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If you’re looking for the best cigar humidor, you’ve probably experienced a dry cigar. If not, picture yourself digging in your mouth to remove cigar leaves and debris – not a pleasant sight (speaking from personal experience).

If you’re someone who has developed a fondness for smoking cigars and is delving into this exquisite hobby for men, then for God’s sake, invest in a humidor. A cigar humidor is a storage solution designed to keep cigars in optimal condition, preserving their quality, flavor, and aroma over time.

Material quality is the foundational element of a great cigar humidor, and its effectiveness is measured by its humidity control. Whether you’re searching for a premium option, something aesthetically pleasing for your desktop, or even just a plastic cigar bag, rest assured you’ll find exactly what you need below.

1. Case Elegance Renzo Humidor (Best Rated)

image 40

Description: The Case Elegance Renzo Humidor is a premium humidor designed to preserve the quality of your cigars in optimal conditions. It is meticulously crafted, featuring Spanish cedar, a glass top, and a front digital hygrometer that stores cigars at the perfect humidity. It’s constructed with a beautiful matte walnut finish. The real Spanish cedar coaming (raised borders around the box) and inlay make this humidor efficient in retaining and preserving moisture at the right humidity. The tempered glass top is an aesthetic feature for viewing your cigar collection easily.

Humidity Control: The Renzo Humidor comes equipped with a pre-calibrated digital hygrometer for accurate reading of humidity levels. The magnetic enclosure guarantees an air-tight seal, easily passing the “dollar bill test.” The humidor evenly distributes moisture to a relative humidity of 65-70%.

Availability: Priced at $99.99, the Renzo Humidor is available on the Case Elegance website, with added features like monograms, gift wraps, and cigar accessories for the ideal gift. It’s also available on Amazon and comes with free US shipping and returns. The Renzo humidor is a best seller backed by over 4900 positive reviews from satisfied customers globally!



Recommendations: The Case Elegance Renzo Humidor is ideal for men looking for a quality cigar storage solution with an aesthetic appeal, functional efficiency, and an affordable price point.

This is my top pick for the best cigar humidors and a fantastic cigar accessory decorating my office desk.” – Chris

Case Elegance Renzo Features
MaterialsSpanish cedar
HumidifierThe humidification system includes a solution, hydro tray, and gel solution as part of the Hydro System™
Typical Price in USA$99
Where to BuyCaseelegance.com, Amazon
Unique CharacteristicsGlass Top​, Walnut Finish​, Accessory Storage, Drawer​, Magnetic Enclosure​, Patent-pending Hydro System™ for humidification​, Front Digital Hygrometer​​.

2. NewAir count 840/250 (Best Electric)

NewAir 840/250 Count Electric Cigar Humidors

Description: The NewAir 840 Count is a 32″ high thermoelectric cigar humidor with a complete humidification system. It’s not a small cigar humidor box, yet not a cigar cabinet, but something in between, housing a capacity of 840 cigars at a time. The humidor emits minimal noise, making it a suitable addition to an office or a living room but not recommended for a bedroom. It has a sleek design and efficient performance for optimal cigar conditions. A medium-sized cigar connoisseur will love this humidor.

Humidity Control: One of the standout features of the NewAir 840 is its precise humidity control. You can set the desired humidity level, and the humidor maintains it with minimal fluctuation. It’s equipped with a reservoir that requires distilled water, which you fill up to the top and let it drain four times to achieve the perfect level when it is dry. The humidor’s humidity reading might not be pinpoint accurate at the top, but setting it at around 70 will yield an actual internal humidity of about 65-66%.

Availability: The NewAir 840 is available on platforms like Wayfair and Amazon. It’s priced at a premium, reflecting its quality and the value it offers.

NewAir also offers a smaller version with the same features for those starting out with a cigar collection: the NewAir 250 Count. It has the same fantastic features, a stylish stainless-steel casing, and half the price of its counterpart.



Recommendations: The NewAir 840 is a gem for serious cigar enthusiasts, particularly those with a growing collection, and the NewAir 250 is suitable for beginner collectors. The humidors are not just storage units but an investment in preserving and enhancing the quality of your cigar enjoyment.

