7 Best Video Testimonial Software of 2022 (Collect Social Proof)

Jun 05, 2022
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best video testimonial software

As a business owner, you know that social proof is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. 

By collecting testimonials from your customers and publishing them on your website, you can show potential leads that you’re the real deal.

But what if you could collect testimonials and social proof in video form? That’s where video testimonial software comes in. 

In this post, I'll introduce you to the best video testimonial software services available, ranked and compared based on actual features that you need.

What Are The Best Video Testimonial Software?

There are many video testimonial software options on the market and below are my top picks:

| 1. Trust

Best Overall Video Testimonials Software

Best For: Consultants and Coaches
Price: $19/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 16%
Promotion: 14-day Free Trial

Do you want to collect and display your customer's testimonials on your website without slowing it done? useTrust.io has the solution for you!

Your customers are your best salespeople - collect and display their authentic testimonials easily by embedding them on your website.

The intuitive platform makes it easy for customers to submit their videos right from the survey.

useTrust.io is GDPR compliant so you can rest assured that your customer's data is safe.

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try Trust

  • Collect and display authentic testimonials easily and on autopilot

  • A complete video testimonials solution

  • Customers can submit their video testimonials right from the survey

  • Doesn't slow down your website when displaying video testimonials

  • Built-in eSigning contracts to stay GDPR compliant

  • Create surveys and implement star ratings easily

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Affordable video testimonials solution

Try Trust

| 2. VideoPeel

Best Easy to Use Video Testimonials Software

Best For: Growth Marketing
Price: $69/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 29%
Promotion: 30-day Free Trial

Want to add some credibility to your website or social media?

Get some honest feedback with Video Peel. This app makes it easy to capture authentic video testimonials.

Just send out a request and sit back as your customers do the work for you. Once you have your videos, easily manage the content and publish it on your websites and social media.

You can even track the performance of your videos to see which one captures the most attention.

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try VideoPeel

  • Get customer reviews and authentic video testimonials on the fly

  • Capture User Generated Content (UGC) to showcase your brand

  • Easily manage all your content in one easy to use platform

  • Request and get permission from your customers for a seamless experience

  • Publish video reviews on your website and social media

  • Track and analyze customer video testimonials and which performs the best

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • More expensive than the alternatives.

  • Growth marketers love this software.

Try VideoPeel

| 3. Testimonial

Best Large Scale Video Testimonial Collection

Best For: Enterprises
Price: $60/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 17%
Promotion: 7-Day Free Trial

Easily get testimonials from your happy customers with testimonial.to.

You can collect text and video testimonials with ease, and there's no website hosting required. Plus, you can track and promote the best-performing videos in a simple & clean dashboard.

Collect testimonials from Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, G2, YouTube, Vimeo, and more in one place.

Display your testimonials in a fantastic way called "the wall of love" while enjoying ad-free hosting.

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try Testimonial

  • Collect text and video testimonials

  • No website hosting is required, all ad-free

  • Dedicated landing pages for your business

  • Simple & clean dashboard to manage all testimonials

  • Track and promote the best-performing videos

  • Collect testimonials from Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, G2, YouTube, and Vimeo

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Simple, clean and scrapes testimonials from different sources.

Try Testimonial

| 4. VideoAsk

Best Lead Generation Software

Best For: Brands and small businesses
Price: $29/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 20%
Promotion: Free forever with limited functionality

Increase your customer trust with authentic video testimonials. 68% of online shoppers are influenced by product reviews, from friends and family. Why not include video testimonials on your site?

With VideoAsk, you can easily collect authentic video testimonials from your customers. Ask for video testimonials at the time of peak excitement by simply sharing your VideoAsk request via email or text. You can also embed your VideoAsk request on your website or blog.

Video testimonials are collected in one place, transcribed automatically, and include consent in the submission process, making the process extremely easy for both parties.

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try VideoAsk

  • Ask for video testimonials at the time of peak excitement

  • Simple sharing of your VideoAsk request

  • Embed in emails or texts, or just share the link

  • One-click response to get a testimonial

  • Collect video testimonials in the same place

  • Automatic video transcription

  • Included consent in the submission process

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Great price and professionally made service

Try VideoAsk

| 5. Vocal Video

Best High-Quality Video Testimonials

Best For: Digital Marketers and Agencies
Price: $99/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 67%!! ($33/mo)
Promotion: 14-Day Free Trial

What's the best way to show your potential customers that your product or service is the real deal? Hear it from those who have already experienced it!

