Blogging seems so easy, right? Just write about your interests, and the readers will come flooding in. If only it were that simple…

The truth is that blogging takes strategy and know-how if you aim to realize specific income goals. And you either need a blogging coach or a blogging course to make that happen.

I’ve coached over 3,300+ bloggers, and there are countless cases where bloggers struggle to get traction. Those who thrive usually have a solid strategy, feedback, and someone to talk to.

Whether you are starting or looking to grow your established blog, the insights and actionable steps of a coach will save you months, if not years, of doing the wrong things.

And that is where the return on your investment lies: time.

So, who is the best blogging coach? What exactly does a blogging coach do? And should you invest in one? Let me show you how if you’re ready to take your blogging to the next level.

Who Are The Best Blogging Coaches?

Finding the best blogging coach hinges on your individual needs as a blogger. The one-on-one blog coaching approach tailors strategies to you, giving you a unique content creation and monetization edge.

Here’s a quick view of the blogging coaches you might consider for an elite experience.

1. Chris Starkhagen

Chris profile picture

SEO seems like a maze, right? Not with Chris Starkhagen by your side. Boiling down the SEO complexities, Chris tailors strategies to ramp up your blog’s performance and ensure a solid return on investment.

How Chris Starkhagen Elevates Your Blog:

Chris doesn’t just hand you strategies; he explains the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind them. His approach offers you the following:

His Consultation Process:

  1. Preparation: Pin down your challenges and what you seek to change.
  2. Booking: Select a time slot that fits your schedule seamlessly.
  3. Live Session: Dives right into problem-solving and strategy shaping.
  4. Follow-Up: Backs you up with the session recording and ongoing support.

Chris transforms SEO into your ally, embedding your blog with deliverable strategies. Invest in his expertise and watch your blogging efforts translate into measurable success.

His dedication to blogging education is evident from his three years of success as a coach in Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Course.

2. Eddy Ballesteros

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Eddy Ballesteros is a seasoned blogger and SEO enthusiast who guides content creators through the maze of monetizing online platforms. After serving in the Army Reserves, Eddy tried various side hustles before striking gold in content marketing and SEO.

Your blogging journey receives a significant advantage with Eddy’s coaching. He embodies the practical experience of turning a blog into a profitable venture and compresses that wisdom into actionable strategies. Your interaction with Eddy gives you insider access to AI writing tools and techniques neatly integrated into your growth blueprint.

Learn directly from a coach who has experienced the grind of starting a blog, learning through trial and error, and emerging triumphant in creating a sustainable online business. Eddy’s background in credit repairs and affiliate marketing equips you with a unique perspective, blending financial savvy with digital prowess.

You will build your blog’s success story on the pillars of Eddy’s in-depth knowledge of AI and SEO. If you aim to transform your blog into a source of revenue and escape the confines of conventional employment, Eddy Ballesteros is the mentor you need to guide you to victory.

3. Lana Gerton

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Lana Gerton is a dynamic personal brand coach and business consultant. In her mid-twenties, Lana has already made her mark as an AI enthusiast and a seasoned entrepreneur. Her role as the Vice President of Engineering at an AI startup pioneered analytics for construction bidding, proving her the know-how she needed to succeed in the tech industry and blogging!

Lana’s academic foundation is robust, and your blogging endeavors will benefit from her practical experience as she has a proven track record of growing digital businesses. As a content creator, she invests her considerable knowledge of SEO strategies to elevate your platform’s visibility and reader engagement.

Lana’s commitment to your success is reflected in her coaching philosophy. She aids in sculpting powerful personal brands and is dedicated to the growth and advancement of every individual she advises.

Whether you are starting or looking to scale up, her coaching will provide the necessary tools to build a meaningful digital presence.

4. Matt Diggity

image 5

If you’re looking to elevate and scale your SEO game with the absolute best in the industry, Matt Diggity offers a robust one-on-one coaching process if it is available.

With experience dating back to 2006, Diggity has a track record of consistently ranking his own sites, which he leverages to teach students the most effective SEO strategies. He tackles high-competition affiliate marketing and local SEO across a network of over 200 high-traffic websites.

His coaching dives into onsite and offsite SEO tactics, actionable strategy, and detailing steps to boost your site’s SEO performance. Beyond just SEO, his approach also includes Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to improve the odds that each visitor converts into a sale or lead.

The investment for Diggity’s SEO coaching is typically priced at $2497 per hour, but promotional rates have been offered at $1997 per hour, including a satisfaction guarantee.

Although Diggity’s coaching is currently on hold, he is recognized for delivering repeatable results.

5. Jay Yap

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Jay Yap is your go-to for fine-tuning your SEO performance. With five years at the helm of Leadspring’s SEO strategy (also part of Matt Diggity’s company), he’s crafted a replicable process that consistently ranks sites high on search results. Clients hail his advice as transformative, crediting notable lifts in their online visibility and site traffic.

Whether you’re navigating the basics or finessing advanced techniques, he’ll tailor his coaching to your needs. With Jay’s guidance, SEO becomes less of a mystery and more of a clear-cut strategy for online success.

Service HighlightsClient Experiences
Personalized sessions“Jay’s counsel has multiplied our site traffic.”
Actionable strategies“Tangible SEO insights that spurred a traffic lift.”
Ongoing mentorship“Detailed walkthroughs with immediate results.”

