mm (up to 2mm), a size optimized for stimulating hair growth without causing adverse skin reactions.

    What I like

    I appreciate the thoughtful design elements that make the Koi Beauty derma roller easy and comfortable. The matte texture and ergonomic handle look slick and ensure perfect grip and handling.

    It’s a high-quality derm roller.


    The Koi Beauty is the best-looking professional derma roller with a solid build quality that makes a fantastic gift for any style-conscious individual.

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How to Use Derma Roller for Beard?

image 127

Using a derma roller for beard growth is a simple process that involves rolling the tool across the desired area gently, ensuring that the micro-needles penetrate the skin subtly on a surface level.

A pro tip is to avoid applying too much pressure to prevent bleeding and discomfort and safely stimulate beard growth with a derma roller.

Before using a derma roller, clean your face and beard from dirt or debris (and food crumbs).

Also, wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before handling the derma roller to maintain proper hygiene.

Next, take the extra step to cleanse and sanitize the area (the skin beneath your beard). This will help prevent any potential infections or complications.

Guys, I know it’s hard but trust me, you don’t want shit going into your skin, especially with a needle.

If you are unsure at any point, consult a dermatologist for personalized recommendations, especially if you have sensitive skin or any underlying skin conditions.

How Often Should a Beard Roller Be Used?

For sensitive skin, it’s recommended to use a derma roller for beard growth no more than twice a week when using a needle size below 0.5mm.

This frequency balances effectiveness and comfort, allowing you to achieve the best results without causing unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Needles above 1.5mm warrant at least three weeks between each use but are more for treating acne scars than beard growth1.

For those with resilient skin, you can up the frequency to 3 times a week using up to 0.5mm, but ease into it first! You must allow the skin enough time to heal and repair itself to avoid any potential delay in obtaining the desired results.

Using beard rollers as part of your grooming routine helps promote a healthier and fuller beard.

Is It OK to Shave Before Using a Roller?

Shaving before using a derma roller is not necessary, but it can be beneficial to trim long facial hair before derma rolling, just for accessibility.

Trimming long facial hair helps avoid clogging the roller with hairs and dead skin, improving the efficacy of the treatment.

The decision to shave or trim before derma rolling depends on your preference and comfort level.

I’d keep it shorter while going through the process and growing new hair strands.

How To Clean My Derma Roller?

Keeping your derma roller clean is vital for preserving its efficacy and avoiding possible infections or complications.

To clean your derma roller, disinfect it with alcohol, such as 70% isopropyl alcohol, and soak it in hot water.

Afterward, rinse the derma roller under warm water and ensure it’s completely dry before storing it.

What to Consider When Choosing a Derma Roller?

image 125

Before buying a derma roller consider the needle size, roller head size, needle material quality, and the number of needles.

1. Needle Size

The length of the needle is crucial for effective beard growth stimulation.

Shorter needles won’t cause pain or bleeding but may not yield the same outcome as longer needles.

The recommended range for needle lengths is 0.25mm to 0.5mm for a painless experience1.

For treatments to address skin aging and wrinkles, a needle length of 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm is generally suggested when using microneedling.

Needles of a larger gauge increase follicle stimulation, resulting in more bleeding, pain, and longer recovery time between uses.

There is no real reason to go beyond 1.0mm for beard growth for men.

So, choosing the right needle length is essential for a comfortable and practical derma rolling experience.

When selecting a derma roller for beard growth, consider needles ranging from 0.25 to 1.0 mm in length.

2. Roller Head Size and Number Of Needles

A medium-sized roller head with 195 to 600 closely packed needles is recommended for optimal results.

A larger number of needles allows for faster microneedling and better product absorption. Derma rollers with more than 500 needles are far more effective in achieving desired results.

This ensures the entire treated skin surface is optimally stimulated, resulting in fuller and denser beard growth.

3. Quality of Needle Materials

The quality of needle materials, such as stainless steel or titanium, ensures durability and safety.

Medical-grade titanium is the recommended material for derma roller needles.

What size is the best for a derma roller?

The best size derma roller for beard growth has needle lengths of 0.25-0.5mm.

For daily use, it is suggested to use a derma roller in the smaller size range, while the larger size range (0.5mm) should be used once or twice a week.

What Does a Derma Roller Do For a Beard?

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A derma roller promotes healthy and robust hair growth, boosts collagen production, and is convenient and straightforward, even for sensitive skin.

By stimulating collagen production, derma rollers increase the growth and thickness of facial hair, leading to a fuller and more attractive beard.

Derma rolling is a straightforward procedure that can be completed easily in the comfort of your home, making it one of the best derma roller options for beard growth.

Is Derma Roller Effective for Beard Hair Growth?

Yes, a derma roller is effective for beard hair growth, as it helps activate collagen and keratin production while increasing nutrient-rich blood flow to the area.

Alternatives to Derma Rolling for Beard Growth

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While derma rolling is a method for stimulating beard growth, it’s not the only option.

Alternative methods for stimulating beard growth include using beard balms, oils, and growth kits to promote facial hair growth without the need for derma rolling.

These products are designed to nourish the skin and hair follicles, encouraging the growth of thicker and fuller facial hair.

They can also help to reduce irritation and itching, making the beard-growing process more comfortable.

Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil

Beard balm is more suitable for styling and shaping, while beard oil is more effective for nourishing and moisturizing.

Beard balms and beard oils are both excellent products for conditioning and styling facial hair, but they serve different purposes and have unique characteristics.

Beard balm is a styling and conditioning product used to soften and tame facial hair.

It is composed of waxes, butter, and oils that aid in shaping and styling the beard. It also helps to protect the beard from environmental factors and keeps it looking fresh and healthy while smelling fantastic.

Beard oil is a conditioning product designed to soften and nourish facial hair.

It’s formulated with a carrier and essential oils blend to help moisturize and condition the beard.

Both beard balm and beard oil are excellent for promoting beard growth without derma rolling.

Beard Growth Kit for the full package

A beard growth kit is a great all-in-one package to opt for as they typically include:

To use a beard growth kit, follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser.
  2. Use the derma roller to roll over the beard region up and down.
  3. Apply the beard oil and beard balm to nourish and protect the beard.
  4. Use the beard comb to style the beard.

Which Derma Roller Do We Recommend?

Derma rollers are highly effective for promoting growth and achieving a healthier beard.

Whether you choose a derma roller, beard balm, beard oil, or a comprehensive beard growth kit for the complete luxury treatment, the path to a thicker, more vibrant beard is within your reach.

After going through what the market has to offer, my number one pick at the top of this list is what you should get.

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