Are you struggling to find a decent, fully rotatable monitor for your vertical desk setup? I get you.

They can be hard to find, but you’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best vertical monitors on the market.

Vertical displays are becoming more popular, particularly for people that look at large amounts of text or do a lot of coding.

They are also ideal if you simply want to be more productive as it’s practical to have an extra vertical monitor besides your regular 5k monitor.

The problem is that most monitors have some degree of rotation or tilt, but can’t rotate fully into a stable and straight vertical position.

Anyone who has a dual monitor desk will understand the frustrations – and loss of productivity – this can cause.

No one likes viewing limited lines of text or code on a horizontal screen or having large bulky monitors that don’t fit in properly.

In this post I’ll cover what monitors are the best for a variety of use cases depending on if you’re a streamer, coder, gamer and more!

A Quick Vertical Monitor Buying Guide

1. The Screen Size

The screen size matters for a vertical setup because you need the right aspect ratio.

A 16:10 aspect ratio monitor is considered ideal for vertically mounted screens, so something around 24” – 32” will work in a vertical position.

It’s worth noting that ultrawide screens are generally unsuitable for vertical working as they’re simply too long.

2. Screen Resolution

People want vertical setups because it allows them to see more detail. And, if you’re working with detail, you need to be able to actually see it.

A poor screen resolution will only give you eye-strain, so aim for a monitor that’s at least 1080p, if not better.

3. All-Purpose Monitor

Consider what other uses you have for your monitor. Are you using it solely for one task or does it need to have multipurpose capabilities?

For example, if you plan to use it with multiple devices you may want to consider a monitor with a lot of connectivity such as USB hubs, etc.

Switching quickly and easily from horizontal to vertical can also be highly useful as are portable monitors if you move around a lot.

What Are The Best Vertical Monitors?

I’ve rounded up the best vertical monitors available on the market today. Here are my top picks for 2023.

1. Dell UltraSharp U2722D


Best vertical monitor for streaming

Brand: Dell
Screen Size: 27”
Price: Starting at $379.99

While Dell isn’t the most earth-shatteringly innovative brand, they make excellent, long-lasting hardware.

The UltraSharp is my favorite monitor with an adjustable stand because it operates smoothly and looks great.

Perfect for streaming, the monitor features an ultra-slim bezel for a crystal-clear edge-to-edge display, so you get more screen for your money.

The rich and vibrant colors shine, while the 2560×1440 pixel resolution allows you to see detail in astonishing clarity.

The UltraSharp is also perfect for dual monitor setups because you can sync the settings on your multi-monitor display and operate them as one.

The small yet sturdy base has inbuilt cable management, and you can tilt, swivel, and pivot the screen to your heart’s content.

Customers say this monitor is super clear and great for text and video content, and it’s particularly good for producing accurate color tones.

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2. Samsung SR650 Series 23.8″


Best vertical monitor for coding

Brand: Samsung
Screen Size: 23.8”
Price: Starting at $229.99

This monitor by Samsung is an exceptionally good choice for coders thanks to its flicker-free technology and advanced-eye comfort. Additionally, the eye-saver mode reduces blue light, so you can look at the screen for longer.

The screen is fully adjustable, plus you can mount it on a wall or onto mounting arms. Ideal if you work with many monitors and need to make some extra space.

The almost bezel-less screen gives you continuity across multiple screens, while the IPS panel technology ensures consistent and vibrant colors.

Customers report that the screen is clear and sharp and the swivel mechanism of the monitor is easy to operate. They also love the high-quality build of the monitor and its low price.

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3. LG UltraGear FHD IPS


Best vertical monitor for gaming

Brand: LG
Screen Size: 27”
Price: Starting at $299.99

Gamers need monitors to have a speedy response to keep up with what they’re doing. The UltraGear certainly delivers here!

Featuring a 144 Hz refresh rate and FreeSync™ Premium technology, the images move across the screen in a smooth, fluid motion.

HDR10 color brings your games to life for an immersive experience, plus the unique Black Stabilizer allows you to clearly see the gloomiest, darkest games.

The UltraGear is NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible. Throw the anti-glare coating into the mix, and you have the best gaming monitor for your sessions.

