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The Real Shortcut To Anything

Consistency beats everything.

There are no magic life hacks or nootropics you can take to get what you want.

No easy “$500 per day doing X business model” shortcuts to take.

Consistency is what got me jacked.

I stay in shape 365 days a year, and it’s effortless to maintain. Took these an hour ago at the gym.

image 5

This reminds me of a guy who burst out loud after we were wrapping up our Muay Thai boxing session:

“Holy shit Chris, how did you manage to stay in shape after the Christmas holidays and all the food?!”

I told him that I’m usually consistent with my food choices (well, most of the time).

Which meant I could eat whatever I wanted during Christmas, have zero anxiety, and still be in shape.

It was a boring answer, and I saw his face losing interest. 😂

It took me years to figure this out, but my life changed for real once I did.

Consistency is a key pillar that allows me to make money online, stay in shape, do whatever I want with my time, and travel on a whim.

You’d be surprised how it compounds over to ALL areas of your life.

Consistency IS the life hack.

So why is it so hard to stay consistent?

There are a lot of underlying reasons that make it a constant battle:

  • We’re overstimulated all the time
  • It’s hard to focus with constant info overload
  • We easily get overwhelmed, procrastinate, and get burned out
  • We lack motivation, willpower, and run on fumes all day
  • We wreak our sleep which sends us into a negative spiral the next day

But the simple answer to why it’s so hard to stay consistent is:

It’s slow and boring as hell.

NOT the answer you wanted. I know, me neither.

I get it; there are more fun things to do, and getting distracted all day is easy. 

But it keeps you weak. 

It holds you back from starting (or running) your business and getting your dream life.

And there are proven ways to become as consistent as you want.

It all starts with your daily Work Flow. 

When I broke down what I was spending my time on, it became clear where I fell short.

Once I became clear on what I had to do every day to reach my goals, I got to my goals.

As Flow Creators, we do less meaning-LESS work and more meaning-FULL work.

So you don’t have to work on stuff you need to, but because you want to. Huge difference.

I’ve cracked the code, and I’m here to help.

Inside Flow Creators, I’ll show you how to become consistent once and for all.

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