3 Things You Need To Do In Order To Successfully Drive Growth

SEO, Content Marketing, High-End Links, and Productivity.

Having a background and years of experience as an engineer, understanding the core causes of anything is an ingrained trait.

Two years ago I set out to figure out the true causes in content marketing that results in real growth for online businesses.

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with fake advice, old strategies, and contradicting opinions, some of which I have put to the test.

In order for me to successfully drive growth in my own projects, I had to get a few things straight.

  • I needed to get my content research, production, and SEO straight 

  • I needed to get my content promotion straight

  • And I needed to get my personal productivity straight

If this sounds like you, or you’ve been struggling with how you can successfully drive growth in your business, let me save you some time and help you with the core causes that are driving the success of my personal blog.

Thing #1: Content Research, Production, and SEO

First things first, I needed to get the content production on point.

Websites and businesses need to approach the game like a startup, which means setting up systems, automate, and delegate the content creation process at scale. Combine this with keyword research to find high-value traffic opportunities and SEO made for 2021 is what allows me to outrank the competition.

Each and every piece of content is both designed and placed as an investment bound for future ROI.

Thing #2: Content Promotion

I knew that just doing what everyone else is doing won’t cut it.

For exponential growth, I need to utilize the other part often overlooked, content promotion. By building real relationships with high authority figures in the niches that I’m in, through proven and legitimate link-building efforts, is what solidifies my position as an authority myself and skyrockets growth.

If the content is viewed as individual stocks that I pick, then putting money into the stocks is the equivalent of building legitimate links.

Thing #3: Productivity and Procrastination

No matter if you’re a huge cooperation with hundreds of employees or a “solopreneur” like me, I knew that I had to get my productivity straight.

You can have the best marketing strategies, the perfect sales funnel, or all of the knowledge you need, but if the people behind the business can’t get things done then nothing really matters. Procrastination, slow output, and focusing on the wrong things will inevitably lead to failure, or at best ultra-slow growth if anything at all.

By doing these 3 things consistently over time, this blog is on the track to outperform millions of websites in terms of ranking and traffic, building real credibility, authority, and stay in the game for years to come.

Need consulting in holistic marketing strategies that result in real growth?

Visit the contact page here and get in touch with me, to evaluate if we have the right fit for your business. 

Note: My time is limited so I only work with a few selected clients to drive growth successfully.

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