NewAir 840/250 Count Features
MaterialsStainless Steel, Spanish Cedar Shelves and Drawer
HumidifierDistilled water or Boveda packs
Typical Price in USA$799/$479
Where to BuyNewAir official website, Wayfair, Amazon
Unique CharacteristicsOpti-Temp™ Heating and Cooling Function, with a range of 52-74°F, controlled by an easy-touch digital thermostat, Full glass front door, Door-rimmed LED lights

3. Mantello Humidor (Best Spanish Cedar)

image 36

Description: The Mantello Humidor is a well-crafted and gorgeous cigar humidor with esteemed Spanish cedar wood for gracefully maturing a smaller cigar collection. It reminds me of the Case Elegance Renzo Humidor, with the main differentiator being the appearance and price.

Humidity Control: Equipped with a glass-top lid, the humidor maintains an airtight environment with the included hygrometer for monitoring the internal humidity.

Availability: Accessible via Amazon, the Mantello Humidor comes with several choices from rich cherry finish, Ebony wood, and mahogany. You also have the choice of analog or digital hygrometer and a larger capacity of up to 100 cigars. The flexibility of choice for the Mantello brand makes it well received by thousands of customers, rating it 5 stars in the thousands.



Recommendation: The Mantello humidor is a fantastic gift for new cigar enthusiasts or even yourself, thanks to the excellent material, flexibility in choices, and the lower price point. I recommend the rich cherry finish for gifting; they’ll love it.

Mantello Humidor Features
MaterialsSpanish Cedar Wood Interior, with some models featuring a Rosewood or Rich Cherry Finish
HygrometerAnalog or digital, depending on the model
HumidifierHumidifier bar
Typical Price in USA$49
Where to BuyAmazon
Unique CharacteristicsGlass-top, tray divider

4. Redford Lite (Best Humidor Cabinet)

image 38

Description: The Redford Lite humidor cabinet is a premium storage solution for true cigar enthusiasts, blending masterful functionality with aesthetic appeal. Crafted for performance, it mirrors the size of a small domestic fridge but looks far from it with its elegant design. Thanks to its integrated humidity control and temperature management systems, the cigar cabinet maintains cigars moist and in optimal conditions.

Humidity Control: Redford Lite is equipped with auxiliary fans and power supplies for in-built humidity control. Although it offers an integrated electronic humidifier, the cabinet is compatible with Boveda’s two-way humidification system, promoting stability and reliability with additional humidity packs. The “de-mist” feature and auxiliary fan work in tandem to prevent condensation on the glass and distribute humidity evenly, eliminating dry pockets or excessive moisture build-up.

Availability: Available through various outlets, including specialized online stores like Your Elegant Bar, the Redford Lite is accessible and convenient to purchase. It offers extensive capacity without dominating room space, making it a preferred choice for men looking to store large quantities of cigars without compromising their space’s quality or aesthetics. Be aware of the weight when receiving your order and unpacking the unit.



Recommendations: For men seeking a blend of capacity and quality, the Redford Lite emerges as a top choice in the category of cigar cabinets. Its spacious design accommodates an extensive collection, while the optional dividers cater to organizational needs. Despite minor quirks, the cabinet’s performance is superior.

Redford Lite Features
MaterialsSolid wood, black oak, Spanish cedar
HumidifierComplete humidification system, adjustable from 56% to 78% RH
Typical Price in USA$2390
Where to BuyElegantbar
Unique CharacteristicsAdjustable temperature control of 41 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit

5. Old World Cigar (Best Humidor Box)

image 41

Description: The Old World Cigar Humidor Box is a piece that combines vintage aesthetic appeal, offering a reliable solution for your cigar storage needs. The exterior features a world map motif, a distinct departure from the U.S. flag design of its counterpart, the Old Glory (which also looks fantastic, found further down this list). This design choice lends a classic and sophisticated touch to the humidor with its kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior, making it an excellent decorative piece for the office.

Humidity Control: The effectiveness of the Old World humidor is decent. It comes with a foam humidifier, but my recommendation leans towards the use of Boveda humidification packs for optimal results. The foam requires daily recharging and gives off 100% RH at the source, leading to uneven distribution of humidity within the humidor box. In contrast, Boveda packs offer a more consistent and reliable solution.