Customers rave about the quality you get for the low price and how you can easily switch from a horizontal to a vertical gaming setup.

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4. ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV


Best 24” vertical monitor

Brand: Asus
Screen Size: 24.1”
Price: Starting at $239

Alright, so this monitor is technically 24.1,” but it’s so good (multiple award-winning, in fact) it deserves a mention.

Built specifically for anyone needing accurate, rich, and vibrant color while working in portrait mode, the Asus ProArt provides all that and more.

If you’re photo editing, video editing, or any other type of editing, you’ll appreciate the extensive color-adjust parameters to obtain on-point color accuracy.

And the 75Hz refresh rate will keep your images running smoothly across the screen.

The monitor has full connectivity with HDMI ports, an earphone jack, and USB 3.0 ports, plus you can work in a fully vertical position and mount the monitor to the wall if you wish. The built-in speakers are also a nice touch.

Customers love all the specs you get with this monitor, and users of Photoshop and other graphic design programs especially appreciate it.

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5. Acer CB242Y bir


Best cheap vertical monitor

Brand: Acer
Screen Size: 23.8”
Price: Starting at $159.64

A small budget doesn’t mean you have to do without a vertical monitor setup. And this Acer CB2 computer monitor does a great job for the price.

Featuring a zero frame design for edge-to-edge viewing and BlueLightShield and Flickerless technologies, you can enjoy the full HD experience in total comfort.

The monitor comes with “Ergostand” for ergonomic viewing and has a height adjustment of 4.7”. You can swivel it to a fully vertical position in one motion.

Great for a home office setup, the monitor boasts an HDMI and VGA port, plus audio-in and audio-out with a VGA cable included.

Customers think this is the best budget monitor and provides great value for money. They love to use it for home-schooling or as an additional screen for their laptop.

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6. Samsung S80A UHD


Best vertical monitor 4K resolution

Brand: Samsung
Screen Size: 27” or 32”
Price: Starting at $469.99

If you want the glorious clarity and stunning visuals of 4K UHD, you can’t go wrong with Samsung S80A. With four times the resolution of 1080p monitors, this model is excellent for reading small text.

The screen can handle a billion-color gamut for a rich experience while reducing eye strain thanks to its eye-saver mode and blue light reduction.

The fully adjustable stand is suitable for VESA mounting, so you can place it wherever and however you like.

 The Automatic Source Switch Plus detects devices as soon as they’re connected, so there’s no need to spend time searching for the correct input.

Customers are thrilled with the vibrancy and accuracy of the colors and picture quality of this monitor.

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7. Dell UltraSharp U2422H


Best vertical monitor for Mac 

Brand: Dell
Screen Size: 24”
Price: Starting at $349.99

Another Ultrasharp offering from Dell, the U2422H, features extensive connectivity and compatibility options for your Mac peripherals.

It boasts DP, HDMI, and super-speed USB ports, as well as quick-access USB-C ports on the front of the monitor.

The display manager provides all the multitasking capabilities you need with 38 pre-set window partitions and up to five windows. Meanwhile, the screen gives you a wide viewing angle of 178/178 degrees.

Synchronize across multiple screens for a wider working experience. And enjoy the ease with which you can switch from a horizontal monitor setup to a vertical one.

Customers say this is a solid and reliable choice with plenty of connectivity options and flexibility.

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Vertical Desk Monitors FAQs

What Monitor Size Is Best for Vertical Use?

24” is widely considered the ideal size for a vertical monitor setup. However, you can go larger if you wish but the maximum monitor size should be no bigger than 32”.

Can Any Monitor Be Used Vertically?

Not all monitors are designed to be used vertically. Many models don’t possess the swivel and pivot capabilities to do so. The only way you can potentially get around using a standard monitor vertically is by mounting it to a wall.

For the most versatile option, choose a monitor that has the inbuilt capability to swivel to a vertical position.

Are Vertical Monitors Worth It?

Vertical monitors are worth it if you need to see large amounts of data in one go. For example, a vertical monitor is especially good for programmers and coders.

A vertical setup is also advantageous if you need to use multiple screens but space is at a premium. Overall, they’re a great alternative to landscape view monitor setups.