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How To Focus Deeply

Most productivity hacks suck, and you’ve been lied to.

I used to struggle with focusing deeply on my work.

I tried all the mainstream methods under the sun.

The 5-second rule, Pomodoro, Theta Waves…

ALL garbage. Bandaid solutions at best.

Here are 3 powerful ways to focus deeply (that actually works)

Warning: Don’t blame me if you forget to eat or never see your friends again, k? 🙂

Level 1 – Curate

Too much information from too many sources messes with your brain.

That’s why you hear about the shiny object syndrome.

One creator says a thing. And the other says the opposite thing.

Mix in a third, fourth, and fifth; you might as well give up now.

We live in an attention economy, and everyone is trying to get yours.

Your brain can’t make sense of it and simply shuts down.

Flow Creators do less stuff, so they get to do more stuff.

Relentlessly curate your sources of impressions.

Level 2 – Minimize

Let’s imagine you haven’t exercised in 5 years. (👀)

If you had to run an entire marathon 3 months from now.

How would you do it?

Would you try to run the entire thing tomorrow to train?

Would you run a mile?

Or would you start with 10 minutes of light jogging?

Honestly, you’d probably start with just buying new running shoes.

Focusing deeply works the same way.

Instead of focusing on the entire marathon, start with the shoes first.

Then the next, and the next.

Once you look up, you’ll be at the track already.

Level 3 – Clarity

Focus relies on Clarity.

This step is the deepest and the hardest to master.

But if you do, you’ll enjoy:

  • Deep focus sessions for hours
  • Being endlessly motivation
  • Entering Flow State on a whim

Flow Creators are intrinsically motivated.

Which means they understand the reason for doing something beyond the external.

Your mom told you to clean your room? Cool, extrinsic.

You’re Batman and want to save Gotham? Intrinsic.

See the difference?

Unlocking deep levels of focus gets down to this:

Be VERY clear on WHY you’re doing something.

By getting clear on your why, you won’t need accountability.

You won’t need motivation.

Focusing deeply will come naturally to you.

And you’ll Flow through hours without even noticing.

The Flow State is real, and it’s neither science nor spiritual.

It’s simply clarity of purpose.

And a life that Flows.

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