Best AI Graphic Design Tools

7+ Best AI Graphic Design Tools In 2023 (Easy And Useful)

Looking to jazz up your design game with AI? Say no more.

You’re in the right spot to explore AI graphic design tools that bring the convenience of AI to your design process yet treat your creativity with the respect it deserves!

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Content creation simplified, from ad copy to images with AI

All-in-one online photo editing tool with AI

Turn any text into realistic high-quality images with AI

Best Seller

Content creation simplified, from ad copy to images with AI

Best Value

All-in-one online photo editing tool with AI

Trending Up

Turn any text into realistic high-quality images with AI

The best AI graphic design tools this year are Fotor, Jasper, and Midjourney due to their affordability and versatility for graphic design tasks.

Each AI design tool in my list below is put under the microscope – a thorough low-down, features that pack a punch, first-hand user experiences, and price tags.

I’ve got all the info you need to make an informed decision, so if you’re all set to ride the wave of AI graphic design software, let’s bring it on!

What Are the Best AI Graphic Design Tools?

Thanks to AI, high income skills such as content marketing has vastly changed.

62% of design professionals believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning are crucial to their creative roles1, and no wonder why.

Here are my top recommendations for the best AI graphic design tools on the market right now. Beautiful design work is now within reach and budget with these top picks!

1. Fotor

Fotor AI graphic design tool

Fotor is an impressive player in the AI-based graphic design tool market. It is a comprehensive online suite to accommodate advanced photo editing and design creation needs, targeting professional graphic designers and beginners alike.

Unleashing Creativity With AI

Fotor comes with a wide variety of features that make it stand out.

  1. AI Photo Editor: Fotor offers an AI-powered photo editor capable of enhancing photos automatically. The AI assists in improving the photo quality, enhancing colors, lighting, and removing blur with a single click.
  2. AI Background Remover and Photo Eraser: Fotor enables automatic background removal, making the background transparent or easily replaceable. The photo eraser eases the process of removing objects from photos, clearing clutter instantly from your design.
  3. Batch Editor: One of the major highlights of the tool is the batch photo editor, allowing users to edit multiple photos at one go, significantly improving efficiency and workflow.
  4. Text to Image: With Fotor’s AI image generator, text can be transformed into visually stunning artwork.
  5. Artistic Filters: With Fotor, easily turn photos into beautiful art pieces, experimenting with various styles like cartoon, sketch, and watercolor.

User Experience

The platform offers an intuitive user interface and controls that simplify complex designs.

The batch editing option is a crowd favorite, allowing simultaneous modifications on multiple images. Users also appreciate the various art filters and the text to image generator for dynamism in design.

The generated images could be better, though, as it’s less advanced than Midjourney. But for the price and the versatility to create images with different art styles, Fotor stands on the top.

I use Fotor daily for my own blog posts, where I create all of my featured images, and I fully recommend it.

Fotor Pricing

Fotor pricing

While Fotor offers basic features for free, to unlock the platform’s full potential with AI, premium plans are recommended.

The premium plan provides access to advanced features and costs $8.99 monthly (when billed annually).


Free & Simple Online Photo Editing With AI

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In conclusion, Fotor is a strong contender in AI graphic design tools, offering comprehensive features tailored to diverse design needs.

The tool is reasonably priced and rich in functionality, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to elevate their design journey.

I think it’s a no-brainer for the price, and the versatility is better than Canva with all of the AI tools included.

2. Jasper AI Art Generator

Jasper AI Art for graphic design

Jasper AI Art is a remarkable new addition to the AI graphic design tool space, offering a harmonious blend of art, creativity, and technology to generate visually appealing images.

Jasper Art is designed to simplify the process of creating engaging visual content while simultaneously assisting in writing attention-grabbing copy for ads, blogs, websites, and social media.

By leveraging Jasper’s extensive knowledge, which stems from processing 10% of the internet, users can expect relevant and refined content and creative assets.

Tailoring Designs For Your Needs

With Jasper AI Art, users can look forward to:

  1. AI-powered Image Creation: Generate impressive AI art by simply describing your vision to Jasper. Watch as your ideas come to life in a matter of seconds.
  2. Effortless Integration with Jasper AI: Jasper AI Art easily integrates with Jasper’s copywriting services, ensuring seamless content creation and design experience.
  3. Comprehensive Designs and Templates: Jasper AI Art provides an extensive library of designs and templates, catering to various industry needs and niches.

