How to ash a cigar properly involves gently tapping or rolling the cigar against an ashtray to remove the ash without damaging the cigar. The ideal time to ash a cigar is when the ash has grown one inch long or when cracks start to form.

Cigars should be allowed to shed their ash naturally, as ash insulates the burn and helps maintain the cigar’s temperature. Be gentle when ashing a cigar to avoid cracking the wrapper leaf.

To extinguish a cigar, it’s best to let it burn out naturally. Forcibly stubbing out a cigar results in an unpleasant scent not appreciated by other high-value men in your vicinity.

It’s easy to relight a cigar if it goes out by toasting the foot of the cigar over a flame and blowing on the glowing ash to get it going evenly.

1. Gently Tap and Press

Cigar smoking is a luxurious experience, and handmade cigars, made with long filler tobacco, deserve special attention.

To tap and ash your cigar, follow these steps:

  1. Wait for an inch of ash to form
  2. Gently press the edge of your cigar against the inner side wall of the ashtray.
  3. Gently rotate it to ash the other side of your cigar.
  4. If the ash doesn’t detach easily, simply rest the cigar on the side of the ashtray for a moment and then repeat the process.

A long ash is a sign of quality in handmade cigars, so resist the temptation to tap the ash off too early like a cigarette. Instead, wait for the ash to naturally fall or gently tap and press to maintain your cigar’s structure and avoid ash flakes spreading around.

2. Roll Against Ashtray

Another method to remove ash, and my preferred method, is to roll it against the astray. This approach is handy when dealing with a sturdier ash.

To roll and ash your cigar, follow these steps:

  1. Hold your cigar at a 45-degree angle over the ashtray.
  2. Gently roll the cigar against the edge of the ashtray.
  3. Apply a slight pressure while rolling to help the ash fall off.
  4. Once the ash is off, continue to enjoy your cigar.

The benefit of this method is that it helps to remove the ash evenly across the entire foot of the cigar and requires less pressure than the tap-and-press method.

Should you ash a cigar frequently?

No, you should not ash a cigar frequently. Ash insulates the burn and should be allowed to fall naturally to avoid damaging the cigar.

Ashing too often can compromise the cigar’s integrity, crack the wrapper leaf, and break off the ember or “cherry” of the cigar. On the other hand, retaining cigar ash for an extended period can cause the cigar to burn too cold and fail to sustain combustion.

Find the right balance in ashing your cigar to maintain proper cigar burns and avoid any cracks developing.

When to ash a cigar?

A simple rule of thumb is to keep the ash around one inch in length for optimal results.

Once the ash has grown to about an inch in length or when cracks start to form, it’s time to gently tap or roll the cigar against an ashtray to remove it. But don’t be too eager – let nature take its course.

Why do cigar smokers let the ash build up several inches?

Cigar smokers often allow the ash to build up several inches for a few reasons. A long ash is a sign of a well-constructed, high-quality cigar. It’s a point of pride for many cigar enthusiasts.

Allowing the ash to grow long is part of the leisurely, unhurried experience of smoking a cigar. It’s a way of savoring the moment rather than rushing through it like one might with a cigarette.

How to put out a cigar?

For the best results of putting out a cigar, let it burn out on its own before cutting off a half-inch behind the ash line. Seal the cigar in a plastic bag and keep it stored for up to 24 hours for optimal flavor.

How do you light a cigar again?

To relight a cigar using a high-quality cigar lighter, follow these steps:

  1. After the ash is removed, gently toast the foot of the cigar over your flame.
  2. Relight it as if you were starting from the beginning.
  3. Use an odorless and tasteless flame source (such as a cigar lighter fueled by butane).
  4. Gradually blow on the glowing ash to get it going evenly.

It’s best to re-light a cigar within 15 minutes of its embers going out, as a delay may impact the taste and the overall smoking experience.