Luke Belmar Capital Club Review

Chris, Chief Editor
Chris, Chief Editor

Updated Nov 7, 2023

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Capital Club by Luke Belmar is best for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space who are already making money.

If you’re a brand-new beginner to online business or just making your first dollar online, then honestly, Capital Club is not for you.

But if you are in the e-commerce space and are looking to scale from, let’s say, 10k to 100k per month, then Capital Club is an invaluable resource for you to achieve that.

Capital Club Brand

What We Like

  • Relatively cheap
  • Well-edited videos
  • Exclusive interviews with e-commerce giants
  • A fitness module
  • Constantly adding new material

What We Don’t Like

  • Some course sections are underwhelming
  • Not for everyone
  • Too much hype

As a man constantly working on my high-income skills and learning from various resources, Luke Belmar has been on my radar for quite some time.

He’s a young entrepreneur who founded an online community called the Capital Club.

He’s proven himself a genius marketer by making access to the Capital Club extremely difficult. Once I got in, I was excited to dive into the course material and see what it offered.

Now, the question is, was it worth it? I’m not so sure.

Let’s dive in and explore what Capital Club by Luke Belmar has to offer.

Capital Club Review

What Is The Capital Club?

capital club homepage

Capital Club is an online business course with an added online community on Discord.

It features a plethora of videos on entrepreneurship, especially tailored towards running an e-commerce business. Most of the interviews are with seven-figure e-commerce giants. This is why this online business course is not for everyone; it’s quite niche.

It is presented nicely with a ton of videos, and the cost of $369 charged upfront is justified for what you get.

Who Created The Capital Club?

luke belmar in capital club

Capital Club was created by the Belmar brothers, known as Luke Belmar and Nate Belmar. Both are online business entrepreneurs with a significant social media presence.

Luke Belmar made most of his wealth by riding the cryptocurrency bull run in 2021, accumulating and selling off assets. He later got into e-commerce and made a seven-figure exit from that business. Since then, he transitioned into online course creation and building Capital Club.

His brother Nate Belmar has made a physical transformation through biohacking, losing weight, and working out, which he also teaches inside the Capital Club, as health is a pillar for entrepreneurs to get effective work done on a daily basis.

Capital Club Features

Let’s dive into what Capital Club has to offer and what it’s all about.

Exclusive Content

capital club exclusive content

Capital Club is filled with exclusive content from various entrepreneurs in the field of online business and e-commerce.

Some of the course material and videos are excellent, providing real value from the minds of brilliant entrepreneurs.

The key here is to understand what they say and extract the knowledge, wisdom, and resources. This is not a place for step-by-step learning, and I don’t think that’s really the point of what Luke Belmar wants to build with Capital Club.

The first introductory course he teaches is about downloading “datasets,” which is essentially the ability to think for yourself, question everything, and understand how everything in life, money, and business connects.

So, Capital Club, with its courses and video content, is definitely unique in that sense.

Fitness Course

capital club entrepreneur fit course

They also have a dedicated fitness course by Nate Belmar called Entrepreneur Fit.

That’s essentially why I joined Capital Club, to get access to the biohacking tips, as Nate’s transformation from an overweight guy to a ripped, healthy man is impressive.

But when I dived into that specific course, it was underwhelming. It felt almost like he was reading a script made by ChatGPT on general fitness and nutrition advice, which is so generic you can find even better information on YouTube. I was a bit bummed out because that’s why I joined in the first place.

To counter my argument, there is good information in this course; everything Nate says makes sense. I only wish it was more than surface-level information because all of the other content is actually top-notch.

Loads of New Content On The Way

capital club new content

What I like about Capital Club is that they tease new and upcoming courses at the bottom, with more guest speakers and courses to be released soon.

It’s exciting to see how this online business community will evolve, perhaps in a year. I’m excited for Capital Club and to dive in and learn more about successful entrepreneurs out there, even if I am not personally in e-commerce.

I’m more of an affiliate marketing guy and into organic content marketing, so the value for me personally is limited.

Discord Channel

capital club discord channel

Although I’m not a big fan of Discord channels for online communities, that’s what Capital Club has to offer.

As usual, Discord is quite noisy with a bunch of channels, and it’s hard actually to talk to anyone or extract good resources.

Sure, it’s better than the generic Facebook group, which I believe most online businesses still slap on, but yeah, I’m not a huge fan of Discord.

Capital Club Alternatives

The internet is booming with Capital Club alternatives.

One that immediately comes to mind is The Real World by Andrew Tate, which offers a similar experience but is arguably done better and has been around longer. The Real World offers various ways to make money online, from freelancing to e-commerce, dropshipping, cryptocurrency, investing, stocks, copywriting, and more.

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That online community platform is more tailored towards beginners and actually teaches you step-by-step how to do things. Capital Club, on the other hand, is more about teaching you how to think and implement ideas and knowledge from other entrepreneurs already in your specific field.

Another online business course I can recommend, geared towards affiliate marketing, is Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy. It’s all about how to build a successful blogging-based business and personal brand.

Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine gives you the tools, frameworks, coaching, and support you need to build a real online business.

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The online community in that course is quite amazing and very helpful, and the community is hosted on Skool, which has a really nice user interface and experience for interacting with other students.

My Capital Club Personal Experience

capital club nate belmar course

My personal experience with Capital Club has been a bit up and down.

Although I appreciate the wisdom and genius of the twenty-something-year-old Luke Belmar, he definitely has something to teach when it comes to online marketing, sales, and thinking frameworks. That drew me into his world, as I imagine it has for others.

But his genius in marketing actually shows because he created so much FOMO (fear of missing out) and limited the supply of access to his online community, Capital Club, which shot the hype around the product to the moon.

This means that the delivery of the content and the value gets diminished in favor of the hype. That’s how it is when you over-promise on a product; it will be hard to over-deliver.

Usually, you want to under-promise and over-deliver for exceptional results, but Luke is a marketing guy, so I understand that he had to do what he had to do in order to sell Capital Club.

I’m not saying there is no value in Capital Club; it’s just that the ratio between what you think you get and what you actually get is off. But for those who dive into the material and are in an e-commerce business they will get a ton of value from Capital Club.

That has been my experience with diving into the material and going through it myself.

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