The Real World Review

The Real World Review – I Tried Tate’s $49 Course (HU 4.0)

After 12+ months of experience, let me start off by summarizing everything you need to know about Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University, now known as The Real World.

Is The Real World Legit?

The Real World is a legit course and online education platform for learning high-income skills and networking with other men on the same mission for financial freedom.

Is The Real World Worth It?

The Real World is worth it for those who need step by step lessons on how to make money online with a global network and up-to-date videos.

What Does The Real World Teach?

The Real World teaches 19 money making methods taught across 10 separate campuses inside the real world platform.

Is The Real World A Scam?

The Real World is NOT a scam as over 200.000+ students are enrolled monthly, posting wins across all the campuses. It is impossible to run a scam for so long with so many people unless it’s a legit product.

The Real World (TRW)

Master the skills you need to maximize your income with a network of 200,000+ people.

  • Cheap price compared to other online courses
  • A positive community and learning environment
  • Tons of high-quality content for different skills
  • Regular live Q&As with the professors
  • Personalised accountability through teamwork
  • Regular challenges for personal growth
  • Busy place with a lot going on all the time
  • Easy to get information overload
Bottom Line: Aside from the controversy of Andrew Tate, The Real World is a genuine platform driven by successful individuals, teaching you all about money in a thriving community.
Try The Real World

Are you thinking about trying Andrew Tate’s The Real World?

I understand you’re unsure or afraid of it being a scam, as Andrew is a former professional kickboxer turned TikTok star with controversial opinions.

I’m just a regular guy like you, and I’ve been enjoying the community aspect for over a year now.

And yes, I’ve made loads of moneybags thanks to the lessons they teach inside 💰, as are thousands of real world students that post wins every single day.

Most “The Real World reviews” haven’t Even Bought It…

I see so many biased and shallow reviews online about Andrew Tate’s program.

They mostly bash it entirely without ever buying or trying it out 🤡.

I first joined when it was still known as Hustlers University 2.0 back in 2022, and it’s grown massively for two years now.

image 13

If you’re confused about the branding, Hustler’s University 3.0 got rebranded to The Real World, or TRW.

But here is the thing, TRW is a fully independent run by many online teachers with a proven track record of making money online.

These education providers are legit millionaires earning at least a six figure income from the same skills taught to you.

As TRW is mainly independent of Tate, the product should be reviewed as other education providers, unbiased from Andrew Tate’s viral content.

New Additions To TRW in 2023

The Real World program is constantly tweaking and adding new free content and business courses! The latest additions are:

The Fitness Campus

image 36

Learn everything about fitness, staying healthy, optimizing energy levels, and getting accountability.

The fitness campus is designed by Alex, the head fitness coach, and helps you work hard toward financial success with unlimited energy.

The Content Creation Campus

image 37

A huge campus teaching:

  • UGC (User Generated Content)
  • Content creation and video editing.
  • How to perform on camera
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) content.

What Is The Real World?

The Real World is an online education system with a global community of like-minded individuals working towards financial freedom.

Watch this student’s business journey to understand what TRW is and how to achieve financial success in real life.

If I were to describe the feeling of Hustler’s University, then imagine walking into a huge university bustling with people where everyone loves life.

  • Loads of students work on their side hustles.
  • People hang out and help each other become better.
  • Fantastic teachers help you to succeed with support and lessons.
  • There is fresh, step-by-step content to learn and understand real skills.

Nothing is outdated, and there is no bs: only financial success, receipts, and a great learning experience.

An Honest The Real World Review

In this genuine The Real World review, I’ll cover everything you need to know to decide if this online course is worth it.

I’ll show you the ins and outs of TRW with screenshots, such as:

  • How it works
  • How the course is laid out
  • What you’ll learn and how you’ll make money
  • Legit student results making money every day!

Enough with the introductions; read on to learn more about the juicy details below.

Key Facts About The Real World
🔍 AboutThe Real World is a collection of up-to-date education systems. It’s an environment that teaches you how to make money online. It currently has over 200.000 students enrolled and paying to stay in.
💳 PriceA monthly membership priced at $49/month with no commitments.
ProsLearn several legitimate skills that translate to more money in your bank account. Become driven by interacting with students on the same journey as yourself. Very low cost to enter the program.
〽️ ConsIt’s a busy place with lots of conversations going on at the same time.
SummaryThe idea of a low cost university that exclusively teaches about making money came from Andrew Tate, and is executed amazingly well by professionals.

This is the most value you’ll ever get out of any online course for the price and is definitely worth a try for at least one month.

You Learn At The Job

“MAKE Money While Learning HOW To Make Money” is their slogan.

This place is loaded and run by world-class multimillionaire experts. They coach, teach, and help students to develop their specific high-income skills.

You hustle to get clients, build businesses, create brands, and invest earned money to make more money (and passive income).

There is no place for idling around; you learn money making skills while actually doing them at the same time.

A Simple Structure

At TRW, they essentially tried to mimic the structure of a legit university.

