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Hey, I’m Chris Starkhagen

Having a background and years of experience as an engineer, understanding the core causes of anything is an ingrained trait for me.

Two years ago I set out to figure out the true causes in content marketing that results in real growth for online businesses.

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with fake advice, old strategies, and contradicting opinions, some of which I have put to the test.

In order for me to successfully drive growth, I had to get a few things straight.

  • I needed to get my content research, production, and SEO optimization on point.

  • I needed to learn the real promotion strategies that works.

  • And I needed to sort out my personal productivity to maximize output.

If this sounds like you, or you’ve been struggling with how you can successfully drive growth in your business, let me save you some time and help you with the core causes that are driving the success of my personal blog.

Client Case Study

Recently, I wrote an article about useful YouTube banner design tips for a client, WeVideo - an online video editing software as a service (SaaS). 

When digging into the analytics of the site, we noticed that a lot of pages were not ranking on the SERPs.

After carefully crafting the article, meeting search intent, and optimizing it for SEO, the article jumped up to the top 1% just a month after going live (out of 3500+ pages).

Let me do for you, what I’ve already done for myself (and clients)

My freshly created personal website saw substantial growth in just a few months after I learned and executed on the core causes that lead to the desired results, in this case traffic, domain authority, and rankings.

As a content marketing consultant, I can help you do the exact same. I write for some highly respected SaaS businesses including:






My time is limited so I only work with a few selected content marketing projects, get in touch with me and we’ll take it from there :)

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