Do you want a sleek white gaming keyboard to perfectly match your white gaming desk setup? You’ll be happy to know there’s plenty to choose from.

If you want a black quiet mechanical keyboard you have a whole tonne of choice but white tends to be a rarer color. Most gaming gear is black with a bit more black plus a load of LED RGB lighting thrown in for good measure.

That’s fantastic if you like that style, but what if you want something sleeker, lighter and dare I say it – more sophisticated?

White goes with everything, it brightens up a small space and blends in perfectly with any home decor.

If you’ve invested in a beautiful white desk setup, it stands to reason that you don’t want to fill it with black gaming peripherals.

Read on to find the best white gaming keyboards that are high-quality, feature-filled and with a nice white color that both looks and feels great.

What Are The Best White Gaming Keyboards?

If you’re looking for something different to the usual black gaming gear, check out my top picks for the best white keyboards you can buy specifically for gaming.

1. Logitech G715

Logitech G715

Best overall white gaming keyboard

Brand: Logitech
Switch Type: GX
Price: Starting at $179.99

Logitech makes awesome gaming keyboards and I love this white 87 tenkeyless model. You can choose to have linear, tactile, or clicky switches and it comes complete with a nice comfy cloud palm rest.

The keyboard features gaming-grade LIGHTSPEED and Bluetooth for seamless wireless protection plus you have LIGHTSYNC with soft RGB backlighting and preloaded Play Mood animations.

The wireless connectivity means you can game anywhere especially since the battery gives you up to 25-hours of gameplay. Connect and charge via the USB-C port and included cable.

The mechanical GX switches and textured keycaps provide a gl tactile gaming experience, plus you can increase the customization and switch up the keycap color.

Customers love how versatile this keyboard is especially with the option to go wireless. They say it feels great to use and is super responsive. They also think the cloud wrist rest is a nice touch.

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2. Razer Blackwidow Lite

Razer Blackwidow Lite

Best non-RGB white gaming keyboard

Brand: Razer
Switch Type: Razer Orange mechanical switch
Price: Starting at $49.99

This TKL keyboard is super tactile but super quiet thanks to the Razer orange switch technology. Key sounds are quietened further with the O-ring sound dampeners so if you don’t like the constant clicking, this is the one for you.

The simple yet stylish design is complemented with the white LED backlight which has full brightness control as well as zoning capabilities. The keyboard also features fully programmable macro support along with Razer Hypershift for complex commands.

The build quality of this keyboard is assured through the two-year warranty and 80-million click support.

Customers love the sturdiness of this keyboard, particularly the aluminum frame. They also find the keyboard super quiet while still providing a responsive and tactile experience.

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3. Alienware AW510K

Alienware AW510K

Best low profile white gaming keyboard

Brand: Alienware
Switch Type: Cherry MX low profile red
Price: Starting at $109.99

This low profile full-size keyboard features industry-leading linear switches for low actuation force and better control. Multimedia keys let you control settings and set macros instantly.

The Cherry MX switches and floating keys architecture gives you a 100 million keystroke life cycle along with onboard memory for reliable attacks.

The fully programmable keys are backlit with AlienFX RGB, giving you full 16.8M color control. Connect your gaming mouse and other gear quickly via the USB passthrough and precision control your audio with dedicated controls.

This keyboard is fully ergonomic for comfortable PC gaming at any level.

Customers love the functionality of this keyboard and report that it provides an extremely fast and responsive gaming performance. They also love the RGB backlight and think it’s great quality for the price tag.

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4. Royal Kludge RK61

Royal Kludge RK61

Best budget white gaming keyboard

Brand: Royal Kludge
Switch Type: RK brown switches (red and blue are also available)
Price: Starting at $39.99

As far as budget keyboards go, the Royal Kludge packs a pretty decent punch. Ultra compact design with 61 keys, you can enjoy ABS Double Shot Keycaps with tactile brown optical switches.

The keyboard features a triple mode connection via Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4Ghz dongle or USB-C wired. Perfect for connecting with a gaming laptop or smartphone device.

Hot-swap PCB lets you replace 3 pins/5 pins switches freely allowing you to customize the keyboard at your leisure and the battery will let you go for up to 13-hours even with the backlight on full brightness.

The backlight is single color but you can choose from 17 dynamic settings to spice things up a bit.

Customers are amazed how good this keyboard is for the price. One Mac user says it’s also perfect for programming.

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5. Corsair K70 Mini

Corsair K70 Mini

Best for 60% mini white gaming keyboard

Brand: Corsair
Switch Type: Cherry MX Speed (Cherry MX red also available)
Price: Starting at $69.99

You get loads of features with this mini gaming keyboard. Powered by CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, your inputs are transmitted up to eight times faster than other keyboards.

This keyboard is small with a form factor of 60% so it will easily fit in the smallest gaming setups and the full RGB backlight provides up to 20-layer lighting effects.

The PBT double-shot keycaps feature silver mechanical key switches and have a super fast response time with a 1.2mm actuation distance and anti-ghosting.

Customers say this keyboard is well–worth the price and is a well built, reliable compact keyboard.

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What to Consider When Buying a White Gaming Keyboard

1. Switch Type

There are three different switch types you can get for your gaming keyboard and the one you choose essential comes down to personal preference:

  • Linear switches: These feel smooth and glide down without any tactile feedback. They’re the quietest option.
  • Tactile switches: These feature a bump midway through the key’s downward travel which registers the key’s action before it bottoms out. They allow fast actions but are noisier than linear switches.
  • Clicky switches: As the name suggests, they have a pronounced bump when pressed but are also noisy like a typewriter. Many people find this type of switch satisfying to use.

2. Keyboard Size

Gaming keyboards come in several size options. A 100% keyboard will have all 104 keys you typically find on a regular keyboard including the number pad situated to the right.

A tenkeyless or tkl keyboard (also known as 80% keyboards) has all the usual keys but minus the number pad. And, a 60% keyboard (the smallest option) has 61 keys.

3. Backlight

Zoned backlighting helps you see which keys you should be using and segments the keyboard making it more organized. However, many people find backlighting distracting and unnecessary.

Therefore, choose a white keyboard that matches your preference for having a backlight or not.

White Gaming Keyboard FAQs

Which Color Keyboard Is Best for Gaming?

The color of your keyboard has no bearing on your gameplay. The preference is entirely aesthetic. A gaming keyboard’s features are what makes it good for gaming or not.

What Keyboard Do Most Gamers Use?

Most gamers prefer a mechanical gaming keyboard because it offers a more tactile and satisfying experience. Gamers also like using 100% keyboards for the most switch options although TenKeyLess keyboards and 60% keyboards are also a popular choice.

Is a White Gaming Keyboard Worth It?

The color of a keyboard is entirely down to personal preference so a white gaming keyboard is worth it if you want gear that suits your personal taste.