Editorial Guidelines

At chrisstarkhagen.com, we strive to provide high-quality content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to our audience.

There’s nothing worse than searching for a specific thing on Google just to find something unrelated or slightly off.

We’ve established the following editorial guidelines to ensure our blog meets these standards.

Our Methodology & Approach

At chrisstarkhagen.com, we have a unique methodology and approach to content marketing that sets us apart from other blogs in our niche. 

Our practice has allowed us to consistently produce high-quality content that resonates with our readers.

Focus on Quality

We prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to recommending products or services. 

Our team does its utmost to test products before recommending them to ensure they deliver on their promises.

There are various instances where this is not possible, which ties into the next point below.

Research-Backed Content

We place a strong emphasis on research when creating our blog posts. 

Before we start writing, we spend time collecting data and information from reliable sources. 

This helps us ensure that our present information is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to our readers.

Relevance to Our Audience

We recommend products or services relevant to our audience’s needs and interests. 

For example, if we’re recommending tools for remote work, we’ll focus on products that help improve productivity, communication, and collaboration.

Engagement and fun

We focus on creating content that engages and connects with our audience. This means we take the time to understand our readers’ needs and interests and tailor our content to meet those needs. 

Authentic Voice

We believe that authenticity is vital when it comes to building a successful brand online. That’s why we strive to maintain an authentic voice in all our content. We don’t use gimmicks or tricks to attract readers; instead, we rely on high-quality content that speaks for itself.


We encourage originality in all of our blog posts. Whether that’s plagiarism or copying content from other sources is strictly prohibited.

By adhering to these principles, we can continue producing valuable content for years while establishing ourselves as thought leaders in the content marketing industry.


We disclose any potential conflicts of interest or biases in our recommendations. Our goal is not to promote specific brands but to provide unbiased advice based on our experiences and feedback from other users.

Continuous Improvement

Finally, we are committed to continuous improvement at chrisstarkhagen.com. 

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our content and provide more value to our readers. Whether through new topics or designs, we continuously explore new ideas and strategies for growth.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide our readers with insightful and informative content that helps them make crucial and informed decisions. 

We strive to cover topics relevant to working from home, which include:

By adhering to these editorial standards and living up to our mission statement, we hope to build a loyal following of readers who trust us as a source of valuable information regarding these topics.

Why We do reviews

As an engineer and a content marketer, I’ve always been fascinated by the power of reviews. People rely on honest reviews of products and services by legitimate authorities to make informed and fast decisions.

By providing honest and informative reviews of products, services, and other resources related to my niche, I can help my readers make better-informed decisions about what they should use in their day-to-day lives.

Of course, it’s crucial to maintain high editorial standards when writing reviews. My reviews are honest, accurate, and supported by reliable sources. 

I also disclose potential conflicts of interest or biases so readers can evaluate the information thoroughly.

I aim to provide value to my readers and serve as the go-to brand, a trusted and authoritative source for anything related to working from home.

this is how free content works

At chrisstarkhagen.com, I aim to provide valuable information and resources to my readers without charging them a cent. 

However, producing high-quality content requires tons of time and resources. I use affiliate links to support the blog while keeping all my content free for readers.

Here’s how it works:

Affiliate links are URLs containing a unique identifier that allows me to earn a small commission if you decide to purchase a product or service via the link. 

The commission is usually a percentage of the sale price and doesn’t affect your price for the product or service. 

It’s a win-win situation where the correct customers find the right solution to their problems.

Affiliate links allow me to earn revenue from my blog without charging readers for access to my content. This helps cover the website’s costs, such as hosting fees and software subscriptions (it’s not cheap!).

How Does This Benefit You?

When you use affiliate links on chrisstarkhagen.com, you support the blog while accessing valuable information and resources. 

Additionally, because I only recommend products or services that benefit my readers, using affiliate links can help you discover new tools or services to improve your work-from-home experience or organic marketing strategy.

If you’ve ever clicked on a link, I appreciate you dearly.

My take on AI-Generated content

So here’s the deal, AI has exploded into the mainstream and is not showing any signs of slowing down. 

As a content marketer, I always seek ways to create amazing content that resonates with my audience. Whether through my own writing, my team of writers, or Artificial Intelligence.

One of the tools we use to achieve this is with the help of AI-assisted software and tools that help beat writer’s block, develop topic ideas, SEO-optimize content, and more.

But before any content is published, it goes through a very rigorous process of proofreading, fact-checking, and editing. 

The goal is not to replace human creativity but enhance it with technology! Here’s how we do it:


We use software tools to check for spelling and grammar errors in all our content, which helps us catch mistakes that may have been missed during the writing process.


Before publishing any article or post, we ensure that all facts and statistics are accurate by cross-referencing them with reliable sources. This ensures that our audience can trust the information they are reading.


Once the initial draft has been written, we refine and edit the output to ensure it meets our quality standards. 

This includes checking for tone and voice consistency across different channels, removing unnecessary fluff, and making the content more engaging.

Using AI-generated content is just a starting point. However, it helps by saving time and resources while still producing high-quality materials. 

However, we understand the importance of the human touch when creating engaging and informative content.

In conclusion, AI-generated content is here to stay and is becoming an essential tool for almost any online brand. 

By combining the power of technology with our own skills and experience, we can deliver exceptional results for our clients while maintaining quality standards.

If you’ve made it this far in our editorial guidelines, thank you for taking the time, and I hope it was informative 🙂