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Don’t grow a social media following

Don’t grow a social media following. It doesn’t work, and you know it. Here’s why:

I’ve made between $5k-10k for years with just 200 followers.

“Grow your followers, and eventually you can monetize them.”

You know it’s bullshit, look around.

There are countless accounts with 20k followers and 100k followers.

They can’t sell a shirt, let alone make money.

People get this entire growth thing wrong.

It’s not about growing a bunch of followers.

It’s not about monetizing your audience.

But what your followers ALLOW you to do and WHO they allow you to FIND.

It’s like a huge pond with a bunch of fish.

They don’t know you exist (your solution to their problem).

You don’t know which of them wants your stuff (the whales)

And 99% of them won’t want your stuff (the followers).

But 1% absolutely do.

You only need a few clients to make life-changing money WITH.

That’s the purpose of growing your socials.

Not to take cash from them, but to make cash with them.

And the best way to do that is to not grow followers,

but instead to grow your list.

A list of people that you talk to, help, and inspire.

Focusing on growing your list lets you find those 1% for life-changing Cash Flow.

Do you still need an audience?

Yes. It’s the pond, but the purpose is to grow your list first. The followers come naturally.

If you start with that, then the rest sorts itself out beautifully.


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