Availability: Priced at around $129, the Old World humidor offers value for money, striking a balance between quality, capacity, and cost. It is available for purchase on platforms like Amazon, making it easily accessible. The humidor’s affordability does not compromise its quality, as evidenced by its sturdy construction, primarily made of plywood with a cedar veneer and efficient seal technology.



Recommendations: The Old World humidor is a practical choice for those seeking both affordability and quality in cigar storage. When used with Boveda humidification packs, it maintains the ideal humidity to preserve cigar quality. Despite minor drawbacks, its aesthetic design is worth the cost alone.

Old World Features
MaterialsSpanish cedar
HygrometerAnalog glass
HumidifierRectangular foam humidifier
Typical Price in USA$129
Where to BuyAmazon
Unique CharacteristicsSureSeal technology

6. Boveda One-Year Humidor Bag (Best for Beginners)

image 43

Description: The Boveda One Year Humidor Bag, available for $14.99, is a robust storage solution crafted to be three times stronger than standard plastic bags. It’s preloaded with a Boveda 69% RH pack, establishing an environment that meticulously preserves the cigars’ essence and structure. This makes the Boveda a convenient and effective way to store a few sticks of cigars in optimal conditions and out of sight.

Humidity Control: The airtight seal amplifies the efficiency of the Boveda pack inside for a stable, moisture-controlled interior. The 2-way humidity control is precise (+/- 2% of the RH printed on the pack), adjusting the internal atmosphere. And since the humidor bag is quite small, you’ll achieve an effective environment quickly.

Availability: Accessible on Boveda’s official website and Amazon, this bag is versatile, suitable for acclimating new cigars, reviving aged ones, and offering a compact, travel-friendly storage option without any fuss. There are various sizes, from small to medium to large cigar bags.

image 44



Recommendations: The Boveda One Year Humidor Bag stands as a practical choice for anyone prioritizing simplicity, effectiveness, and portability in cigar storage. Simple and easy cigar maintenance, but not beauty for the eyes to behold (it’s just a bag, after all).

Boveda One-Year Bag Features
Capacity5 (Small), 15 (Medium), 80 (Large)
HygrometerNot included
HumidifierBoveda humidifier pack
Typical Price in USA$7.99 (Small), $9.99 (Medium) $14.99 (Large)
Where to BuyBovedainc.com, Amazon
Unique CharacteristicsStrong, durable, and airtight plastic. One year of airtight storage.

7. Daniel Marshall Signature Burl Humidor (Best Premium)

image 45

Description: From plastic humidor bags to premium alternatives, the Daniel Marshall Signature Burl Humidor is a premium storage solution for cigar aficionados, embodying aesthetic elegance and brand reputation. Crafted from precious Vavona burl wood, known for its exquisite natural grain pattern, this humidor is a visual masterpiece. The wood is hand-selected and finished with a brilliant trademarked clear coat for a natural allure and durability. Lined with only the best Spanish cedar, the interior exudes a pleasant aroma.

Humidity Control: The Spanish-cedar interior is instrumental in regulating the humidity levels, absorbing excess moisture, and releasing it when needed. A digital hygrometer is integrated for precise readings. The self-regulating hydration foam minimizes the need for frequent monitoring and adjustments.

Availability: Starting at $575 on a discount ($1095 retail), the Daniel Marshall Signature Burl Humidor is available on the official website and Sir Jack’s website. It is a premium option for those looking for a more unique cigar humidor in combination with functional excellence. The humidor is designed to store up to 165 Corona cigars and comes in limited availability with a unique authenticity card and two gold keys.

image 46



Recommendation: This humidor is ideal for the discerning cigar enthusiast who values exquisite and unique humidors that are hard to come by. Its capacity to hold up to 165 cigars makes it suitable for extensive collections.

Daniel Marshall Signature Burl Features
Capacity165 Corona sized cigars
MaterialsVavona burl wood, Spanish cedar
HumidifierRectangular foam humidifier
Typical Price in USA$575
Where to Buydanielmarshallshop.com,
Unique Characteristics24kt Gold plated Hinges and locks, Daniel Marshall coat lacquer finish, lifetime warranty

8. Montegue End Table (Best Large)

image 39

Description: The Montegue End Table Humidor is not just a storage unit but an elegant piece of furniture that complements any room’s aesthetics. It exudes class and sophistication with an antique distressed French Walnut finish and a parquet cherry wood top. The construction involves a combination of cherry wood, metal, and cedar.