User Experience

While reports on user experience are limited due to the novelty of this tool, the platform’s AI-driven capabilities and seamless integration with Jasper’s copywriting services are expected to yield positive results. As the tool matures, we can anticipate testimonials suggesting faster and more effective design processes.

Pricing Info

Jasper pricing

For pricing details, users should refer to the main Jasper AI website, as pricing for the Jasper AI Art feature may be packaged with the copywriting subscription plans that Jasper AI offers. Users can expect different tiers with varying features and benefits so they can choose the option that best suits their needs.

Jasper AI Art promises to revolutionize the world of graphic design by providing a seamless content creation process. With a powerful combination of AI-generated art and copywriting capabilities, users can expect to spend less time hunting for stock photos or learning Photoshop, as Jasper AI Art opens new doors for creativity and productivity.

3. Midjourney

Midjourney AI graphic design tool

Midjourney is a revolutionary AI-driven generative platform that turns natural language prompts into realistic images.

This tool allows users to build high-quality images from simple text-based prompts, bypassing the need for specialized graphic design hardware or software. Its functionality is available through the Discord chat app.

It positions itself as a self-funded independent project, making a mark in the AI sector alongside known players like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

Transforming Text Into Art

The features that set Midjourney apart from the crowd include:

  1. Generative AI Technology: Midjourney utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to convert text prompts into realistic images, a unique approach in the realm of graphic design tools.
  2. Quality and Realism: The platform generates real-looking images that range from uncanny to visually stunning, depending on the prompt given, often deceiving even the experts in the domain.
  3. Simplified Interface: Midjourney operates entirely through the Discord chat app, making the tool accessible to practically anyone without the need for specialized graphic design software.

User Experience

User reviews and anecdotal reports suggest that Midjourney has gained positive feedback for its ability to generate convincing images from simple text descriptions. The users have highly appreciated the image quality, realism, and ease of use via Discord.

Images created by Midjourney have even been seen shared on social media, with curious viewers marveling at the AI-generated visuals, indicating a generally positive acceptance by the public of Midjourney’s capabilities.

Pricing Info

Midjourney pricing

Midjourney operates on a subscription-based model.

The starting subscription costs a minimum of $10/month, which provides 3.3 hours of GPU time, enough for about 200 image generations. This is more than enough for the average user, and it’s the plan that I use daily for my online business.

Many other AI image generators might serve the purpose well for those without high-quality images and looking for alternatives, such as Fotor and Jasper.

To sum it up, Midjourney stands as a remarkable innovation converging natural language processing with visual design.

Its ability to generate fine-quality images from simple text prompts makes it an exciting tool for individuals and businesses, enriching marketing, content creation, and much more!

4. Uizard

Uizard ai powered drawing tool

Uizard is an innovative AI tool simplifying mobile apps, web, and UI design development.

It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to turn ideas into functional prototypes rapidly and intuitively without any HTML CSS code required.

With a focus on serving startups and established businesses, Uizard enables businesses to design compelling user interfaces without requiring extensive expertise in traditional design tools.

Streamlining App And Web Design Through AI

Key features that make Uizard an appealing graphic design tool include:

  1. AI-Assisted Design: Uizard’s AI capabilities allow users to convert wireframes and sketches into digital designs, streamlining the design process.
  2. Codeless Prototype Building: Users can create fully functional app and web UI prototypes without writing a single line of code using Uizard’s intuitive drag-and-drop and user friendly interface.
  3. Rapid Iterations and Collaboration: The platform’s collaboration features make it easy to share designs, gather feedback, and make changes in real-time.
  4. Reusable Components and Templates: Uizard offers a library of pre-built reusable components and templates, shortening the time to bring design concepts to life.

User Experience Reports and Uses

Users praise Uizard’s simplicity, efficiency, and seamless integration with other design tools.

Designers, developers, product managers, and entrepreneurs find it particularly helpful in creating rapid app and web prototypes. The platform’s ability to convert hand-drawn sketches into digital designs is a standout feature appealing to users with varied design expertise.