By booking a consultation with Jay, you’ll receive insights derived from top-tier SEO expertise and practical experience. As a co-developer of The Affiliate Lab and a partner with industry expert Matt Diggity, Jay has a proven track record of fostering SEO excellence for $697 per hour.

What To Expect From A Legit Blogging Coach?

When you hire a reputable blogging coach, anticipate a customized coaching package tailored to your unique needs.

This bundle typically includes a mix of strategy sessions, direct accountability support, and ample resources to guide you on your blogging journey.

Strategy Sessions & Brainstorming: Regular meetings with your coach focus on developing a robust strategy for your blogging business. During these sessions, you work closely to build a comprehensive plan that aligns with your goals for your online presence and blog.

Training & Resources: You receive access to a variety of tools and materials designed to enhance your knowledge and skills. This selection often covers content creation, monetization tactics, and techniques to amplify your blog’s reach.

Accountability & Support: Your coach holds you accountable, ensuring you stay on track with your objectives. You get a responsive partner in your coach, someone ready to engage and invest in your success.

One Blog Focus: Whether you’re a novice or have an established blog, the coach aids you in refining a single online property. Each aspect of the coaching is oriented toward maximizing this blog’s potential.

Blogging Business Insights: Your coach equips you with insider knowledge to convert your blog from a hobbyist platform to a profitable enterprise. Expect to gain insights into business development specific to blogging.

How Much Should A Blogging Coach Cost?

Prices vary widely based on experience, the scope of services offered, and the coach’s reputation.

Typical Cost Breakdown:

As you shop for the right coach, balance cost with the value they bring to escalating your blogging business.

Considerations When Investing in a Blog Coach:

How Fast Can You Make Money From A Blog?

Earning from a blog varies greatly; some bloggers report earning around $1,000 per month with basic ad monetization, while others consistently hit upwards of $10,000 utilizing content and affiliate marketing. Starting from scratch, you might find that reaching these numbers doesn’t happen overnight.

Building Traffic: To generate income, you’ll need traffic—lots of it. Growth strategies include quality content creation and smart SEO tactics. Focus on drawing in readers through insightful content and achieving higher rankings within search engines.

Affiliate Marketing & Ads: These are two primary income avenues. Affiliate marketing means earning commissions on products you recommend. Ads generate revenue through views and clicks but demand significant traffic.

Passive Income: With time, passive income streams become the goal. Products like eBooks or courses contribute to ongoing earnings after the initial creation effort. But remember, ongoing promotion is necessary to maintain sales.

Content: Content is your bread and butter. Aim for at least 200 articles to target the elusive $10,000 per month mark. Quality is non-negotiable; each piece should add value and address the needs of your audience.

To sum it up, making money through blogging requires dedication, strategic content development, and diverse income stream management. A fast start is possible, but a steady race often wins the blogging income marathon.

Why Should I Hire A Coach?

There are several reasons to hire a coach; later down the road, you can even become one yourself!

How Can A Coach Help Me?

How Can I Become A Blogging Coach?

Blogging Course Vs. Blog Coach

When you decide to elevate your blogging game, you face a pivotal choice: invest in a blogging course or engage a personal blog coach. Both avenues offer distinct advantages, but the right choice depends on your unique needs and learning style.

Courses like Blog Growth Engine serve as a comprehensive resource library packed with over 50 hours of updated video content, community support, and more. They present a cost-effective way to acquire a broad spectrum of blogging strategies and monetization techniques.

With an upfront payment, you receive various tools and frameworks designed to support building an online business with blogging at its core. Unlike ongoing coaching, a one-time course fee—especially with discounts available—often turns out to be more economical.

On the flip side, personal blog coaching services offer hands-on, custom-tailored guidance. With a coach, you receive real-time feedback, motivation, and personalized strategies to overcome your specific blogging hurdles. Unlike a course, coaching adapts to your pace and evolves with your blog’s growth, but typically at a higher cost due to the dedicated one-on-one attention.

Training Options

Blogging CourseBlog Coach
Structured curriculumPersonalized guidance
One-time feeRecurring costs
Self-paced learningScheduled sessions
Community supportDirect accountability
Broad strategy applicationTailored advice to your situation

Coaching may include access to free additional resources, but a course often provides a wide-ranging, self-serve knowledge base at no extra charge.

If you’re after in-depth lessons on a budget, a structured course like Blog Growth Engine ranks as a premier option to consider. It gives you the necessary skills to monetize your blog at a fraction of the cost of ongoing coaching.

Tips For Crafting A Successful Blogging Strategy?

When developing your blogging strategy, start by setting clear, measurable goals. Goals give direction to your online endeavors and help you track progress. Define what success means for you—it might be reaching a specific income, gaining a set number of followers, or securing partnerships.

Establish Your Niche: Identify a unique angle or specialty that sets your blog apart. This specialization attracts a dedicated audience and underscores your brand.

Know Your Audience: Tailor your content to the interests and needs of your readers. Use analytics to understand their behavior and preferences.

Leverage Social Media: Promote your content on social platforms to broaden your reach. Networking on these channels can also offer new business opportunities.

Invest time in learning SEO best practices to ensure your blog garners attention in search engine results. Build relationships with fellow bloggers for cross-promotion and support.

Lastly, continually review and tweak your strategy. The digital landscape evolves, and so should your approach. Stay informed, stay flexible, and watch your blog flourish.