It’s no secret that engaging videos are the future of content marketing, and with the rise of artificial intelligence and human-like avatars, generating videos has become that much easier.

With so many people watching videos on social media like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, it can be difficult to get your message across with just text (even though there are AI writing tools for that as well).

Luckily, there are a plethora of video generators available today that help you to create professional looking videos, some can even convert text to videos like a blog post!

If you’re someone that is concerned about creating videos without showing your face, then this might be a great option for you.

With that being said, I want to introduce you to the best AI video creators and explain what they do and why they’re worth checking out.

Without further ado, here they are!

What Are The Best AI Video Generators?

Skip the complicated video editing, and try an AI-powered solution instead to create professional videos in minutes.


Best realistic AI video generator

Synthesia homepage

Best For: Content marketing, YouTube, and Business
Price: $30/mo
Annual Discount: No
Promotion: Create a free ai video

Synthesia is one of the most realistic ai powered video generators on the market and once you see it in action your jaw will drop to the floor!

This video generator takes your text and turns it into professional videos in minutes.

It’s easy to use, fast, and quite affordable- making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes that need content for their marketing efforts.

Synthesia avatars

The videos that you generate look like they were created by a professional video team with a multi-million dollar studio, amazing.

Just enter your text, pick your favorite synth (the avatar that will speak for you) and Synthesia takes care of the rest.

Synthesia use case example

You can even add branding to your videos, and create your very own unique avatar.

This is what makes the ai powered video editor jaw-dropping as you can ‘replicate yourself’ as an avatar.

Synthesia case study

It’s like creating a second you and letting your synth be the one whos on camera and does the talking for you.

If you’re looking for an AI video generator that will give you amazing results, then Synthasia is definitely the way to go.

According To Reviewers

“I love that the only thing I have to do is to create text content and then just paste it in Synthesia’a video creation input, select a proper avatar and add some app screens/images if needed to finish my video. It is “really” easy.”

“I am finally able to create videos that explain directions that people will watch and follow. Having the talking head with a voice pulls people in, and before they know it, they’ve watched 10 minutes of instructions. This has already saved us so many phone calls where we usually have to explain these directions over the phone.”

“Synthesia is simple-to-use and enables the production of professional, custom videos in minutes. If needed, changes are quick and easy to make after production.”


Synthesia pricing

Synthesia is affordable and you can get started for as little as $30 per month, which will give access to all of the features that Synthesia has to offer, including over 60+ languages. 1 credit = 1 minute of video.

Why You Should Try

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • 60+ languages and 40+ avatars ready to go.
  • Create incredible and professional-looking videos.
  • No video editing experience is required.
  • Has a library of video templates, music tracks, and custom backgrounds.
  • Offers a wide range of customization options for unique videos.

Compared To The Alternatives

  • Text to video converter with an avatar that speaks for you.
  • Lacks traditional video editing features that you might be used to.

Try Synthesia and see for yourself just how insane it really is, you’ll barely believe it.


Best easy to use text to video generator

Pictory homepage

Best For: Blog posts and text to video
Price: $29/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 35%
Promotion: Free trial, create 3 videos up to 10 minutes is an ai video generator that takes your text and turns it into an AI-generated video. It’s simple to use and easy to get started, with no software download required.

You just enter your text, select a voice actor, and Pictory does the rest, creating a real video with sound effects and background music.

Pictory features

The benefits of using Pictory are many. Not only is the video quality top-notch, but you can also choose from a wide range of voices actors to give your video an extra personal touch.

And if you’re not happy with the results, Pictory offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.

According To Reviewers

“The platform makes it extremely easy to take a blog post and turn it into a video. Nearly the entire process is automated with AI, making it a breeze. A video that used to take me 3 hours to complete now takes less than 30 minutes for the same thing!”

“Fundamentally, you don’t really have to edit. Just paste in your transcript, make a few clicks and it MAGICALLY makes the video with AI voiceover! Oh and it can transcribe text FROM an uploaded video and you can edit that video by deleting words from the text!”


Pictory pricing offers a wide range of pricing options, depending on the features you need.

