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How I’d make $5k fast

I got asked yesterday how I’d make $5k/m online in the most reliable way possible. Here’s how:

“Chris I know so much and have so many skills…” she said.

“I just don’t know how to make Cash Flow with them. And I’m already exhausted.”

That last part is important.

Making $5k per month is realistic and straightforward.

You have a skill that is in demand. And you let people know about your skills.

It’s not about making the $5k though, but how you get there.

Cash is not worth it if it comes with huge amounts of stress and anxiety.

That’s why the first thing I look at is the client’s current situation and workflow.

Because we want to earn more, but we also want to work less.

It’s about using our time and attention well on the right things that give big results.

She’s a smart girl and she only needed direction and a path.

Sometimes you have to run faster, which is where outbound comes in.

She’ll land a client by spending 2 hours a day on pure outbound and doing it daily.

Send 100 emails to prospects needing your skill, and something is bound to happen.

The cash is guaranteed as long as she improves her approach by 1% every day.

It’s that easy.

I prefer inbound, though, as warm leads are easier to work with.

They already want your help, and you can charge more.

Because YOU are the one in demand.

Inbound takes time to set up. There are some complexities to get it rolling.

But once you do, you get to earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

Without the stress and anxiety.


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