With Vocal Video, you can collect, edit, and publish testimonials easily, and in super high quality.

They make it easy for you to collect, edit and publish customer testimonials in a way that is completely seamless.

When it comes to video marketing, nothing is more powerful than customer testimonials. The professional and branded videos that you can create with Vocal Video will get the voice of your customers heard loud and clear - and start seeing results for yourself!

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try Vocal Video

  • Collect edit and publish testimonials

  • Get the voice of customers heard

  • Completely seamless video production

  • Professional branded videos

  • Get back authentic videos in super high quality

  • Easily edit videos with no experience

  • Produce customer testimonial videos at scale

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Wants you to commit to the annual plan.

  • Otherwise not worth the monthly payment.

Try Vocal Video

| 6. Boast

Best Customer User Experience

Best For: Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
Price: $29/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 14%
Promotion: 14-Day Free Trial

If you're looking for a way to increase sales and build trust with your prospects, look no further than Boast.

With the all-in-one video testimonial software, you can easily capture and share customer praise.

The forms are mobile-friendly and can be easily embedded on your website, and they even have an automatic email follow-up system that makes it easy to keep track of submitted video reviews.

And if you ever need help, the customer support team is always there to assist you in every step of the way.

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try Boast

  • Amazing user and customer experience to get those testimonial videos in.

  • Easily share or embed the form on your website.

  • Automatic email follow-up and sequencing for business automation.

  • Mobile-friendly forms so customers can submit video testimonials from any device

  • Loads of form templates to get started fast

  • Great customer support

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • Simple mid-tier video testimonial service that’s great for freelancers.

Try Boast

| 7. Vidmonials

Best Remote Video recording Software

Best For: Professional Industries
Price: $59/mo paid annually
Annual Discount: No
Promotion: 15-Day Free Trial

With Vidmonials, you can get video testimonials, record feedback, and update your customers from anywhere in the world.

Vidmonials is the only platform you'll need to connect with your audience through video. The easy-to-use software makes collecting, managing, and marketing video testimonials convenient and efficient.

Plus, the interactive videos let customers get involved with your brand. Make a great impression with potential customers using Vidmonials.

| According To Reviewers & User Experience

| Why You Should Try Vidmonials

  • One platform with multiple use cases

  • Videos as a call to action

  • Connect with your audience through video

  • Collect, manage, and market video testimonials

  • Record interactive videos

  • Conveniently share videos on social media

| Compared To The Alternatives

  • No annual discount makes this product a bit pricey.

Try Vidmonials

What Is Video Testimonial Software?

Video testimonial software allows businesses to collect real video testimonials from their customers.

This type of software is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides an effective way to collect social proof. In other words, video testimonials demonstrate that your product or service is actually being used and enjoyed by real people.

Video testimonials also help to build trust and credibility with potential customers. They can help you to stand out from the competition and can be a powerful tool for increasing sales and conversions.

Video testimonials software is a great way to collect customer feedback and show potential customers that you're a credible business. There are a variety of different options available, and the best one for your business will depend on your needs and budget.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Video Testimonial Software?

There are many benefits to using video testimonial software and just some of them are increased conversions and building trust with your audience. 

But the main benefit is of course collecting social proof. When potential customers can see real testimonials from real people, it builds trust and makes them more likely to convert. Social proof is evidence that your product or service is great and people that people love it, which builds massive credibility. Social proof is everything when it comes to sales. 

Another benefit of using video testimonial software is that it increases conversions. When people can see real people talking about how great a product or service is, they're more likely to want to try it themselves.

Video testimonials are also superior to text-based testimonials, as people are more likely to believe what they see rather than what they read, it's relatable.

Video testimonials are a great way to humanize your brand and make it more relatable to your audience. Seeing real people talk about how your product has helped them can help build trust and loyalty with your customers, convincing potential customers that your product or service is worth trying.

How Does Video Testimonial Software Work?

Video testimonial software allows users to collect testimonials from customers and clients in a quick and easy way.