Humidity Control: While the tarnished brass hinges and handles add to the antique look, some customers have found the need to enhance the seal for optimal humidity control. Implementing modifications like adding neoprene tape to the drawer and door frames has proven beneficial.

Availability: Priced at $1158, the Montegue is definitely a premium option. YourElegantBar dispatches it and falls under a 30-day return policy.



Recommendations: The Montegue is for those with a sizable cigar collection and a taste for interior design, perfect for a masculine home office. Its capacity and design make it a centerpiece. However, potential buyers should be prepared to make minor adjustments to perfect its performance.

Montegue End Table Features
MaterialsMaple veneer, Antique distressed French walnut, Cherry wood, Premium kiln-dried Spanish cedar
HygrometerSold separately
HumidifierSold separately
Typical Price in USA$1158
Where to BuyYourelegantbar.com
Unique CharacteristicsDecorative furniture style, SureSeal Technology, two interior A/C electrical outlets

9. Scotte Travel Humidor (Best Portable)

image 48

Description: The Scotte Travel Humidor is a small and portable humidor wrapped in high-quality leather for a sense of luxury and durability. The interior, lined with cedar wood, contributes to the preservation of your cigars. It reminds me of a premium watch roll but for your cigars.

Humidity Control: The humidor distinguishes itself with a tight seal adept at retaining internal humidity. The inclusion of a built-in hygrometer is nice for humidity control, and you can easily insert a Boveda humidity pack for an even better cigar environment.

Availability: Sold on Amazon, the Scotte Travel Humidor is both a quality and travel-friendly humidor and affordable. Its price point is a nod to inclusivity, catering to a broad spectrum of cigar enthusiasts.



Recommendations: The Scotte Travel Humidor emerges as a reliable companion for the on-the-go individual. It’s a fit for businessmen and leisure seekers alike, designed to deliver preserved and flavorful cigars fresh, irrespective of the destination. While its capacity is tailored for short trips, the combination of portability, durability, and efficient humidity control makes it an appealing choice.

Scotte Travel Humidor Features
MaterialsCedar interior, faux leather exterior
HumidifierHumidifier bar and dropper
Typical Price in USA$19
Where to BuyAmazon
Unique CharacteristicsPortable canister/jar

10. TISFA Cigar Humidor (Best Small)

image 49

Description: The TISFA Cigar Humidor is a compact yet elegant solution for a small cigar collection. Crafted from walnut wood, the exterior exudes a classic appeal, while the interior, lined with cedar wood, ensures the cigars retain their aroma and flavor. Although minor imperfections may be present in the wood, they do not detract from the humidor’s overall functionality and charm.

Humidity Control: The humidor is equipped with a hygrometer and a humidifier to maintain the optimal environment for cigar preservation. The hygrometer may require ongoing calibration but the humidifier is easily refillable with water to maintain that 65% to 75% humidity level.

Availability: TISFA Cigar Humidor is readily available for purchase on Amazon. It is affordable for individuals looking to store 20, max 30 cigars, depending on their ring gauge and overall size. The humidor’s compact design makes it a popular choice.



Recommendations: The TISFA Cigar Humidor is best suited for a small collection of cigars at home. It’s affordable and comes with a simple humidity control system without requiring a significant investment.

TISFA Cigar Humidor Features
MaterialsWalnut and cedar wood
HumidifierRefillable humidifier bar
Typical Price in USA$29
Where to BuyAmazon
Unique CharacteristicsGlass top, small size

11. XIFEI Humidor Jar (Best Acrylic on Amazon)

image 52

Description: The XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar stands out as a practical cigar storage, crafted with high-quality transparent acrylic material. It’s not a classic cigar humidor look, but the design offers durability, a tight seal, and a clear view of your cigar collection. The acrylic material is resistant to wear and tear.

