Let me guess, you’re sick and tired of WordPress and its buggy and slow interface, the constant management of plugins, and you’re looking for WordPress alternatives to elevate your blog and build a real high-income business?

In this JetPage review, we take a look at a brand new website builder that promises not only a seamless blogging experience but also comes fully configured for ranking on Google with an SEO-optimized backend out of the box.

This might be just the unfair advantage that you have been looking for to outrank the competition on the Google SERPs.

We’ll take a deep dive look into what this WordPress alternative is all about and its functionality, the pros, cons, and pricing leaving no stone unturned. We will also take a look at some other best WordPress alternatives as well.

By the end of this review, you should have all of your questions answered to make a decision on whether or not JetPage is the best WordPress alternative to help you grow your business and rank on Google.

Who is JetPage best for?

I see the following case scenarios where JetPage is an absolute match made in heaven:

You have an existing website on WordPress and…

  • You’re absolutely fed up with how slow the platform is.
  • The new Google update that ranks your content based on website speed is not helping at all.
  • All of the plugins constantly need to be updated or taken care of.
  • The occasional security issues or random events where your entire site breaks down.
jetpage pagespeed feature

You’re thinking about getting into WordPress and…

  • You want to build a website either for your personal brand, or your small business.
  • The entire thing has a HUGE learning curve and you need to learn all of the tech stuff.
  • You can’t be bothered with watching hours of YouTube videos just to launch a website.

You’re running a legitimate business and…

  • You need to rank on Google to generate traffic, get potential leads, and new customers on a daily basis.
  • You have a running content schedule with blog posts being published several times a week and don’t have time or do not want to hire a web developer to handle the website.

In either case, the website builder JetPage aims to solve all of these common issues by providing one of the best WordPress alternatives on the market.

JetPage Pricing

jetpage pricing

JetPage has four pricing plans to choose from, Basic, Growth, Pro, and Business.

The important differentiation for this website builder is the monthly views that your website either aims to have or already has.

If it’s below 25.000 views per month, which automatically consists of 80% of websites, the basic plan is all you need.

But if you’re hovering around 100.000 views per month already then you’ll need the Pro plan.

Either way, $24/month for the basic plan is more than affordable, especially when you consider exactly what opportunities you get by using JetPage as a great WordPress alternative, more on the features below.

JetPage Features

So why would you choose JetPage amongst other WordPress alternatives?

These are the features that make this website builder stand out from the crowd:

Spin up a blog in seconds

JetPage is not a drag and drop website builder in the traditional sense, the design and layouts are already pre-made for you to keep the performance, mobile responsive, and SEO optimizations in place.

With that being said there is a great deal of personalization that you can do to make your website unique, but it’s as easy as just choosing a color scheme that you like, adding a title for your blog, uploading your picture, and you’re done.

This style of website builder is great because it removes the “building” part of a blog entirely.

Finally no need to do everything yourself, no need to hire a web developer, and you can focus 100% attention on what matters, content marketing.

Outperform millions of websites out-of-the-box

jetpage load time example

Since the blog is already pre-optimized for everything to help you rank on Google and get traffic, you’re already way ahead of millions of websites out-of-the-box.

So what exactly makes JetPage perform so great?

Unlike most large hosting companies for websites (Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, Namecheap, Siteground, Godaddy, etc.) that utilize shared hosting to keep the price cheap, JetPage is entirely stand-alone.

JetPage uses Amazon AWS servers to deliver top performance for your blog, and in a long-term shared hosting study, just by using AWS ranked posts higher on the search engines, which is a huge deal.

aws ranking comparison

Source: rebootonline.com

For all of the non-techie readers, JetPages is built from the ground up for ranking your content higher on search engines with the same tech used by Netflix and Twitter.

Google did recently release a huge core update that now takes into account a website’s speed and how the user experience is for a visitor.

This means that for blogs that are slow to load or are just average (which is true for most if not all shared-hosting sites), and loaded with ads and annoying pop-ups, Google will not give you the chance to rank high.

The good news is that this is an opportunity to blow past millions of websites with your content marketing by using a service like JetPage.

Mobile load times are often the hardest part for a website to manage, and just a 1-second delay can severely impact conversions and increase the bounce rate. JetPage has this taken care of without you doing anything.

Security is taken care of

WordPress is known for having the worst security and it’s not uncommon for a WordPress website to either be hacked, taken down, receive DDOS attacks, get loads of spam, or just break down entirely from a simple little plugin.

With JetPage as your website builder you’ll have state-of-the-art security in place, or at least minimize the risk of anything happening to your blog, keeping it alive and healthy, again without you having to think about it at all.

Every site is entirely optimized for SEO and search rankings on Google

SEO or Search Engine Optimization seems like a hard out-of-the-world concept that only experts know how to handle.

