Are you a gamer and want a beautiful, minimal, and sleek white gaming desk? 

Something that matches your aesthetically pleasing keyboard and mouse, all in white of course. Well, you’re in the right place!

Gaming desks are awesome, but what’s up with the fact that 99.9% of them are black?

It really feels like gaming desk manufacturers think that all gamers want a desk setup that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi film.

But try finding a sleek, minimalist gaming table that’s (gasp) white in color, and you’re usually bang out of luck. 😮‍💨

Luckily for you, I’ve scoured the internet from top to bottom, and I’ve found the best white gaming desks that look amazing and are also suitable for the most enthusiastic gamer.

 Let’s take a closer look!

What to Consider When Buying a White Gaming Desk

1. The Aesthetic

You’re likely choosing white office furniture or a gaming desk because you want it to fit in with your home’s aesthetic.

With lots of styles to choose from, take the time to pick something that has the design features you want.

Whether you want it to blend seamlessly into your home decor or make a bold statement piece, you can find a white gaming desk that fits your requirements.

2. Surface Area

The right amount of surface area is essential when choosing a gaming desk because most setups have multiple monitors, a beefy CPU, headphones, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Choose a desk that comfortably accommodates all these elements and provides ample room for you to operate everything without straining.

3. Storage Options

It is tough to find a white desk explicitly designed for gaming, so consider how you might customize it so it has all the helpful storage facilities you need for a gaming setup.

For example, adding a headphone hook, a cable management system, and even a cup holder will keep everything tidy.

Using a monitor riser will lift your monitors and provide additional space, or you could choose a desk with shelves already built in.

What Are The Best Best White Gaming Desks of 2023?

These are the best white gaming desks on the market right now.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Best for standing

Brand: Autonomous
Dimensions: L77” x D29” x H28.4” – 47”
Price: Starting at $1,199

First up is my favorite on the list, the height-adjustable SmartDesk. This ultra-modern design satisfies my minimalist tendencies and allows a versatile gaming environment.

A triple motor moves the desk from a sitting position to a standing position (from 29.4″ to 48″), and the L-shaped gaming desk gives you plenty of room for your gaming setup. 

Constructed with a solid steel frame, the weight capacity of this desk is 400 lbs, so that it can handle the heftiest gaming rigs with no effort.

Four programmable settings allow you to adapt this standing desk to your preferred positions instantly. The pieces are modular and reversible, meaning you can configure the layout to your liking.

This corner desk also features a cable tray to keep things tidy, and if you have any doubts about the quality, you’ll be reassured by the 5-year warranty.

Customers report that this desk is high-quality, sturdy, and has enough space for up to five monitors!

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2. MOTPK L-Shaped Desk

MOTPK L-Shaped Desk

Best for large setups

Brand: MOTPK
Dimensions: L48.03” x D50.98” x H29.52”
Price: Starting at $169.99

Available in a number of sizes, this large L-shaped gaming desk has everything you need for a large dual monitor desk setup.

Because there is a lot of space on the tabletop and a monitor stand, you can use more than one monitor without feeling crowded.

The stable metal frame features a decorative side strip without looking flashy, plus you have a headset hook and a cup holder to keep everything tidy.

Underneath, there’s plenty of space for your CPU unit and to stretch your legs out. The corner part of this desk is curved, adding a softer look to the overall design, while the desk’s surface has a carbon fiber effect.

I like how this desk looks like a gaming desk but still manages to appear sophisticated.

Customers say this desk is simple to assemble and stable when built. They also like the choice of sizes, so they can choose the best dimensions for their gaming rig.

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3. Xtreme Gaming Desk

Xtreme Gaming Desk

Best for LED Lights

Dimensions: W53.6” x D23.7” x H34.1”
Price: Starting at $251.99

This desk truly has everything you need for a neat and tidy gaming setup. The painted MDF and powder-coated metal frame provide a solid surface, hold up to 80 lbs, and can host multiple additional features.

You have a USB port for charging your phone, a cable management system with a grommet, a cup holder, and a headphone holder.

The monitor riser has plenty of room for two screens, while the underside of it is fitted with an RGB LED light strip. You can change the color sequence with the included remote control.

Customers find this desk easy to assemble and love the LED lights and the additional desk features.

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4. Tribesigns Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk

Best for dual monitors

Brand: Tribesigns
Dimensions: L23.62” x D55.11” x H42.12” (including shelves)
Price: Starting at $189.99

This contemporary ergonomic gaming desk from Tribesigns looks super stylish while having everything you need to game comfortably.

The desk has space-saving features such as the wide monitor shelf that can easily accommodate dual monitors leaving the desktop clear for your keyboard, gaming mouse, and other accessories. You also have an additional storage shelf above the monitor stand for extra space.

Made from E1-class particle board, this workspace is anti-scratch and durable. The metal frame is powder-coated and can handle plenty of weight while providing that all-important stability.

Customers report that this desk is straightforward to assemble, looks great, and is durable.

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5. Sawhorse Wide Desk

Sawhorse Wide Desk

Best solid wood desk

Brand: Simpli-Home
Dimensions: W60” x D24”  x H30”
Price: Starting at $309

Made from solid wood, this visually appealing desk is super reliable, sturdy, and made from sustainably sourced materials. The integrated keyboard tray is a real space-saver and has enough room for your mouse pad.

Although it’s not the largest desk, it will still handle your gaming PC and peripherals, especially since its weight capacity is a massive 330 lbs.

The sawhorse legs give this desk excellent stability and provide a handy space to store your CPU stand without it getting in the way of your gaming chair.

Customers report they are glad they spent the extra money on quality materials rather than compressed wood, and many say the desk easily accommodates two monitor setups.

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White Gaming Desk FAQs

Should I Get a White Desk for Gaming?

If your home’s aesthetic is important to you, then you should consider a white home office desk for gaming.

You may have to customize it slightly. However, the results will be worth it when you have a gaming station that looks as beautiful as it is practical.

What Type of Desk Is Best for Gaming?

No matter what color you choose, your gaming desk should have enough space to hold all of your equipment and let you use it easily. Therefore, large L-shaped desks are best for gaming.

However, if you only have a small desk space, choose one with shelves and a keyboard tray to add extra surface area without taking up more room.

Are White Gaming Desks Worth It?

The beauty of living in this modern age is that we have an endless choice of designs and colors at our fingertips. So, if you want a stunning, sleek desk specifically for gaming, a white desk is absolutely worth it.