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How to succeed at business

Does it feel like you’re working 24/7 but never get anywhere?

It usually goes something like this:

  • There’s too much info to learn
  • It’s hard to figure out where to even start
  • Overwhelm hits you like a ton of bricks

And the problem is that we’re up against a mountain.

Business is that mountain.

And walking up is a slow ass climb.

There is a huge risk of falling off.

You risk wearing yourself out.

You might even run out of supplies.

And the nights get cold and lonely.

But I started looking at business differently.

It’s not about moving slow on the big things.

But moving fast on the small things.

You simply guarantee that you reach the top faster.

That’s why I have no issues dropping $1,000/m on a mentor today.

Or why I always pay in full for the software I use.

Because it allows me to move FAST on the small things today.

And when you move fast on the small things.

You make progress on the big things tomorrow.

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