There are two sides to this coin, but strictly from a technical perspective, JetPage has this covered with an on-site SEO optimized structure, dynamic XML sitemaps, and all of the basic SEO best practices in place.

Aside from all of this, SEO is actually super simple if you only have to think about your content, by including your target keyword a set amount of times, having some H2 and H3 headlines, similar keywords to the target one, and the number of words.

Mobile responsive

Since the blog is pre-set that means that the mobile user experience is already optimized for you.

It loads fast, looks great, and you don’t have to worry a bit about this part.

Build your email list on autopilot

The blog has a built-in email list for visitors to become subscribers.

These email opt-ins are strategically placed on the blog from a marketing perspective to convert the best, without intruding or slowing down the site to keep the performance maxed.

JetPage Pros

jetpage performance

Just from the features above, you can tell that JetPage comes with a ton of pros but let’s highlight and summarize them here:

  • Create a blog in seconds, choose a color and you’re done
  • Blazingly fast blog with your custom domain
  • Made to rank content higher on Google
  • Outperforms millions of websites
  • Fast and Secure
  • Zero technical skills required
  • Everything related to web development is taken care of

JetPage Cons

There are of course some drawbacks to anything, and the most prominent cons for Wizard is:

  • Since the blog design is pre-made and done for you, the amount of customization is limited if you’re used to managing a WordPress website. This is for a good reason though, otherwise, it would be impossible to maintain the performance that they claim.
  • It’s a fairly new service and platform which might scare some people, but in today’s competitive environment you need to utilize anything that might give you an edge. The technology behind JetPage is used and trusted by Fortune 500 companies.
  • A lot of improvements are on the backlist and take some time to be implemented since it’s a small startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything better than WordPress?

There are plenty of WordPress alternatives and website builders that are better than WordPress.

The reason that a majority of people gravitate towards WordPress is that everyone else is using it.

But it’s also statistically proven that a majority of blogs and websites fail to make any type of substantial revenue, so if you’re looking for results, then it may be a good idea to NOT do what everyone else is doing.

WordPress is also a very old platform (it’s been around since 2003) and even though they are updating it, WordPress still suffers the same old issues with a high learning curve, slow websites, security issues, and plenty of other problems as well.

If you’re ready to step into the 21st century, try JetPage for a smooth and done-for-you blogging experience.

Why you should not use WordPress?

The reasons to avoid WordPress and consider an alternative website builder and WordPress alternatives are:

  • WordPress has a high learning curve
  • WordPress requires the occasional technical experience and even some basic coding
  • WordPress is out-of-the-box a horrible experience and depends on plugins to work
  • Plugins need to be managed and updated in WordPress, and you always run the risk of breaking your website when updating a plugin.
  • Security is subpar on WordPress websites, and you’re prone to receiving spam
  • Using the popular plugin and website builder Elementor slows down your site considerably
  • Outdated and slow interface to manage your blog and website
  • And the list goes on…

Who are the competitors of WordPress?

The absolute largest competitors and WordPress alternatives are Wix and Squarespace, you might have seen one of their ads or sponsored YouTube videos, they are everywhere.

There are other WordPress drag and drop website builders as well such as Weebly, Shopify, Ghost, Webflow, and Medium.

Is WordPress the best option?

WordPress is not necessarily the best option and there are other alternatives to WordPress, it depends a bit on what you are after.

If you want the absolute cheapest solution and don’t care about spending hours watching YouTube tutorials and figuring things out, then WordPress is great.

If you want the best possible chance of ranking and executing your content marketing strategy without any issues, there are way better WordPress alternatives out there, like JetPage that we have reviewed above.

If you are after a beautiful homepage to show off and build your brand authority then good drag and drop website builders like Wix and Squarespace get the job done.

Is JetPage the best WordPress alternative around?

Since JetPage is not yet that established on the market it might not be the absolute best WordPress alternative, yet!

JetPage is improving daily and I’m confident that it will be the absolute best alternative to WordPress very soon.

It’s also worth mentioning that JetPage excels at content marketing through blog posts since it’s a content management system.

If that is not the main focus of your business then you might need a different website builder that allows for more drag and drop customization of your homepage.

This would be the case for marketers looking to convert visitors through clever copywriting and driving traffic from either paid ads or social media channels.

What are the best WordPress alternatives?

Five great alternatives to WordPress are:

  1. JetPage
  2. Wiz
  3. Squarespace
  4. Ghost
  5. Medium

JetPage Summary

In summary, JetPage is the simplest website builder and blogging platform for businesses to rank higher on Google and generate more traffic.

And let’s be real here, no one in 2021 and beyond is using blogs to share ideas anymore, we have Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for that.

Blogging is entirely a business-driven engine to market your products or services to the correct customers and generate new leads organically, without having to pay for ads.

And since blogging is a business, you need a platform that has these things as the #1 priority, which makes JetPage amongst the best WordPress alternatives on the market.