  • Free trial: You get to try Pictory out for 3 videos.
  • Standard: $29/month for unlimited videos in 720p video quality.
  • Premium: $59/month for unlimited videos in full-HD quality and a ton of other features.

Why You Should Try

  • Simple user interface.
  • Wide range of video customization options.
  • 6M+ licensed Shutterstock media included.
  • Affordable with unlimited videos in the plans.
  • Features such as automatic subtitles, B-roll, and more.
  • AI-based text to speech in different accents. turns your text into stunning videos with ease with its artificial intelligence engine which aids in creating video synopses, video summaries, and video stories from any text content in seconds.

Simply paste your text into the editor and get started!

Try Pictory

3. Lumen5

Best video maker with built-in text to video generator

Lumen5 homepage

Best For: Video editing with text to video functionality
Price: $79/mo
Annual Discount: Yes, Save 27%
Promotion: Free forever with basic functionality

Lumen5 is a video creation platform that uses AI and machine learning to help you create videos quickly and easily.

You can either use Lumen’s library of video clips and images or upload your own footage.

Generating videos with Lumen5 is easy, fast, and affordable as well. It also helps you to create ai videos that look professional and are high quality without needing any traditional video editing software.

According To Reviewers

“Lumen5 makes your content look like it has been professionally curated. You can take written content and make it into a video or start from scratch.”

“The text to video conversion feature of lumen5 is my favourite. I have been using lumen five from past 2 years. Lumen 5 is very easy to use and it’s amazing features makes the video making child play.”


Flexclip pricing
  • Community: Free forever with unlimited videos, watermarks, and 720p video resolution.
  • Creator: $15/month for unlimited videos without any watermarks, still 720p.
  • Premium: $79/month with 15M stock videos and photos, 1080p resolution.
  • Business: $199/month with included Shutterstock libraries and add more users.

Why You Should Try Lumen5

  • Lumen5 is a fast video creation platform that uses AI and machine learning.
  • Use it to create engaging videos quickly and easily with no video editing skills required.
  • Affordable with pricing starting at $11/month.
  • Get access to a library of high-quality video clips and images, or you can upload your own footage.
  • Lumen5 helps you to create videos that look professional and are high quality.

Lumen5 is an excellent video creation platform that can help you to create videos more quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you to create quality videos with little effort, Lumen5 is definitely the tool for you and worth trying.

Try Lumen5


Best for generating promotional videos and ads.

designs ai homepage is a video creation platform that uses AI to generate videos based on text input.

You simply input a few lines of text and the video generator will automatically create a video complete with animation, music, and professional-grade visual effects, great for promotional content and ads. lets you produce ai videos that look great with a few clicks. They also have a unique style that is sure to stand out from the competition.

The video creation process is incredibly easy and user-friendly – simply input your text and let the generator do its work.


designs ai pricing

Video creation with is very affordable.

  • Basic Plan: $29 per month
  • Pro Plan: $69 per month for more complex videos with added features like voiceovers or custom animation.


  • Great video generator for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and students who want to create promo videos without spending a fortune.
  • Create video ads, product explainers, or social media content in minutes
  • Easy-to-use interface without the need for any design skills
  • Video content looks very professional.

If you’re looking for a video generator that is professional, easy to use, and affordable, is a great choice.

With high-quality videos that stand out from the competition and prices starting at just $49, it’s hard to beat what has to offer. So why not try it?

5. InVideo

invideo homepage

InVideo is perfect for creating marketing or explainer videos quickly and easily.

The platform produces high-quality videos with a wide range of style options, so you can create the perfect video for your needs.

It takes care of all the editing and rendering for you and lets you create powerful marketing videos in minutes – without any design or video production experience needed

Plus, InVideo offers a free trial so you can test out the software before purchasing it.


invideo pricing

If you’re looking for an easy way to create video content, then InVideo has some great pricing options:

  • Free: Test it out for free with watermarks on your videos.
  • Business: $15/month with no watermarks and 60 video exports included.
  • Unlimited: $30/month with unlimited video exports.

