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Is Your Mind A Business Bottleneck?

That was the question from 2 separate influencers in 1 day on my timeline.

This is the full story (and an insight).

I’ve followed these guys for quite some time now. Both are massively successful, with over 100,000 followers and huge businesses.

Both mention the same thing independently of each other, which I find refreshing and validates the idea.

Get out of your own way on the path to success (or whatever you desire).

See, we self-sabotage ourselves without even knowing it.

Ali Abdaal wants to launch a new productivity offer, and mentally, he was undermining his own potential.

He wanted to price his product at $1k for 12 months, which is insanely underpriced considering how big of a brand he is.


He was suggested to price it at $5k for 90 days and then upsell to $24k after that.

Entirely doable with his reputation, skills, talent, and influence. In fact, a no-brainer.

By doubling a business owner’s productivity, they could make twice the revenue.

For a large business, that is 6-7 figures added in extra revenue, and $24k is a no-brainer exchange.

But his mindset literally got in his own way of even viewing it as a possibility.

He got in his own way.

Ali was the biggest bottleneck in his business.

He was also chasing other opportunities instead of focusing on his product.

The actions we take, or the lack thereof.

The things we tell ourselves or the things we don’t.

All lead towards our success or our failure.

To avoid being the bottleneck, start by becoming aware.

Are you:

  • Not working purposefully on key leveraged tasks every day
  • Not being consistent
  • Chasing too many opportunities
  • Limiting our own beliefs of what’s possible
  • Clicking around on stuff on the laptop, thinking we are productive
  • Spending your day writing about the stuff you will do without actually doing them
  • Not going all in on the thing we’re working on

Only by seeing first can we fix whatever is holding us back.

That’s step one.

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