Humidity Control: The main benefit of the XIFEI Jar is the impeccable humidity control attributed to the airtight seal to lock in the desired humidity levels. It works just as well with a Boveda one-year pack to regulate the humidity.

Availability: The XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar is readily accessible and priced affordably, making it a go-to option on Amazon.



Recommendation: The XIFEI Acrylic Humidor Jar is an excellent choice for easy, simple, and cheap humidors for small collections.

XIFEI Humidor Jar Features
HumidifierHumidifier bar
Typical Price in USA$19
Where to BuyAmazon
Unique CharacteristicsAcrylic and transparent jar

12. Solana Humidor (Best Desktop)

image 53

Description: The Solana Desktop Humidor is a real eye-catcher amongst desktop humidors, crafted from glossy rosewood finishes and maple burled wood veneer. The base is elevated a few inches, supported by wood hooves, and the side handles are made from brass, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The inclusion of a lockset and keys is a flavorful addition to the overall design.

Humidity Control: The humidor features an exterior glass hygrometer with a brass ring that allows you to monitor the humidity level easily. It’s equipped with a large rectangle humidifier and a tight seal, holding up to 100 cigars of the smaller type. The humidor is lined with premium Kiln Spanish cedar for the fantastic humidity retention we are so used to by this point.

Availability: The Solana Desktop Humidor is available at a retail price of $299.00 but can be bought at a discount from Amazon.



Recommendation: The Solana Desktop Humidor is an excellent choice for a visually appealing storage solution on your desktop. Its capacity to hold up to 100 cigars and enhanced security features make it a preferred option for many households.

Solana Desktop Features
MaterialsGlossy rosewood finish, maple burled wood veneer, Spanish cedar
HumidifierLarge rectangle foam humidifier
Typical Price in USA$169
Where to BuyFamous-smoke.com, Amazon
Unique CharacteristicsElegant rosewood finish, Sure-Seal technology, gold plated hinges

13. Case Elegance Military Humidor (Best Personal)

image 55

Description: The Case Elegance Military Humidor features a matte green exterior, complemented by a military-grade design that is as robust as it is elegant. Coming from the Case Elegance brand, you know you’ll get a high-quality product and it’s fun to see a custom-made humidor with a unique design coming out on the market.

Humidity Control: One of the standout features is its impeccable humidity control. The seal is engineered to perfection to keep the desired moisture levels locked inside this case. As most humidors, it comes with a built-in hygrometer to monitor those levels.

Availability: This exquisite piece is available on the official Case Elegance website and authorized dealers. It is priced competitively, offering a blend of luxury and affordability. The default version is the military green, and it also comes with a limited all-black edition at a slightly higher price point.



Recommendation: The Case Elegance Military Humidor is ideally for men who look for a unique design with a modern twist or love all things military-themed.

Case Elegance Military Features
MaterialsHigh-quality wood, Spanish cedar, matte finish
HumidifierGel, hydro tray, 2 bottles of humidor solutions
Typical Price in USA$229 (Green), $299 (Black)
Where to BuyCaseelegance.com, Amazon
Unique CharacteristicsMilitary Foam Storage, glass top

14. Old Glory Humidor (Best Value)

image 56

Description: The Old Glory Humidor is another favorite, closely tied to the Old World humidor box. Its wooden structure is graced with a weathered American flag print for visual appeal and a sense of national pride. Inside, the Spanish cedar lining plays its part in preserving the cigars’ quality.

Humidity Control: Just as with the Old World, this humidor comes equipped with the same SureSeal Technology for maintaining an airtight environment.

Availability: Available on Amazon, the Old Glory Humidor is affordable and a pleasant sight for the patriot. Its capacity to hold up to 100 cigars caters to a broad spectrum of cigar enthusiasts.



Recommendation: Ideal for those with a penchant for thematic aesthetics aligned with functionality. Its capacity and humidity control features make it a versatile choice.

Old Glory Humidor Features
MaterialsSpanish cedar, thematic wooden exterior
HumidifierHumidifier foam
Typical Price in USA$149
Where to BuyAmazon
Unique CharacteristicsPrinted American flag, SureSeal Technology

What Should You Consider While Choosing the Best Cigar Humidor?

