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Do you value your time?

My Tuesday so far:

  • Wake up
  • Pushups and a fresh coffee
  • Tinker with my offer and community
  • Walk in the sun
  • Get a fresh haircut
  • A nice relaxing Blueprint lunch
  • Enjoy a cigar in the sun

And I had an insightful conversation with my barber. 

image 6

He wanted to give me a discount on the cut. 

And I refused.

I told him he should be fairly compensated for his time and energy.

As a man, I refuse to steal anyone’s time for no pay.

Because time is the only thing you NEVER get back.

He became dumbfounded for a while and started pondering.

I could see him reflect hard and come to the same conclusion.

“Chris, you’re right; time is really something I never get back.”

I only told him the truth.

My X handle on Twitter is called “TimeFocused” for a reason.

As Flow Creators, we value our time.

So if you’re working a job you hate.

Or spend time on stuff you don’t really enjoy.

Just know you’re literally throwing away your most precious resource.

That’s why I decided to build a freedom business 2 years ago.

And it’s one of the things I show you how to do inside of Flow Creators.

So you can buy back your time.

And instead of working for time, time works for you.

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