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Information overload

Information overload means different things to different people.

You might face a day packed with endless meetings.

Or get bombarded with emails and social media alerts.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably drowning in too much advice.

This endless stream of advice is the real problem.

So why does this happen to us?

Because we don’t consciously curate the information we consume.

Honestly, we’re kind of lazy about it.

Curating takes real work—it requires effort and energy.

And more often than not, we’re lethargic after lunchtime already.

So we just consume content for the sake of feeling good.

That’s the truth, and it probably stings to hear.

Ever found yourself lost in an Alex Hormozi video?

It feels like you’re learning, right?

But then, you’re onto the next, or worse, 

listen to conflicting opinions that leave you frozen.

This usually ends with inaction.

Too much ‘value’ turns into no value.

Remember Tim Ferriss’ ‘The Four Hour Workweek’?

Even back in 2007, he emphasized the importance of an ‘information diet.’

The days of newspapers on the streets of New York!

It’s about selectively consuming content that actually benefits us, 

a practice even more crucial now with social media and AI content.

When you actively gather and sift through information.

You ensure it doesn’t pass unnoticed. 

You consume with a purpose.

And when you consume purposefully, you actually do something with it.

This isn’t easy; it’s a practical skill you get to learn.

And that’s exactly what we do at Flow Creators.

We optimize your daily workflow around what truly matters for your success.

We value our time and energy.


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