The factors to consider while choosing the best cigar humidor are the quality of the material, humidity control, storage capacity, and ease of use, particularly when seasoning a humidor.

Quality of Material

The material of a cigar humidor is foundational to its performance. Woods like Spanish cedar are renowned for their ability to regulate humidity, resist warping, and impart a distinct aroma that complements the aging process of cigars. The wood should be kiln-dried, ensuring minimal residual moisture that could impact the humidor’s effectiveness.

Humidity Control and the Seal

Look for a humidor equipped with a reliable hygrometer and humidification system to maintain the optimal 65-75% humidity level. A tight seal prevents external air infiltration, maintaining a stable internal environment conducive for cigars to age and mature.

Storage Capacity

Consider your collection’s size and growth potential. Humidors come in various sizes, from personal boxes holding a dozen cigars to large cabinets accommodating thousands. Assess your current collection and anticipate future acquisitions. Select a humidor that offers adequate space without overcrowding for optimal air circulation.

Ease of Use

Opt for a humidor with straightforward seasoning instructions. It should effectively absorb and release moisture to establish a stable internal atmosphere. The ease of monitoring and adjusting humidity levels, accessing cigars, and maintaining the humidor also contribute to its overall usability.

What Are The Best Woods for a Cigar Humidor?

The best woods for a cigar humidor vary depending on the performance and aesthetic of the humidor. Spanish cedar is a classic choice, valued for its aroma, humidity control, and resistance to pests. American red cedar and Honduran mahogany are alternative options for unique aesthetics.

When Should You Choose Electric Humidor vs Wood?

You should choose an electric humidor over wood when precision, storage capacity, and convenience matter more than looks. Electric humidors come with automated humidity control, cooling, and heating for the best cigar environment. Wooden humidors offer natural humidity regulation, aromatic benefits, and appealing designs preferred by purists for the traditional cigar aging experience.

Why Do Cigars Need a Humidor?

Cigars need a humidor for one primary reason: preservation. Cigars are crafted from natural tobacco leaves, which means they’re sensitive to their environment.

If exposed to too much humidity, cigars become spongy, unsmokable, and harder to light with a cigar lighter.

If kept in a dry environment, cigars become harsh, flaky, unpleasant to smoke, and harder to cut with a cigar cutter.

A humidor acts as a controlled environment for cigars. It maintains a consistent humidity level, typically between 65-70%, ensuring cigars remain fresh and retain their intended flavor profile. In short, if you value the quality and flavor of your cigars and don’t want to waste money on throwing out cigars that have gone bad, then you need a humidor.

How long can you leave cigars in a humidor?

In the right conditions, cigars can be stored in a humidor indefinitely. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Freshness: A well-maintained humidor keeps cigars fresh and smoke-ready. If you’re storing cigars for short-term enjoyment, a few months in a humidor will ensure they remain in prime smoking condition.
  2. Aging: Many cigar aficionados believe that, like fine wine, certain cigars improve with age. In a humidor maintained at the ideal 65-70% humidity level and around 70°F (21°C), cigars can be aged for years, even decades. Over time, the flavors of the tobacco can meld and evolve, often resulting in a smoother and more refined smoke.
  3. Considerations: While many cigars benefit from aging, not all do. Some may lose their character or become overly mild if aged for too long.

What is the best cigar humidor level?

The best cigar humidor level follows the 70/70 rule: 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a range of 63 to 70°F (23 to 21°C) and 65-74% humidity.

  1. 65-70% RH: This is the sweet spot for most cigars. At this humidity level, cigars will retain their essential oils and flavors, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.
  2. Temperature: Along with humidity, it’s crucial to monitor the temperature inside the humidor. The ideal temperature is around 70°F (21°C). Keeping the temperature in check prevents tobacco beetles’ infestation, which can ruin a cigar collection.
  3. Fluctuations: It’s essential to avoid significant fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Consistency is key. Sudden changes can cause cigars to expand and contract, leading to cracked wrappers.
  4. Calibration: Regularly calibrate your hygrometer (the device measuring humidity) to ensure it’s providing accurate readings. This will help you maintain the ideal conditions inside the humidor.

To ensure your cigars remain in prime condition for a long time, a digital hygrometer/thermometer is recommended over an analog hygrometer.