Uizard’s users appreciate its AI-driven approach that expedites the design process, making it a valuable asset for teams looking to create visually appealing user interfaces quickly.

Likes And Dislikes

Pricing Info

Uizard pricing

Uizard offers various pricing plans catering to different needs:

  1. Free: Limited access to Uizard’s core features, suited for individual users interested in testing the platform.
  2. Pro: Priced at $12 per user per month, intended for early-stage startups or individual users needing more extensive features and support.
  3. Business: Priced at $39 per monthly user, targeting designers and product managers. Features include advanced project organization, support for large teams, and priority feature requests.

In summary, Uizard stands out as an efficient AI-driven graphic design tool that simplifies creating and iterating user interfaces for apps and websites. Its combination of automation, easy-to-use interface, and collaboration capabilities make it a valuable asset for startups and designers.

5. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly AI powered tools

Adobe Firefly represents a significant breakthrough in Adobe’s suite of creative tools.

It’s an AI-powered model designed to enhance creativity through generative image design. Firefly goes beyond the standard text to image generation, offering users various creative possibilities, from photo edits to creating digital experiences.

Built to slot seamlessly within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Firefly leverages users’ text-based inputs to generate varied media, including images, video, 3D, and more.

The ultimate aim of Firefly is to help users quickly test design variations and add innovative elements to their work, enriching creative processes overall.

An AI-Powered Innovation For Creatives

Key features that set Adobe Firefly apart include:

  1. Generative AI Framework: Firefly harnesses the power of AI to turn ideas written in everyday language into multi-faceted digital creations.
  2. Wide-ranging Media Generation: Beyond image creation, Firefly supports text-based editing and generation of an array of media, such as videos and 3D designs. It also creates “creative building blocks” like brushes, vectors, textures, etc.
  3. Seamless Integration with Creative Cloud: As part of the Creative Cloud Suite, Firefly facilitates smooth content customizations and edits through interoperability with other Adobe tools.

User Experience Reports and Uses

As Firefly is a newly announced tool, direct user reviews and reports are minimal.

However, given Adobe’s reputation for delivering quality design tools, we expect Firefly to offer a similarly intuitive and robust user experience like their other platforms. Firefly is a valuable tool for content creators, digital artists, video editors, and anyone engaged in creative design work.

Pricing Info

Given that Firefly is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, it’s likely to be included within existing subscription plans. However, as of now, Firefly has no specified pricing information on Adobe’s website. Potential users should monitor Adobe’s official site for updates on this.

In conclusion, Adobe Firefly is a promising tool that appears set to expand creative horizons by allowing users to generate diverse media content from text descriptions. It can uniquely enhance and streamline creative workflows by enabling quick design iterations and offering integration with other Creative Cloud tools.

6. Canva

Canva graphic design tool

Canva has become the go-to graphic design app for freelancers and digital product creators.

The almost endless supply of customizable templates and elements and their ease of use are the reasons there are currently over 75 million active users.

The free version of their tool is pretty generous and makes it ideal for folks on a budget.

Its Best Features

Many preset sizes and templates are available for social media posts, posters, and web pages.

Their “elements” library is vast, which makes finding graphics and other images to match the style of your project a breeze. You can add your own graphics and fonts too.

You can download projects in a variety of formats, including print-quality PDFs. Additionally, you can share a project link with someone so they can access and use the file.

User Experience With Canva

The user interface features a “drag and drop” function, which is super easy to use. I found it unnecessary to resort to the tutorials because all the functions were intuitive and easy to find.

Saving your projects can feel a little “messy,” and if you have many of them, finding the file you want is sometimes challenging.

Likes And Dislikes

Canva Pricing

Canva pricing

Canva takes the stress out of creating beautiful design work. It’s exceptionally affordable for those who freelance or own their own business.

If you stick to the free version, the tool regularly offers a free month at its Pro level.

7. VanceAI

Vance AI image enhancement

If you’ve got a bunch of old or blurry photos, VanceAI is an excellent tool for getting them up to scratch.

The software is packed with features, including all the essential photo enhancement and adjustment tools you’d expect, although the free version is a bit naff.

You may not find much value in VanceAI if you’re a decent photographer. However, photo restoration is where this product shines.

Its Best Features

This tool will take old, damaged black and white photos and do a decent restoration. You can even have them colorized, which is fascinating to see.