The software usually consists of a few simple steps. Once a customer is happy with a purchase, they can use the software to record a quick video testimonial about their experience. The customer simply follows the on-screen prompts and records their testimonial.

The customer is first asked to provide their name, email, and phone number. They are then asked to record a short video testimonial. You can then choose to either publish the video testimonial on the company website or keep it private.

The customer's information is automatically added to the company database, so they can be contacted for future marketing purposes. The video testimonial can also be used as social proof on the company website, on social media platforms, or for other marketing materials.

The software then compiles all of the customer videos into one cohesive database, which can be embedded on any website. This is an excellent way to show off the social proof and increase conversions.

How should I instruct customers to make a good video testimonial?

When it comes to getting customers to make a great video testimonial for your brand, it's all about giving them the right instructions. Here are a few tips:

First, make sure you pick a good location with plenty of natural light. You don't want your customer to be squinting or straining in order to be seen on camera. You can suggest that they sit close to a window or outside where there is little noise.

Second, remind them to speak clearly and naturally. No one wants to watch a testimonial where the customer is reading off a script or sounding unnatural, it's supposed to be an honest review of your product.

Finally, tell them to have fun! This should be a fun, positive experience for them, and they should feel excited about sharing their thoughts on your product or service. 

Things To Consider When Choosing Video Testimonial Software

| Simple and user friendly

When looking for video testimonial software, it's important to consider the simplicity and user-friendliness of the customers leaving the testimonial. Customers don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to leave a testimonial, they just want to leave a positive review about your business and go about their day. If the process is too complex, boring, or frustrating then they will just not bother with it.

It's also important that the video testimonial software is stable and doesn't crash often. Customers don't want their testimonial videos to be lost due to a software crash and have to redo the entire thing due to technical issues. 

Also, consider customer service. The best video testimonial software companies have excellent customer service that makes the entire process as seamless as possible. If you're having trouble with the software or you can't figure out how something works, they are there to help.

| On-brand web surveys

When looking for video testimonial software, it's important to consider the overall look and feel of your surveys. You want them to be on-brand and reflect your company's values and style.

Your surveys should be on-brand and reflect your company's overall look and feel. This will help to create a more cohesive experience for your customers and will make your surveys look more professional.

Choosing the right video testimonial software is essential for gathering high-quality social proof. Make sure to do your research and find a platform that fits your needs!

| Showcase testimonials

When choosing video testimonial software, it's important to consider how you want to showcase them.

Do you want to showcase customer reviews on your website?

Do you want to collect video testimonials from satisfied customers to use as social proof?

Are you looking for a video testimonial platform that can help you create and manage customer testimonials on a landing page?

You want the software to showcase your testimonials in a good way that looks great, this will help to increase the perceived confidence in your brand.

Make sure the software you choose is easy to use and can handle any number of testimonials you plan to collect.

| Ready-made templates

When looking for video testimonial software, it's important to consider if templates are available to get you up and running fast.

Templates make the process of creating videos much easier, make sure that they are high quality and will look good when repurposed in different formats such as a website, Instagram, your Shopify store, etc.

| Built-in email services

It's important to consider if the software has built-in email services. This will allow you to easily collect testimonials from your customers and send them a quick, automated thank-you email, and automate the entire process. This is a great way to show your appreciation and keep your customers happy while at the same time off-loading work from your own hands.

Some of the best video testimonial software also offer transcription services. This means that you can collect and store the testimonials in text form as well as video form, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to using them.

Make sure to consider these features when choosing video testimonial software, as they'll make your life a lot easier!

| eSigning contracts

One important feature to look for is eSigning contracts. This allows your customers to sign contracts directly on the screen without having to print anything out or mail anything in. This is a great time-saving feature that makes the process easier for both you and your customers on how their testimonials should be used.

Wrap Up

Video testimonials are growing in popularity, as they offer a more personal way to collect social proof. When done well, they can help conversions and persuade potential customers.

Video testimonials are powerful pieces of social proof necessary for any brand. That’s why it’s important to choose the right video testimonial software for your business.

The best apps in this article are the best of the best, and they can help you collect and share powerful video testimonials with the world in an easy-to-use manner, both for the customers leaving a review and for yourself.