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How To Maximize Minimally

I used to work a 9-5 as an engineer.

It was fun at the start, learning new things and progressing up the corporate ladder.

Until it wasn’t.

image 4

It quickly turned stale. Monotonous. Life-less. Purpose-less.

I had to do something different.

I tried new positions at the company with new teams and new people, 

but it was all the same, just a different place.

The problem was that my time was bound with a 9-5 and other family obligations.

And somehow, I had to turn over the little time I had left to a successful side hustle.

At the time, I was into minimalism, but I also had to maximize.

There is no light without dark, Ying has its Yang, 

and when you do less stuff, you get to do more stuff.

I’ve named my stuff Flow.

It’s the simple idea of maximizing your life in a way where everything Flows naturally.

Work, cash, health, fitness, sleep, fun, joy, peace.

I became really good at it.

image 3

And the best place to look is how your day Flows.

If you’re conscious about the things you spend time on

and you KNOW with certainty that it leads to what you desire,

then life becomes more effortless.

That is how I live my day-to-day life. 

Using proven systems that maximize my day with minimal time invested.

I simply do what I enjoy, when I want to, and get paid for doing it.

And I can show you how to do the same inside of Flow Creators.

Tools I use daily