If you want a tidy, functional, small workspace, a wireless monitor will give you that all-important connectivity without having cables draped everywhere.

Have you ever tried to move a wired monitor with a webcam and all its attached cables?

It’s like trying to grapple with an octopus, only worse! All the wires get tangled and twisted beyond belief. It’s not exactly a minimalist desk setup.

Every time you buy a new vertical monitor or other pieces of hardware, you have to make room for it and find a spare outlet or port.

The more wires we have all over the place, the messier our workstations become, despite many L-shaped desks having cable management systems.

If you’re fed up with tangled cables, look at my list of the top five wireless monitors and wireless adapters.

What Are The Best Wireless Computer Monitors?

These are the best wireless computer monitors you can get today.

  • Best wireless monitor for laptops – Asus ZenScreen Go
  • Best wireless monitor for content creators – Samsung M8
  • Best 4k wireless monitor adapter – Chromecast With Google TV
  • Best for wireless monitor for Macbook Pro – Samsung M50A FHD
  • Best wireless monitor adapter – Airtame 2

1. ASUS ZenScreen Go

ASUS ZenScreen Go

Best wireless monitor for laptops

Brand: Asus
Screen Resolution: 1080p
Price: Starting at $460.79

The Asus ZenScreen Go is a 15.6” portable monitor that delivers 1080p FHD quality. The slim bezel gives you as much screen surface as possible, while the anti-glare coating and blue light filter help reduce eye fatigue.

The screen is only 0.45 inches thick, so it can be slipped into any laptop bag, and the battery provides around 3.5 hours worth of use. If you need connectivity, you have two USB-C ports and an HDMI port.

Embedded 1-watt speakers provide audio, plus you can use this screen with headphones as it features a jack socket.

It’s also possible to mount this screen on a tripod for more stable viewing, plus it can be used in landscape and portrait mode.

The built-in WiFi connection allows mirroring support for Android, Chrome OS, iOS, and Windows devices.

Customers love how portable this monitor is and how simple it is to set up and use with their devices. Although it has a small screen size, users report that it is superb quality with sharp pixel-perfect images.

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2. Samsung M8

Samsung M8

Best wireless monitor for content creators

Brand: Samsung
Screen Resolution: 4K
Price: Starting at $499.99

The Samsung M8 is a beautiful, sleek design with integrated lighting to suit the room’s ambiance. Featuring 4K UHD resolution you can enjoy picture-perfect images no matter what you’re doing.

With the Work Mode function you can remotely access your PC, use Microsoft 365 and connect to Samsung or Apple mobile devices. You can connect to your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, this monitor also comes with Samsung TV Plus with loads of free content.

The magnetic camera is fully detachable so you don’t have to switch devices if you need to create content elsewhere in the home. The camera will also automatically track you as you move around and focus in so you are clear in the frame.

This smart monitor can also be a control hub for other smart objects such as light, heating, music, and blinds control and features voice control and Alexa compatibility for remote operating.

Customers rave about the abundance of features that are packed into these IPS 4K monitors and how multipurpose it is. They also think the detachable camera is really useful, particularly for content creation.

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3. Chromecast With Google TV

Chromecast With Google TV

Best 4k wireless monitor adapter

Brand: Google
Screen Resolution: 4K or HD
Price: Starting at $19.99

If you’re on a budget, an adapter can be a great way to achieve wireless connectivity with the equipment you already own. Google Chromecast is an excellent choice because it’s compatible with Android phones and tablets as well as iOS iPhone and iPads.

You can choose between 1080p or 4K image quality and use Chromecast to browse all your entertainment options in one place. Voice activated, use the device to bring up your favorite TV shows, music, and more. Or, use it to stream games, YouTube, or even your photo library.

Connect Chromecast with your smart home devices and operate via Google Nest. Plus, enjoy the benefits of Google TV as this comes with the device.

Customers report that Chromecast is reliable, fast, and responsive when operated. They like the connectivity with mobile devices and think it provides excellent visual quality.

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4. Samsung M50A FHD Smart Monitor

Samsung M50A FHD Smart Monitor

Best for wireless monitor for Macbook Pro

Brand: Samsung
Screen Resolution: FHD
Price: Starting at $249.99

Another offering from Samsung, this monitor is especially good for Mac users since it features Samsung DeX Wireless and Apple AirPlay2 Compatibility. The monitor also comes with embedded Microsoft 365 and remote access capability.

On top of that, you can install and use all your favorite apps on the monitor and operate it like a smart TV to stream content, play games, and more. Adaptive Picture technology adjusts the color ambiance for comfortable viewing no matter where you are.

This acts as a perfect gaming monitor too. Gamers will appreciate the 21:9 aspect ratio, ultrawide game view, and the 60 Hz refresh rate for fast response times.

Built-in speakers and full connectivity such as USB type-C, HDMI, etc. top off the features for this full HD monitor

Customers love how simple it is to connect to the iOS and Windows operating systems and appreciate the wide viewing angles for an immersive experience.

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5. Airtame 2

Airtame 2

Best wireless monitor adapter

Brand: Airtame
Screen Resolution: 1080p
Price: Starting at $499

If you want more than just the ability to stream content from one device to another, you should check out Airtame 2 for a fully wireless display.

This is a highly smart adapter that allows you to share from any device using Miracast, AirPlay, GoogleCast, or by using its own app, Airtime.

You can use it for full-screen mirroring or opt to share a single window and even cast to multiple screens if you like. All shared content remains secure with a PIN code connection and authentication, and it remains on the network you use.

Ultimately, this is the best adapter for your desktop computer, as there are no limitations on what you can transfer onto your screen. For extra connectivity, you have USB 3.0 and micro USB ports, plus you can purchase an additional adapter for an ethernet connection.

The Airtame 2 comes with a one-year warranty plus access to customer service.

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What to Look For In a Wireless Monitor

1. Portability

If you’re on the go often, you may want to consider purchasing a portable wireless monitor. They are small and slim, so can be placed in a laptop bag. You don’t have to carry extra wires and cables around with you.

2. Screen Resolution

If you perform work or activities requiring a high resolution, you must choose a wireless monitor with at least 1080p upwards. Better still, opt for a UHD or 4K wireless monitor, as these are better quality and will last longer.

3. Wireless Monitor or Adapter?

You can transform any screen into a workable monitor if you purchase an Apple or Microsoft wireless display adapter. This is especially useful if you already have a perfectly decent computer monitor.

However, many adapters have their limitations and are often only good for streaming content. Full adapters can be cost-prohibitive, so a wireless monitor is better.

Wireless Computer Monitor FAQs

What Are Some Reasons to Purchase a Wireless Monitor?

Wireless monitors are advantageous for several reasons:

  • It eliminates the need for excessive wires and cables for all your devices.
  • Many wireless monitors are portable and, therefore, convenient if you travel a lot.
  • If you use many different devices, a wireless monitor allows you to connect them without switching out cables.
  • Wireless monitors provide a much neater working environment.

Is A Wireless Monitor Battery Operated?

Some portable wireless monitors are battery-operated; however, most are operated via a power cord.

The term “wireless” refers to the connectivity of the monitor. It means you can connect your laptop, computer, gaming consoles, and other devices via wifi or even Bluetooth, and it eliminates the need for wires such as an HDMI cable.

How Do Wireless Computer Monitors Work?

Wireless computer monitors use wireless signals such as wifi to create a connection between the monitor and the device you wish to connect.

So, instead of connecting your laptop or another device via a cable, it connects via a wireless network. Once connected, you can use it in the same way you would use a standard monitor.