The internet has become a playground for new entrepreneurs (like yourself), who want to establish an online business.

Andrew Tate (Cobratate) is a controversial yet undeniably successful entrepreneur. He created a program called ‘The Real World,’ teaching the ropes of profitable business models.

But what exactly is The Real World, or TRW for short, and why has it captured the attention of thousands of aspiring creators?

Let’s take a quick look at what TRW (formerly ‘Hustlers University’) has to offer:

Of course, no The Real World review is complete without looking at both sides of the coin and considering the pros and cons before diving in.

I’ve carefully considered other The Real World reviews, Reddit forum discussions, YouTube videos, testimonials, and more to summarize unbiasedly whether The Real World is worth it.

Pros Of Andrew Tate’s The Real World

Cons Of Andrew Tate’s The Real World

The Real World Review: Verdict

TRW claims to offer practical insights into different ways to make money online with a small monthly fee of $49. The pricing makes it accessible for anyone ready to learn and apply new business strategies.

It prides itself on providing high-quality training for men looking to enhance their income streams, financial literacy, other business operations, and even physical fitness.

No matter what you may think of Andrew Tate, The Real World is a genuine online community platform, driven by successful entrepreneurs and teaching you all about money.

It’s hard to deny the sheer amount of value you get for a minuscule price, and there is something to learn for anyone, no matter what life or business position you’re in.

If you genuinely want to upgrade your life, I’d replace my Netflix and pay for TRW instead.

Does The Real World Actually Work To Make Money?

Yes, The Real World does work in the context of learning high-paying skills and effective marketing strategies in exchange for income, both key business practices.

The main difference compared to a job is that you are:

All of these are scaleable and have the potential to achieve financial freedom over time. As you can tell, getting any of these going involves a lot of work, just like a startup.

Student Testimonials

Students post a new success story or “wins” in The Real World every day.

“If they can do it, so can you” is a motto Dylan Madden, the professor at the freelancing campus, loves to say.

image 31

Wins mean that a student took the lessons provided in the course, worked hard on practicing a high-income skill, and made it work by getting paid (money in the bank account).

image 34

TRW students encourage each other to post wins to keep everyone motivated when the grind gets tough, keeping you accountable to work hard towards your goals.

It’s also a great tool to inspire others by showing it’s possible to make money online no matter what starting position you’re dealt in life.

image 33

Quora Reviews

Reviews on Quora mention that The Real World is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. Although you can learn a lot for free online, The Real World makes things quicker and easier with all the information in one convenient place, according to Elliot Tame on Quora.

Reddit Reviews

Reviews on Reddit seem to have two sides, people who have not bought The Real World and have opinions about it, and people who have bought The Real World and can share personal experiences.

Andrew Tate’s controversy impacts the general discussion, but genuine Reddit reviews mention that hard work is necessary to make money online. The platform seems genuine and worth the cost, according to Reddit user Tienhanwork.

Long-Term Success

Let’s break down what long-term success looks like for the best students in The Real World:

The reality for long-term success is that the path to making money online isn’t a straight line.

Most have the mindset that buying a lottery ticket entitles them to win, and you’ll very quickly discover that isn’t the case.

Entrepreneurship is filled with trials and tests. You will fail, it’s expected. But how many failures can you endure while you keep standing up to try again?

My advice is to look beyond the hype, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to work if you’re serious about this journey.

Can The Real World Make You Rich?

To reach the level of financial freedom and the level of success you dream of heavily depends on your ability to:

Creating a side income online that pays for your lifestyle is more realistic with what you learn from TRW, but only a few students make it so far as to afford to buy supercars.

Is The Real World Legit?

I was skeptical AF when I first came across the Real World program; with so many online courses, you’re smart to ask if The Real World is legit and delivers.

What it does have is a huge amount of training modules that teach various aspects of skills related to making money online. These also include mindset modules and upgrading your character to handle the pressure that comes with building an online business.

Testimonials around the web are a mix of praise indicating that there is success among students. I think I’ve noticed that those who give TRW negative reviews often try to capitalize on the attention both Andrew Tate and TRW have to sell you something else: their own products.

Worth keeping in mind the next time you see a YouTube video about it like the one below.

image 25

But does all this mean that it’s legit? Well, legitimacy in the online world often hinges on consistent value delivery and actual skills that can translate into earnings.

So, does the Real World Review suggest it meets these criteria? It seems so.

The abundance of success stories is promising, but I’m always cautious, like you. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

So what authentication markers should you consider?

  1. Transparency of the product
  2. Clear descriptions of what is offered
  3. Verifiable success rates

Since the price is so low, you don’t really commit to anything extraordinary or put yourself at any risk. This makes it easy for anyone to try it and verify for themselves if the product delivers on what they promise.

To wrap up, my take is that while the Real World program is legit through its training quality and positive feedback, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically make money from the training (as with anything else).

Is The Real World Worth It?

Let’s talk numbers. You’re looking at a monthly fee of $49.99 for The Real World cost.

In the grand scheme of mentorship and training programs online, that’s a VERY low barrier to entry. Compare that to, for example, Blog Growth Engine, which retails for $3997.

