Grams(28) – 154 City Pack Review 2023

Chris, Chief Editor

Updated Sep 20, 2023

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The 154 City Pack is an ideal sling bag for refined professionals on the go who prefer not having anything in their pockets. This bag is handy for networking, traveling, and carrying essentials such as:

All in an aesthetic, functional, and affordably luxurious sling bag. I can’t recommend it enough.

154 city pack in action

What We Like

  • High-quality leather
  • Loads of storage options
  • Dedicated compartment for sunglasses
  • Clever passport holder on the back
  • Easy accessibility from the top

What We Don’t Like

  • A MacBook Air doesn’t fit
  • The branding with the numbers is not removable


If you’re a man on a mission to improve yourself, whether it’s through networking with other high-value men, closing new business opportunities, or simply walking around looking like a boss, then you might have encountered a small problem.

You see, if you want to look like a real G, you don’t walk around the streets with a ton of stuff in your pockets. It’s not how a stylish and well-respected man operates. That’s why you need some form of a sling bag or a briefcase that matches your personality and style.

I’ve personally been on the lookout for a variety of different bags to update my wardrobe, and when I discovered the brand called Grams(28), I just had to dive in and explore more of what they had to offer.

The solution they provide is affordable luxury that just about anyone can dive into. These luxury goods blend premium leather quality, functionality style, and price into one fantastic product to solve your everyday carry problems.

Let’s dive into the 154 City Pack sling bag and see if this entry-level luxury bag is for you.

Best Note Taking Tablet

What Is The 154 City Pack

IMG 20231106 145734 scaled

The 154 City Pack by Grams(28) is a full-grain leather everyday carry sling bag of exceptional quality.

It feels luxurious to the touch and has several compartments for storage, accommodating items from an iPad Pro to a DSLR camera, a notebook, sunglasses, and all your other everyday carry gadgets. This includes cigar cutters, lighters, and even a portable humidor. The bag is perfectly sized for all your essentials without looking like a woman’s purse.

It’s a manly, sturdy, full-grain leather sling bag that looks fantastic and pairs well with suits and casual outfits.

Who Created The 154 City Pack

Grams(28) brand

The 154 City Pack is designed by an up-and-coming brand, Grams(28), which focuses on luxury goods that balance aesthetics, function, and quality.

Their products are centered around affordable luxury, crafted with full-grain leather sourced directly from Italy. The unique branding of a code on each product corresponds to the manufacturing process, materials used, and where the leather is tanned. It’s a nice concept that makes the brand stand out from other lifestyle gear and bag companies.

For anyone in need of affordable luxury or a first luxury bag, Grams(28) is definitely a fantastic option.

154 City Pack Features

Let’s dive into what makes the 154 City Pack a standout luxury leather bag.

Quality Materials

154 City Pack main compartment

The quality of the leather is undeniable once you hold it in your hands.

It smells like real leather, and the interior is lined with a nice creamy fabric to keep all of your daily essentials and tech gear protected and organized. Since this is a full leather sling bag, it’s also weatherproof, which is particularly useful in urban cities with damp or rainy climates. This bag is truly fantastic, and you will be 100% satisfied with the quality.

I don’t foresee this bag breaking or unraveling anytime soon.

Plenty of Storage for Organization

154 City Pack sunglasses pocket

You’ll find that this luxury bag has more compartments and organizational pockets than you might expect.

It has a front opening for easy access to anything necessary. There’s also a hidden compartment on the back, perfect for a passport or wallet.

Opening up the top exposes all of the organization and pockets that you can utilize for everyday carry. There’s a specific compartment for an iPad Pro or any tablet, a main compartment that can easily fit a DSLR camera, water bottle, cigar humidor, and all your cigar accessories.

There are neat compartments on the side in the main storage area for cables, and in the middle, you have a dedicated compartment for your sunglasses with a magnetic enclosure.

This is really convenient, as I’ve been to networking events around the globe where I had no place to put my sunglasses and even lost my Ray-Bans once. With this bag, I don’t see that happening anymore.

There are also many more compartments to store anything from a notebook to your phone, and even an AirTag pocket if you’re prone to losing the bag.

Overall, there’s a lot of storage space in this sling bag, way more than one might expect at first glance. So, if you’re a guy who always needs to bring a lot of stuff with you, or if you want to up your fashion game with a stylish everyday carry bag, this is the one for you, without a doubt.

Removable Strap

154 City Pack backside

The included strap is a nice addition, with full leather cushioning for your shoulders, making it fantastic to carry at the front of your body.

This is how most professionals carry a sling bag, mainly to protect their important gear from potential threats but also because it looks good. If you want, you can remove the strap and carry the bag around, just like a tech folio.

It’s nice to have the option to ditch the strap, which is also high-quality.

A Lot of Product Variations to Choose From

Grams(28) homepage

This bag is not made to fit a MacBook Air, but I tried to squeeze one in. It’s about 2 cm (an inch) too small around the edges for a MacBook Air to fit. I’m a little bit sad about this, but that’s not what the bag is made for.

Grams(28) actually has a lot of different bags and a tech folio specifically designed for a MacBook Air or other types of laptops in different sizes, so you’re never lost on what bag to get and there is a bag for everyone here. I wish this one were just a bit larger to fit a MacBook Air, as it would have been perfect for work trips to coffee shops with this all-in-one stylish leather bag.

Instead, I might actually pick up an iPad Pro to match the bag 😁.

154 City Pack Alternatives

There are a bunch of different alternatives on the market when it comes to luxury accessories and sling bags.

One I used all summer was the Tumi messenger bag, which is a fraction of the size of the 154 City Pack and pretty much fits your wallet, keys, and perhaps your sunglasses if you really try to squeeze them in, but it’s tight.

Grams(28) also offers a bunch of essential organizers and sling bags that are smaller in size, like the 109 Essential Case, which is the same as the Tumi when it comes to the use case.

My Personal Experience with the 154 City Pack

154 City Pack fully loaded

My experience with the 154 City Pack has been nothing but fantastic.

It’s a well-thought-out and designed bag, perfect for taking with you on the go, whether traveling on a plane, attending networking events, or just heading out to a coffee shop to get some work done on an iPad Pro.

It’s also perfect for days when you’re carrying essentials like notebooks, digital notepads, a cigar lighter, sunglasses, passports, and wallets.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this bag and will definitely be diving in and shopping more from Grams(28), as they are always adding more luxury and premium products with different use cases, all with exceptional quality.