  • You have a dedicated teacher for a specific topic.
  • They have separate campuses (or channels they hang out in).
  • They teach you the steps to their business model (how to do it).
  • You learn by doing (you get skills through real-life experience).

You don’t need to have any experience going in. Everything is made for beginners in mind and step-by-step.

A Custom Build App For All Devices

You can access the learning platform by simply logging in through your web browser.

But if you’re using your phone for everything, then they also have their app that is readily available on:

The platform is constantly launching new updates, and since it’s custom-built, they can make changes on the fly with speed, making it an advanced education platform that never gets outdated or dull, unlike other courses or study materials.

It’s been built from the ground up with a self-reliant infrastructure, and they have their own payment processors as well.

The Insides Of The Real World

In TRW, they have 10 different campuses, each having a treasure trove of resources and knowledge.

For example, on the crypto campus, you can learn about trading, investing, and NFTs, and there is a vast difference between all of them!

These all count as separate things but connect to the overall crypto campus, and each campus and area have a dedicated professor who is a pro at it.

the real world dashboard

For each wealth-creation option, TRW teaches specific income producing skills that you’ll benefit from for years to come.

These wealth creation methods have either been around for a long time or are not going out of style anytime soon. They can be categorized into 4 different business models.

  • Copywriting – How to offer copywriting services and write persuasive copy.
  • Freelancing – How to acquire and secure high paying clients.
  • E commerce – How to globally sell your physical products.
  • Amazon FBA –  How to run an Amazon dropshipping store.
the real world choosing a skill

Other courses generally teach only one thing, like Blog Growth Engine, for $1497.

In TRW, it’s a lot of models packed into one place. You essentially get multiple stand-alone courses in one place instead of just one, which is mind-blowing.

👉 Join The Real World.

It’s recommended only to choose ONE campus and master that fully.

the real world skills to pick

Once you’ve secured a cash flow through legitimate hard work (starting some business), you’ll learn about investment strategies and make that money grow over time.

This is investing 101, just like Robert Kiyosaki teaches about acquiring assets that work for you, but with modern technology like crypto or more traditional methods like investing in the stock market and even day trading.

the real world investing

You can’t just earn money online willy-nilly and hope for the best. You also need business skills to run your own company.

This is the last step to scaling your business.

the real world financial education

How you learn in The Real World

the real world learning center

Each campus has a learning center and a button on the top corner where you can find all of the course videos for the subject.

You progress through each lesson by watching the videos and then answering A, B, C type questions at the end of each lesson.

the real world video course example

Complete that and progress to the next lesson. They open up gradually as you go through the materials.

Don’t worry about failing; it’s all designed to help you learn and remember the information.

the real world quiz example

You can retake the questions related to the video as many times as you want or need until you get it. This is not some boring school lesson.

Is The Real World Legit?

the real world 167000 members online

Yes, The Real World is as legit as it gets. TRW is a real product with real people, and it’s massive.

Launched on November 14, 2022, the platform has grown from 0 to over 167.000 members in the span of 36 days as I’m writing this article!

👉 Try The Real World.

The common counter-argument against TRW (or ANY other course) is that you can learn everything you need for free on YouTube.

This doesn’t work for a couple of reasons. Just think about it, videos take hours of scripting, filming, and editing. It’s not done for free or out of charity.

Videos are made with the purpose of either funneling you towards:

  • A product
  • Another video
  • An email list signup
  • A Mastermind video
  • Website or landing page
  • Link clicks toward Amazon
  • Or ad revenue through watch time

The entire platform is a giant marketing and sales funnel, filled with surface-level knowledge with bits and pieces left out. All so you have to watch another full video.

If you actually want guidance and mentorship, to be held accountable, to do the work, and to be given the most efficient path possible, then you need a course.

It doesn’t have to be TRW, but going at it alone will make it 100x harder.

How to join The Real World Andrew Tate

the real world homepage

If you want to get started with TRW, joining is super easy.

Simply head over to the official TRW website:

Buy the subscription, get an email confirmation, and enjoy the fun through your web browser.

The Real World pricing

The Real World membership is subscription based, meaning you’ll pay a monthly cost to access their service, the same thing as Netflix.

At the time of writing, The Real World cost is as follows:

  • $49.99 monthly subscription, discounted from $147 for the first month.
the real world pricing

You can easily cancel your monthly membership fee anytime by contacting customer support. There is no refund policy, but the price point is cheap, so I’d not worry about it.

👉 Try The Real World.

Who are the Professors and your teachers?

the real world instructors

Professors like Arno Wingen (in the business mastery campus) are hand selected by Andrew Tate and are professionals.

They know their specific area of profession very well, and it’s their own primary way of making money online.

All are verified millionaire mentors from running their own businesses (not including TRW).

the real world freelancing course

The professors all work for Andrew Tate and see it as an honor and an opportunity to serve the cause, network, gain influence, and get paid.

At the end of the day, this entire thing is also a business for Andrew Tate, but name one product in this world which isn’t run by a company making money.

And it makes sense from a logical perspective; who would you rather learn from?