From a pricing perspective, it’s a no-brainer, and The Real World is definitely worth it.

Now it makes bold promises about teaching anyone how to make money online. I find that the real world gives me the small golden nuggets and valuable insights I need and can implement in my own businesses to increase income.

Sometimes that’s more than enough for it to be worth it and make an ROI (return on investment).

A real-world example of this might be as simple as up-to-date information about the current global financial market, trends, and how liquidity moves in the crypto space to make a financial investment.

Doing this at the right time can yield dividends and is just an example of how the right info at the right time can have huge payoffs.

These are the investments I’ve made in BTC thanks to the real world, and it has paid off many times over. The arrows in the image below are where I put money into the market for a positive return.

image 26

So overall, here’s my take on if The Real World is worth it:

When I consider an online course, these are precisely the factors I weigh.

Can I get high-quality, in-depth training that translates into real-world success without breaking the bank? The Real World might just tick these boxes.

The Real World Scam Allegations

Is The Real World a get-rich-quick scheme rather than a legitimate business course? People are often skeptical of online training platforms promising financial success, and for good reason.

With customer satisfaction being a pivotal measure of legitimacy, the fact that hundreds of thousands of people stay enrolled for a monthly payment suggests very strongly that there is no scam going on; otherwise, they wouldn’t continue to pay. It’s really that simple.

When The Real World launched on November 14, 2022, the platform grew from 0 to over 167.000 members in the span of 36 days!

image 27

According to the sales alert dashboard inside the affiliate marketing campus, an average of 40 new members join The Real World every hour just from referrals alone. That’s 960 new members per day or 29.760 new members per month.

It’s safe to say the platform and community have a healthy growth curve and show no signs of stopping.

But here are a few points to mull over if you want to stay extra safe:

The balance between skepticism and the lure of financial independence is delicate, and it’s essential to tread online programs like these carefully.

The Real World University and Tate Review – An In-Depth Look

Before diving into the community aspect, let’s acknowledge one thing: the realm of online education is vast, but it’s rare to find a blend of practical knowledge and an engaged community in one platform.

That’s precisely what The Real World University strives to offer. Let me take you through a crucial part of this program that could make a difference in your entrepreneurial journey.

Community Element

The Real World school, spearheaded by Andrew Tate, is not just about content creation and courses; it’s the sense of belonging to a community that stands out.

Here’s why the community element is so important and something you can’t ignore:

How Is The Real World Course Structured?

The Real World course is structured and separated into campuses, one campus for each online business model. Each campus has a learning center that is accessible with a button on the top corner. There you will find all the course videos and material for the subject.

You progress through each lesson by watching primarily videos and answering ABC-type questions at the end of each lesson to reinforce learning. You progress through the lessons, and new modules open up gradually as you go through the materials.

Don’t worry about failing any tests. They are designed to help you learn and remember the information. You can retake the test related to the videos as often as you want or need until you understand it easily.

How Is The Content Quality Of The Course?

The content of the course is of high quality, with well-edited videos that keep the viewer engaged, and the content quality ranges from beginner lessons to advanced lessons.

For example, Adams Investing Masterclass goes into depth on mathematical, statistical, and algorithmic models for advanced investing strategies. It requires you to understand the base material before attempting the masterclass.

How Is The Delivery Of The Course?

The course material is delivered with three distinct methods: videos, text, and to-do lists. They are delivered by the professors, similar to a YouTube video but kept exclusively inside the platform. The videos are frequently updated if new information needs to be included.

How You’ll Progress In The Real World Program

Let’s dive into how you can start making money online with the help of TRW.

Discover Your Niche

Identifying a profitable niche is something you’ll do, no matter if it’s on the freelancing campus or for your ecommerce business.

Starting here will set a solid foundation for your online business.

Build Marketable Skills

There’s no shortcut; your skills have to be top-notch to find high-paying clients. Developing competence in the following areas will make you indispensable:

Create Value

Offering something valuable is where the money is at. Are you teaching a skill, solving a problem, or providing entertainment? Establishing value attracts high-paying clients.

Gather attention

Attention is the new oil of today, and content is the pipeline for it. Once you have the skills and an offer of value, you’ll kick into attention mode by creating content, getting attention, and running ads.


I can’t emphasize enough how much networking has impacted my own success. Connections can lead to collaborations, joint ventures, and referrals, all of which can open doors to making money online in ways you’ve never thought possible.

Who Are The Teachers In The Real World?

The business professor Arno on the podcast with Tristan Tate

The teachers in The Real World are a team of “Professors,” experienced individuals who have successfully earned over $1 million in profits using their teaching methods. It’s worth noting that Andrew Tate is not teaching inside TRW.

There are many teachers; Arno Wingen (the business mastery professor) and Adam (the crypto investing professor) are among the members’ favorites. They know their profession very well, and it’s their primary way of making money online.

The professors all work for Andrew Tate and see it as an honor and an opportunity to serve the cause, network, gain influence, and get paid.

Is Andrew Tate a Billionaire?

I’ve looked into Andrew Tate’s Net Worth and career to understand how he’s built his empire and whether his wealth might indeed reach the billion-dollar mark.

