Fave tools

Fave tools

“Man is a tool-using animal, without tools he is useless,
with tools he is everything”

Hey there!

So there are a handful of online tools and software that I personally use that are in line with my motto:

Effortless Tech + Focused Productivity + Proven Marketing

They are on this list, and I HIGHLY suggest that you incorporate each and everyone in your daily business.

I've gone through so many tools and spent thousands just to compile this list. 

I keep this list fresh and up to date so you know that you'll find only the BEST tools here.

You could say it's the distilled list of months and years of trial and error to find the best tools today, so enjoy!

Effortless Tech


The Best Blogging Platform

If you want a website that ranks posts on Google, then this is it.

Wizrd literally has your blog (just like mine) up and running in under 60 seconds.

And the best part? 

Your new blog is so fast that it'll blow your socks off, your granny's socks, your neighborhood's socks, and even your whole country's socks!

Enough of socks, now go get your site up and running this instant with a free 14-day trial.


The Best Digital Marketing Tool

Are you paying too much for a handful of software and email marketing tools just to get your online business operational? 

Then you need to seriously consider Systeme.io, a free landing page, marketing automation, funnel, CRM, and online course platform on the rise.

It's like the little brother of Kajabi, but entirely free.


The Best Blogging Content Optimizer

Creating content on your blog is one thing, but optimizing it for SEO is another.

I use SurferSEO for each and every piece of content that I publish on the web.

Easy to use, gives you the content length, semantic keywords to include, and even rates your content and how competitive it is.

SurferSEO is a no-brainer if you’re in the blogging space, and I can’t live without it.


The Best Video Editor & Screen Recorder

The insane benefit of using Flixier is that you're never limited to what type of computer you're using. 

It's based in the cloud, lightning-quick with AWS, and renders videos in 3 minutes or less regardless of video quality.

In short; create stunning videos on a potato of a computer, easily!



The Best Note-Taking App

You don't want to get lost in complex software that has yet another learning curve, and actually requires work to manage!

The solution is simple, and free yet again! 

Notion has been my go-to "app" to easily manage everything I need in my work and in my life as well.


The Best Grammar Tool

I’ve been a long-time fan of Grammarly and a paid customer for years. 

Not only does Grammarly work literally everywhere, but it also helps you to become a better writer over time with its suggestions.

If you’re into any kind of work or content creation on the internet, then you need Grammarly no questions asked.

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