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Today I’m grateful.

I used to dream of days just like this:

image 10

3 years ago I was stuck in the office.

It was a sunny day just like this one, and I wanted to spend my time outside.

Why the obsession with the sun?

Where I live we have 10 months of winter…

…Everything is either gray or muddy from heaven to earth.

And it becomes depressing as hell.

But I couldn’t go out except for lunchtime.

I was not “allowed” by the boss.

The rest of the 7 hours was spent in cubicles.

Endless artificial lights from the ceiling.

Two large monitors with more blue light.

ACs blasting on max, so you were constantly freezing.

And totally pointless meetings all day long.

I vividly remember how I hated it.

My coworker would jokingly say;

“Soon you’ll celebrate 10 years with the company, be happy!”

The thought of hitting the 10-year mark disgusted me.

Like hell, I would. All I could think of was to escape.

I remember thinking:

“If only I could have my own thing.

Work where I want and when I want.

I’d be so grateful. 

I’d lay in the grass during the day.

Watch the clouds move in the blue sky.

Just like I used to when I was a kid”.

Today, I did exactly that, and I could only feel grateful.

Grateful for the hardships that took me to get here.

Grateful for all the mentors I’ve had the opportunity to learn from.

I want you to feel the same, and I want to help you move faster.

You might have a small side hustle but want clarity on the path.

You might have a profitable business but drown in work instead.

It’s one thing making $5k/m every month.

It’s another doing it in a way that frees up your time.

Time to do what you love. Spend time with your family. Your kids. 

Your dreams.

If you can relate at any level to my story, I want to help.

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