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer turned digital entrepreneur. Tate has made a name for himself with brash confidence and a suite of online businesses. He’s a self-promotion genius, savvy at turning personal branding into revenue.

Tate’s approach to wealth creation has been incredibly diverse, including everything from casinos and other physical businesses to digital courses and membership sites. His ability to monetize his persona and advice speaks volumes about his entrepreneurial prowess.

One thing’s for sure, Tate isn’t just talking about making money; he’s immensely active in creating and managing numerous business ventures. Mostly with people he trusts and mainly through his private network called The War Room.

While exact figures are elusive without complete transparency, the cumulative success of his endeavors may well point toward a sizable fortune.

Yet, despite all entrepreneurial success, crowning Tate a billionaire without concrete evidence would be merely speculative.

The hallmark of a credible entrepreneur, which Tate certainly embodies, is partly defined by verified accomplishments, not just estimated net worth.

What Is Andrew Tate’s Net Worth?

Andrew Tate’s net worth is estimated between $250 million and $1 billion in 2024, reflecting his diverse income from kickboxing, online platforms, casinos, and investments.

Andrew Tate’s net worth varies widely across reports, with estimates ranging from $12 million, as estimated by Romanian authorities in 2024, to claims by Tate himself of a value in the hundreds of millions or even billions.

Such discrepancies highlight the challenges in pinpointing an exact figure due to conflicting information and lack of transparency.

What Businesses Does Andrew Tate Run?

Andrew Tate has been involved in a wide array of business ventures over the years, including:

What Does Andrew Tate Do For Work?

Starting as a kickboxer, Tate diversified into digital marketing, investments, and content creation. His success is marked by ventures in online education and casino ownership, despite facing social media bans​​​​​​​.

How To Make Money Like Andrew Tate?

Making money like Andrew Tate involves diversifying income streams and leveraging online platforms to create wealth. Tate’s approach includes:

Ethical Considerations and Controversies

When exploring controversial figures like Andrew Tate, always consider the ethical implications. His TRW program is not immune to scrutiny and discussion in the online community.

Here’s what you should consider:

It’s not just about making money; it’s about doing it the right way. Reflect on these points before diving into any online training program.

Why Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested?

Andrew Tate was arrested in December 2022 for a case of human trafficking, but no case or evidence has been presented to prove the claim.

Is Andrew Tate A Bad Guy?

Answering the question of whether Andrew Tate is a bad guy is subjective to each person’s own interpretation of his online social media persona.

From an objective observation, people who have not met Andrew Tate and disagree with his points of view see him as a bad guy. On the other hand, people who have met Andrew Tate and agree with his point of view see Andrew as a good guy.

There is also the undeniable fact that Andrew Tate donates millions of dollars each year to charity, helping out refugees and people in need all around the world.

Is Andrew Tate A Fraud?

There is no evidence of Andrew Tate conducting fraudulent activities that deceive people regarding his accomplishments, qualities, or financial success to secure an unfair or unlawful gain.

Why Did Andrew Tate Get Released?

Andrew Tate was released on March 31, 2023, due to a lack of evidence in the case file.

How Does Andrew Tate Affect The Real World?

The Real World is not affected by Andrew Tate as the online education platform is run separately from Andrew Tate.

Alternatives to The Real World

There are several online platforms that differ from The Real World but serve a similar purpose.

Are you looking for high-quality training outside of Andrew Tate’s community? There are plenty of options, and these are only a few:

Each platform brings its flavor to the entrepreneurial journey. They are fantastic for learning new skills or refining existing ones, and the content is tailored to a diverse range of interests and industries.

How to Join The Real World – Steps and Requirements

Joining the Real World is simpler than you might think!

The Real World Tate official portal is

To join The Real World, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the official page
  2. Fill in your personal details to sign up for the membership.
  3. Pay either with a credit card or cryptocurrency.

The brand acquired the lucrative domain ‘University’ in October 2023 to show commitment to their goal of teaching as many as possible how to make money.

What Payment Options Does The Real World Accept?

The Real World accepts 2 primary payment options: credit/debit card or cryptocurrency.

Supported credit/debit cards include Visa and MasterCard in USD.

Supported cryptocurrencies include USDC (ERC-20) and USDT (ERC-20).

Does The Real World Cost Every Month?

The Real World costs $49 every month with a continuous recurring subscription when paying with a credit card. In other words, The Real World is not free.

When paying with cryptocurrency, you get access to increased savings and added features, depending on the package you choose.

The Contender package costs $250 for 6 months of access and saves you 17% of the total fee ($44). Added features are increased daily coin bonus.

The Champion package costs $850 for 2 years of access and saves you 29% on the total fee ($326). Added features are increased daily bonuses, exclusive features, and additional broadcasts.

image 28

Will The Real World Price Increase?

The Real World price will not increase and has not increased since the platform was launched on November 14, 2022. The official portal mentions a potential price increase at the bottom of the page but is most likely a marketing angle for increased conversions.

image 29

How Do You Cancel The Real World Subscription?

To cancel your The Real World subscription, contact support at, the live chat at the bottom right corner of the official portal, or the manage membership section.

image 30