The AI can sharpen images if they are blurry or out of focus. The tool increases the resolution for a crisp result.

The background remover is advanced and does an excellent job without having to go in and fine-tune it for ages.

User Experience With VanceAI

Many functions are automatic, so you only need to press a button and let the AI work its magic.

For more advanced users, you can manually adjust everything to your preferences.

The user interface is straightforward and efficient. You don’t have to wait long to see the results of your photo adjustments.

Likes And Dislikes

VanceAI Pricing

Vance AI pricing

Unused credits roll over to the next month.

If you want a tool that does everything for your photos, you’ve found it.

This is an excellent option for amateurs and professionals alike. Unfortunately, there is no free trial, but they do have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

8. Khroma

Khroma AI color tool

If you’re like me and don’t know your cyan from your magenta, Khoma is the tool for you.

It removes the headache of color matching by automatically generating hundreds of combos and palettes based on your favorite colors.

The tool isn’t the speediest thing to use, but it’s free, so there’s really nothing to complain about.

Its Best Features

Once you’ve selected your colors, the tool automatically generates tons of combinations for you, displayed in a variety of ways.

If you’re looking for palettes, it can produce endless possibilities for you to choose from.

Whenever you click the heart icon on a combo you like, the AI learns and continues improving its results.

User Experience With Khroma

The tool is incredibly simple to use. Select fifty colors that appeal to you and let the AI do its work.

Once the tool has generated all the options, you can flick between the different combination styles – text on background, gradients, images, etc.

Clicking on the “i” icon on each color will bring up the HEX and RGB codes so you can easily apply them to your design work.

Likes And Dislikes

Khroma Pricing

The tool is currently 100% free.

This tool is perfect for people who need a hand with attractive color matching. Color theory is hard to master, so this is a great solution.

Why AI in Graphic Design?

The Benefits

AI in graphic design reshapes the creative process!

With technological advancements, these tools deliver high-quality visual assets faster. Imagine turning a simple sketch or a short text description into a professional design – that’s the power of AI in graphic design!

AI tools can often operate around the clock, allowing for continuous design generation and iterations that save time and boost productivity. Additionally, AI significantly reduces the risk of human error, ensuring consistency throughout designs.

The Correct Tool Equals Success

Given the growing number of AI design tools, the challenge lies in identifying the one that meets your needs. Attributes such as ease of use, feature set, integration capabilities, and cost all play a role in making the right choice. Analyze your requirements, do your homework, and go for the tool that serves you best!

Understanding Graphic Design Landscaping

The Graphic Design Process – A Quick View

The graphic design process typically involves:

These steps utilize resources like time and creative effort.

Enter AI

AI tools simplify and expedite the design process.

They provide designers with an array of automatically generated design options, substantially reducing the time spent on brainstorming and sketching.

With AI enabling quick iterations and generating varied design alternatives, designers can focus more on the creative aspects of design, leading to enhanced productivity and better results.

The API Angle

APIs: The Bridge between Tools

APIs are crucial in enabling AI design tools to communicate with other platforms, allowing seamless integration and improved workflows. APIs essentially act as bridges, fostering collaboration between different software tools. This interoperability is key to a streamlined and efficient design process.

AI Design Tools with Strong APIs

Several AI-enabled graphic design tools offer robust APIs for seamless integration. Notable among them are:

  1. Pixabay API: An API providing access to over 1.7 million free-to-use images and videos.
  2. DeepAI Text To Image API: Converts text into images using an AI model.

The right tool with an effective API means smoother processes, better integration, and superior results!

To Wrap it Up

Looking at the diverse landscape of graphic design reveals just how far we’ve come.

The benefits of AI in graphic design are increasingly clear. They bring designers on board with new techniques and bridge the gap for non-designers with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.

Peeking behind the software curtain, it’s stunning to see how AI has transformed the traditional design process – from conceptualization and brainstorming to the execution of the final design.

As AI design tools evolve, their in-built learning systems will adapt progressively. This means they’ll continue to improve, offering increasingly accurate, personalized, and optimized results as time goes on.

After all, design is not just a task; it’s an experience. With AI, we now have an additional companion along this creative journey, driving efficiency, enhancing creativity, and shaping a new era in design!

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