Why InVideo?

  • Essentially a drag-and-drop video editor online
  • Full iStock media library included in all plans
  • 50+ AI-powered themes to convert text to video in 3 minutes
  • Got everything for your video needs
  • Super affordable!

InVideo is a video creation platform that is easy to use and lets you create high-quality videos quickly.

You can choose from over 50 themes that are powered by AI, and all plans include an iStock media library which is huge (1M+ premium media at your fingertips).

InVideo offers a free trial with their free plan so just try it and see if you like it, you got nothing to lose.


rephrase ai homepage is a great ai video generator because it offers personalized video campaigns that are extremely realistic.

The software can take any text and turn it into a professional video in minutes, complete with accurate lip-syncing and facial expressions.

This makes it an ideal choice for businesses who want to create engaging video content without having to hire a professional video team.

Plus, the software is extremely easy to use. You simply enter in your text, choose a template, and then let the AI do its magic.

You can even customize your video by adding music, logos, and other graphics. And if you need help getting started, Rephrase offers a wide range of tutorials and video demos that will walk you through the entire process.


rephrase ai pricing

Rephrase is affordable and available for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional video team:

  • Rephrase Studio Starter: $25 for 10 credits per month, 1 credit = 1 min video.
  • Personalized Videos Starter: $100 for 300 credits and 10 campaigns per month.
  • Personalized Expert: $500 for 2000 credits and 50 campaigns per month.


  • Easy and fast to create videos that look professional
  • Automatically create videos based on your text
  • Let the AI do all the hard work for you
  • Offers a wide variety of avatars to choose from
  • Affordable video creation
  • Used by brands such as Amazon and Microsoft is an ai video generator that can save you time and money while creating content that looks great.

The conversion process is simple – just type in your text, select a voice, and hit push a button.

The software is also affordable making it a great choice for businesses and individuals alike.


synths video homepage is a web application that helps you to create AI-generated videos from text input just like the rest on this list.

Just as with Synthesia, videos generated by synths are realistic, high quality, and can be used to create engaging YouTube videos.

The website has an easy-to-use interface with no video editing skills required, and the videos generated are very polished and realistic.


synths video pricing

Synths have a very simple pricing plan:

  • YouTube Start: $399 per month for a 10 video pack
  • Premium and customizable plan: Produce as many videos as you need, up to 100 videos per month for $3200 with YouTube thumbnails, branding and more.


  • A great video generator that turns articles into videos
  • A large library of 40+ ready to use human avatars
  • 40+ languages
  • Optimized around YouTube and uploads straight to your account
  • Lip-sync technology

If you’re looking for a video generator that can turn your articles into videos with ease, should definitely be on your try-list.

With over 40 human avatars to choose from and optimized settings for YouTube and other video hosting platforms, makes video creation simple and straightforward.

I’ts great for businesses or individuals who want to create engaging video content effortlessly.


veed io homepage is not an AI video generator, but more a video editing tool that uses AI to simplify the entire process, allowing you to create high-quality videos in minutes.

It offers a wide range of features, including video templates, music libraries, voice-over recording, and more.

What makes stand out is the comfortable one-click editing features, such as adding auto subtitles with a single click, translating webinars into text, adding soundwaves, and more.

This makes it easy for users to create professional videos without any prior video editing experience and it has some neat function, AI working for you in the background!


veed io pricing is a great video creation tool with tons of features and with a very reasonable price tag:

  • Free: Try the tool out for free with watermarks!
  • Basic: $18/month to create videos up to 25 minutes long in full-HD quality.
  • Pro: $30/month to get 4k video resolution quality with collab and branding tools.


  • Tons of video templates and a music library to choose from.
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to learn.
  • “One-click editing” is their motto.
  • Fast video rendering times.
  • High-quality resolution even on the basic plan.

If you’re looking for video creation software that offers a wide range of AI features that helps you out making video content, then is definitely worth checking out, it’s free after all!

9. Wisecut

wisecut homepage

Wisecut is a video creation platform that takes your text and turns it into a video, simply type in your text, choose a voice actor, and Wisecut will take care of the rest.