  • A professor at a university who is not actually making any money, has no business, and spends all of their time in school?
  • Or a professor who is making tons of money with a legit business right now in real life?

My biggest tip is to always listen to the guy who actually makes his money with what they teach.

I’d personally avoid anyone harping on about some theory on a whiteboard or, worse off, YouTube videos.

👉 Try The Real World.

The Real World Student results

So let’s dig into the student results and what other people have managed to accomplish with their respective business models.

These are all results taken right now and are all wins for the past 3 days.

Wins are posted constantly every single day inside The Real World. I’m going to blur their names for obvious reasons.

Copywriting Course

the real world student result
the real world student result 2
the real world student result 3
the real world student result 4
the real world student result 5
the real world student result 6


the real world student result 7
the real world student result 8
the real world student result 9
the real world student result 10
the real world student result 11


the real world student result 12
the real world student result 13
the real world student result 14
the real world student result 15


the real world student result 16
the real world student result 17
the real world student result 18
the real world student result 19

Who is The Real World made for?

andrew tate and the real world

The Real World by Andrew Tate is for anyone who wants to build an online business, young or old, and learn the skills to escape the rat race.

Now, most people will have different circumstances and motivators to achieve this, which is where TRW will guide you on what high-income skills fit your situation.

TRW is NOT for anyone who wants or hopes to make a quick buck somehow on the internet.

Watching YouTube videos and dreaming are both free and perfectly fine for that.

Is The Real World Andrew Tate worth it?

Yes, The Real World by Tate is worth it as it’s a legitimate educational platform, now more than ever, with a custom app made by themselves.

Thousands of students are enrolled, and they usually stay enrolled for an extended period of time (me included).

TRW is teaching you business skills.

Just because you stand on a football field does not make you Cristiano Ronaldo, right?

As you become better and better at a specific high-income skill with the guidance of mentors, you will earn more.

the real world copywriting 101

It’s pretty simple, but people don’t want to do the work, and if you’re one of them, you should not attempt to make money online.

But if you desire more in life and don’t want to sit around while the bills around you skyrocket to the moon, then TRW is probably a solid path to financially securing your future.

TRW provides all the education, support, and community you need to do just that.

👉 Try The Real World.

Who is Andrew Tate?

andrew tate in the desert

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion, used to run a webcam business, and got kicked out of the tv show big brother.

He later shifted his focus from fighting to achieving financial freedom with his brother Tristan Tate (also an entrepreneur).

He often references “The Matrix”, Neo taking the red pill, and draws parallels between the movie and real life situations.

Since then, he became a multi-millionaire through a variety of profitable business models.

This is how Andrew Tate made his money:

  • Tate started a webcam studio
  • Real estate (casinos)
  • Stock investing
  • Digital assets (crypto)
  • Marketing and sales (on social media)
  • An educational platform called Hustlers University
  • A private organization called The War Room on Telegram.

He blew up on social media platforms for saying how he thinks the world operates, about women and money, and his affiliate program, which led him to be banned on mainstream tech platforms.

Since then, he has gotten his Twitter account reinstated, and there are rumors that Instagram will be next.

Andrew Tate’s net worth

andrew tate with an aston martin dbs

It’s hard to tell how much Andrew Tates is worth, but in previous podcasts, he has disclosed that he’s worth well over $360+ million with all his assets and car collection.

Andrew Tate Cars

andrew tates bugatti

Andrew Tate is a big car fanatic with an extensive car selection. He owns over 32 different supercars, with everything from McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and more in his mansion in Romania.

The Real World Andrew Tate FAQs

Is Hustlers University Legit

Yes, both Hustlers University is a legit mentoring program, and thousands of students of Hustlers University agree. It started as a group chat on Discord servers but later migrated to a custom platform.

Is Hustlers University A Pyramid Scheme

Hustlers University is not a pyramid scheme but uses affiliate marketing as a business model.

Over 81% of businesses globally have affiliate programs1, including Amazon, Nike, and even Samsung.

Andrew Tate Quotes

Here are some of Andrew Tate’s most powerful and popular quotes:

“Resist the slave mind.”
“Money is like water. It doesn’t stay still. It moves.”
“There is no such thing as a “lucky” person.”
“Being broke, unconnected, and weak should bother you deep inside.”

Andrew Tate Theme Song

Andrew Tate’s theme song that you hear all over the internet is “Tourner Dans Le Vide” by Indila.

The funny thing is Andrew had 0 input or say about this; it just happened.

Wrap Up

That’s it for this Real World Tate review.

The pricing is cheap, and you learn A LOT of skills that you’re sure to have some use of in your life, so if you ask me, jumping in is a no-brainer. The crypto advice I’ve gotten has often paid for the monthly price.

Try it; what do you have to lose? $49 bucks are pennies in the world of online money.

The Real World Review - I Tried Tate's $49 Course (HU 4.0)
The Real World Review

Discover the truth in this The Real World Review with honest feedback from a real users since the Hustlers University days.

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