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How I make over $6,500/month

Usually I get most of my work done in the morning.

But this Tuesday was an exceptionally sunny day, too good to ignore.

So I seized the day and enjoyed a nice coffee and a cigar.

And soaked in the sun for hours. It felt like a weekend, but it was a regular Tuesday.

There was no place I had to be at, no work I had to clock in to.

And I still make over $6,500/month with just 200 followers, which is insane to me.

image 7

I get to take a random Tuesday off because I built Impactful Content in the right places.

Content done right simply works for you 24/7.

Content in the right places allows you to increase your surface area for “luck.”

Which means more opportunities, sales, and high-ticket clients coming to you.

You can choose to build your followers on socials.

Or you can skip the line entirely if you want to.

Both are viable and work synergistically together (now my preferred choice).

You don’t need a massive follower count to make at least $5,000 online.

And it takes less than 3 hours of “work” per day.

image 8

I say “work” because it’s actually fun creating content like this.

Instead of random AI content that gets you random followers (who don’t care about you).

Create Impactful Content for people in communities that care about you.

It allows you to take days off if you feel like it.

Or share insights that move people to take action.

This is one of the ways I generate over $6,500 with just 200 followers.

Not by imitating content from influencers that attract likes and “thanks.”

But by helping actual people with Impactful Content that attracts conversations.

And conversations lead to Cash Flow – or what some would call “luck.”

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