The video quality is excellent, and you can even choose to have music added to your video.

One of the best features of Wisecut is the ability to add subtitles to your video. This is great if you want to create videos for foreign markets or for people with hearing impairments.

Wisecut also offers some great editing tools, so you can tweak your video until it’s just right.


wisecut pricing

The pricing for Wisecut is super simple:

  • Basic: Free to try out with 45 minutes of video per month in 720p resolution.
  • Professional: $57/month with 300 minutes of video in full-HD quality.

Why Wisecut?

  • Easy-to-use video creation platform
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Auto cut silences and auto subtitles
  • Smart background music
  • YouTube integration
  • Subtitles auto-translation

Wisecut has a lot going for it with a ton of neat AI features like the auto cut silences and subtitles, and the YouTube integration makes Wisecut a joy to use.

It’s definitely an underdog right now compared to the competition and since it’s free to try you have nothing to lose.

10. Flexclip

Flexclip homepage

Communication is key and what better way to get your message across than with a video?

Whether you’re marketing your business, sharing a family update, or just want to have some fun, FlexClip makes video creation and editing easy. With millions of royalty-free stock media and thousands of templates at your disposal, you can create videos that are both engaging and personal.

Plus, FlexClip’s flexible and versatile features make the editing process a breeze. So go ahead and give it a try—you might just find your new favorite hobby.


Flexclip pricing

Simple and straightforward pricing:

  • Free: Try it out for free
  • Basic: $5.99/month for 720p video quality and video length up to 3 minutes.
  • Plus: $9.99/month for 1080p video quality and video length up to 10 minutes.
  • Business: $19.99/month for unlimited stock videos and video length up to 30 minutes.

Why Flexclip?

  • Easily create and edit videos with a simple tool
  • Great for creating videos for your brand, marketing, social media, family, and any other purpose
  • Try it out for free
  • They have thousands of templates
  • Make your video more engaging with diverse dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements.
  • Millions of Royalty-free Stock Media
  • Flexible and Versatile Features

You too can make professional-quality online videos with FlexClip. It’s easier than you think, with thousands of templates and millions of stock media, you can make videos that are more engaging and professional-looking than ever before.

Try FlexClip

What Are AI Video Generators?

AI video generators are software that allows you to create professional videos from text input.

They can be used to create engaging YouTube videos, marketing content, or even video presentations.

Most of these video generators have an easy-to-use interface and do not require any video editing skills.

Many also come with a wide range of features, such as built-in music libraries, voice-over recording, and video templates.

The best part is that most AI video generators are affordable and some are even free to try!

If you’re looking for an easy way to create high-quality videos, then AI video generators are the solution for you.

Why Should You Use an AI Video Generator?

Video creators know that video editing can be a daunting task.

It takes time and practice to learn the ins and outs of video software, not to mention expensive hardware and software requirements.

That’s where AI video generators come in handy!

Most video generators are easy to use and do not require any prior video editing skills.

They also come with a wide range of features and make creating content both fun and easy for anyone, without having to spend hours learning how to use complex video editing software.

What’s more, most AI video generators are super affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI generate video?

Yes! AI video generators are software that allows you to create professional videos from text input., Lumen5, and Synthesia are some of the best AI video generators that create high-quality videos quickly and easily, even realistic-looking videos! Ah, the wonders of technology!

Is Synthesia AI video free?

Unfortunately no, but the personal plan is very affordable and for $30 you get 10 credits to play around with Synthesia.

How do I make a text to video?

To convert a text, blog post or article into video simply try one of the top three AI video generators on the list above, but here they are for convenience:

  1. Synthesia
  3. Lumen5

Wrap Up

Video content is essential for any business or brand as it can be used to increase engagement on social media, drive traffic to your website, or even generate leads and sales.

However, video editing tools can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you need to crank out content on a consistent basis or have tons of blog posts/articles that you’d like to convert to videos.

These AI video generators are the best on the market right now, so give them a try, many of them have free trials as well so you might as well play around with them.

Who knows they might save you tons of time.