Are you searching for the best double desks for your home office? Is it high time to upgrade your computer table to fit two people adequately?

If so, you’re likely experiencing the difficulties of not having proper desk space for two. Does one of you comfortably work at the one suitable standing desk while the other sits in the living room, balancing the laptop on their knees?

If the recent pandemic taught me anything, it was how crucial it is to have a high-quality workstation at home with enough space for two.

My partner and I would constantly argue about who got the nice desk while the other was consigned to working at the kitchen table. 😮‍💨

If you resonate with this problem, allow me to show you my top five two-person workstation setups. Each is ultra-stylish and packed with the features you need to make a two-person office a joy.

What Are The Best Double Desks for Your Home Office? (Two Person Desk)

I’ve searched high and low, and these are the very best double desks that you can buy today.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Best 2 Person L Shaped Desk – SmartDesk Corner

Brand: Autonomous
Height: 29.4″ – 48″
Price: Starting at $1,199

As far as sleek, modern design goes, it doesn’t get much better than this offering from Autonomous. Ideal for a two person office, this height adjustable standing desk offers a versatile working experience.

The desk features a silent motor to raise or lower the desk and has four programmable settings for your ideal working position. This desk is modular, so you can change up the work area to fit your office space.

Every desk comes with a five-year warranty and a free cable tray.

Customer review: “Straightforward to assemble with a great design. Managed to fit five 27″ monitors on it. Easy to screw in additional devices like power bars, routers and so on. The top material is good and doesn’t feel cheap.”

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2. T Shaped Desk for Two with Storage

Harmony Collection T Shaped Desk

Best for storage – T-Shaped Desk

Brand: Harmony Collection
Dimensions: W108” x H32” x D72”
Price: Starting at $2,430

Are you looking for a contemporary double desk with a shedload of storage? Look no further! Each side of this attractive face-to-face style desk includes a two-drawer unit plus open shelving.

This is a sizeable unit and will therefore look great if you have a large space to fill. The legroom is unbeatable too!

Choose from a range of sizes and finishes to perfectly complement your home office. If you want extra storage, you can purchase additional pieces of office furniture in this style.

Created from commercial-grade laminate and backed by a five-year warranty, you can be assured this desk will stand the test of time.

Customer review: “Lovely desk, did have damage from shipping and missing pieces which were replaced and shipped quickly. Instructions were relatively easy to follow.”

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3. Tribesigns Two Person Desk

Tribesigns Two Person Desk

Best for side by side working – Tribesigns Two Person Desk

Brand: Tribesigns
Dimensions: W78.74” x H29.52” x D23.62”
Price: Starting at $279.99

This vintage rustic brown style desk looks incredibly appealing and allows two people to work comfortably side by side. The configuration of this desk is space-saving and ideal for narrow or multi-purpose rooms.

The office desk features discreet open storage shelves underneath the tabletop with enough room to store books and documents. And, you also have a handy desk divider with additional shelving.

Created from heavy-duty metal, the desk has a load capacity of 550 lbs which is plenty enough for the average user.

Customer review: “Put this together in about an hour. Easy to assemble and they give you the tools you need to put it together. It seems pretty sturdy with the metal framework and it looks great. I’d recommend this desk.”

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4. Two Person Desk with Side Storage

Harmony Collection Two Person Desk with Side Storage

Best for contemporary design – Two Person Desk

Brand: Harmony Collection
Dimensions: W144” x H30/42”” x D72”
Price: Starting at $3,440

A gorgeous contemporary T-desk is constructed from commercial-grade wood grain style laminate and will look at home in any modern setting. The metal legs provide a sturdy base, and the large desktop provides a generous workplan.

The underside of the desk has been kept clear of clutter and therefore has ample leg room for both people. The side storage features plenty of drawers and shelves to store everything you need and looks neat and tidy.

A fabric divider panel is included should you need it, and the desk comes in various sizes and finishes. The Harmony Collection double computer desk arrives with a five-year warranty so that you can be assured of the quality.

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5. Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Best budget L-shaped configuration- Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

Brand: Tribesigns
Dimensions: W39.37”(x2) x H29.52” x D23.62”
Price: Starting at $259.99

This eye-catching and versatile home office desk features numerous detachable elements so you can configure it to your preferred combo.

There is plenty of space for two people to work together in an L-shape or side-by-side configuration. Or, you can split it into two separate desks.

The metal frame is sturdy, and you can opt for a rustic brown or white finish. I find it hard to find a good-looking desk for under $300, but this one definitely ticks all the boxes for style.

Wide storage shelves give you much-needed space to keep things tidy while still providing plenty of room to stretch out your legs.

If you need more storage space, this desk has various matching items, such as cabinets and bookcases.

Customer review: “The desk is AMAZING. I love the shelves under the desk to keep too much off my desk when I’m working.The color is beautiful, and it is heavy and quite sturdy!Pretty easy to assemble, it took about an hour and a half.”

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What to Consider When Buying a Two Person Desk

Two person desks need special consideration because you need to comfortably accommodate two working spaces.

1. The Floorplan of the Room

The floor plan of your office will dictate the size and configuration of your double workstation. Therefore, you must analyze the space and determine which desk style will work best.

You need to measure the space (do it more than once for accuracy). Don’t forget to consider clearance areas for getting in and out of chairs or allowing free movement around the desk. This is all highly important if you want to be comfortable.

2. The Desk Configuration

Once you know what size space you have to fit your desk in, you must now decide which configuration works best for it. The most common ergonomic desk shapes are:

  • L-shaped computer desk
  • T-shaped 2 person computer desk
  • Side by side long desk
  • Corner computer desk
  • U-shaped desk

3. Available Storage

How much storage do you need to work efficiently? Minimalistic designs look incredibly sleek but lack adequate storage. No good if you frequently deal with paperwork and such.

Consider desks with a bookshelf, file cabinet, or cupboards if you need storage. Many desks have add-on features like monitor risers, monitor stands, and keyboard trays, giving you more surface area to store items.

Two Person Desk FAQs

Is a Two Person Desk Worth It?

Now that working from home has become mainstream, it can be hugely beneficial to install a two-person desk or study table. This is particularly true if there is more than one person in the household that works from home.

Typically, one person gets the nice desk while the other works at the kitchen table. Installing a spacious desktop for two gives you both the ideal working environment.

How Do I Set up a Home Office for 2 People?

Measure the intended office space to determine the size and configuration of the two-person computer desk you require. Remember to include clearance space for moving around and any storage requirements.

What Size Office Do I Need for Two People?

A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 50 square feet of space per person. So, you will require around 100 square feet for a two-person office.

To visualize this amount of space, a king-size bed is just over 43 square feet. Therefore, the ideal amount of space should easily accommodate two beds.