Learn How To Start A Profitable Blog

People have argued for years that blogging is dead.

They were wrong.

Build The Brand Of You

Everything starts with a website.

It’s the hub of who you are and has near limitless income potential.

Just think of names like:

What all of these brands has in common is a central website tied to their names. And all of them are monetising their brands to 7 figures a year.

If you want to learn how to do the same, join one of the fastest growing online community for starting a real online business based on yourself.

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Work With Me

Chris guides thousands of monthly visitors on how to create streams of passive income online through skill acquisition, the best products for men to craft a timeless style, and how to become a man of value through lifestyle advice.

Professional SEO Consulting

If you’re a business owner that is already making +$3k/month with a website and organic traffic, I can help you to reach new levels through personalised mentorship.

During the years, SEO has become my profession.

I manage my own sites that generate healthy revenue, ChrisStarkhagen.com being one of them.

I’m the community manager for Blog Growth Engine, one of the fastest growing and genuine online courses for teaching people how to build personal brands from scratch with content and websites.

I’m also the Key Account Manager for a private group of business owners called BGE Accelerator.

By this point I’ve coached well over 500+ students in the field of:

We’ll dive deep into your current content strategy and overview you’re entire SEO in a holistic way. I’ll pin-point areas of improvement, what is lacking, and where there is potential for growth.

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Only For Selected brands

I’m very selective of what brands I allow for a sponsorship placements on my blog. It has to be a quality product that genuinely solves a problem for my readers better than your competitors. If this is your brand, then shoot me an email at chris@chrisstarkhagen.com for more details.

This website does NOT accept inquiries about guest posts ✍️.

Doing so will land your email in the spam folder, sorry.

Anything else?

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