Are you looking for an honest review, and can’t choose between Clickfunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Builderall, or Groovefunnels?

Or maybe you’re paying too much for a handful of software and email marketing tools, and you need alternatives?

No matter which case, it can be a real pain to run your online business with too many tools. And the expenses add up quickly if you’ve started to grow your business.

But here’s the question: is it the right tool for you? Stay tuned to find out. Review

Systeme website

In this review, we look at this free all-inclusive funnel builder with email campaigns, sales funnels, landing pages, and marketing automation in one platform!

By the end of this review, you should be able to decide if Systeme will be an asset and help you grow your business.

Who is best for?

Systeme what you get is great for beginners and seasoned business owners alike. is perhaps the easiest tool to use compared to the competition for an overall marketing platform.

The closest that comes to mind is Kajabi which is 5 times more expensive as well! offers everything you need to manage and run a 6 figure online business with ease, as demonstrated by users with real businesses. summary

Systeme savings

When considering all of the benefits that you get in combination with the low price of, this all-in-one marketing platform becomes a nice package that’s hard to pass up.

And beginners may not fully understand the insane value this SaaS platform provides, as the alternatives cost 3-10 times as much for essentially doing the exact same thing.

That’s money saved that could go to buying ads, assets, or having content made that ultimately increases your business revenue.

Does have its kinks and flaws? Of course, no software is perfect, but since the starter plan is entirely free, you risk nothing.

After testing this software thoroughly for this review, I immediately bought the annual plan for $246 since it’s such a good deal.

Compare that to Kajabi, which costs $149 per month! pricing

Let’s do a deeper dive into the pricing in our review.

Systeme pricing

The free plan is great but of course limited to certain things, like how many sales funnels you can create, email campaigns, custom domains you can connect, and membership sites you can create.

But no feature is left out, everything is unlocked from the start which is great!

And with the free trial, it’s possible to manage one entire online business, which is crazy.

Because all you need is email automation, landing pages, a sales funnel, perhaps membership sites, and the possibility to take payments.

You’ll outgrow the free plan though, and the next step is the startup plan for $27/month which is an awesome deal.

Need webinars in your business? Then the $47/month plan is what you need. This is still way cheaper than the alternatives it’s half the price.

I have a hard time seeing that anyone would need the enterprise plan for $97 /month. Features

Sales funnels

Systeme sales funnels has a funnel builder that’s great to use, and it takes a lot of inspiration from Clickfunnels, which is arguably the best funnel builder on the market.

I’ve tested a great deal of funnel and page builders, and this one is easy to use, clean in looks, and, best of all, not slow at all.

Compared to Kartra, another all-in-one marketing software, the page builder at is blazing fast, making it a breeze to create anything.

And if you build a lot of optin pages and A/B split test pages, you’ll appreciate this feature a lot!

Creating full-on sales funnels with multiple pages and steps is also super easy, with a great overview of the whole process.

There are a ton of pre-made templates to use, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find something that fits your needs.

The page builder is drag and drop; click and see what you get, zero coding is required.

Email marketing

Systeme emails would not be complete without an email marketing feature, and they do a good job with this one as well.

You can create days’ worth of email sequences and automation. With the page builder and the built-in opt-in forms, you have everything to capture visitors’ email addresses.

I only wish that the email builder was a bit more refined and drag-and-drop like Aweber.

The email deliverability is also top-notch and you won’t have an issue with emails getting thrown into the spam folder. also has a full-on contact management system where you see who opted in, what funnel they used, if they bought anything, etc.

Marketing automation

Systeme automation

Automating your entire onboarding process is also great, and you have a ton of advanced rules and features to choose from, things as “if->when” etc.

You can add custom tags to leads, build lists depending on what actions they take, and subscribe them to a membership area.

Membership sites

Systeme courses

Want to slap on a complete membership portal as well? Well, that’s easy as well and in fact, you get one membership site even on the free plan of

Systeme recently revamped the membership portal design and it looks great.

You can set up courses in writing and with videos, and the videos are hosted on as well, or just link to unlisted YouTube videos for ease of use.

Affiliate program

Systeme affiliates

Want to run your own affiliate program for your courses and digital products? That’s also a feature inside that you have had from day one.

Set up your affiliate program structure, how much commissions they get for each sale, and manage affiliate links all inside

Evergreen webinars

If you’re a heavy user of webinars then you’ll have to upgrade to the webinar plan for $47 /month in total.

It’s a great feature to have and ties in nicely with the sales pages, optins, email marketing, and eventually, the sales pages. Pros.

  • All of the essential marketing tools are in one place.
  • Worth the investment compared to the competition.
  • Great customer service and support.
  • An active community ready to help out.
  • Constantly improving the platform.
  • No major technical issues; everything just works.
  • Streamlined and minimal design.
  • Built-in analytics and affiliate program. Cons.

  • Not as polished and “high-end” as Kajabi.
  • Has no mobile app for the membership site.
  • Need some small user experience improvements. Alternatives

No honest review would be complete without comparing alternatives.

If you’re still unsure whether or not is right for you, below are some of the top contenders:


The big brother of, both in quality, features, popularity, and price ($149 /month). Kajabi has been around for years, refined its platform, and even has a mobile app for members wanting to consume courses on the fly.


Another all-in-one marketing platform that is somewhere between and Kajabi for $99 /month. Kartra has insane amounts of automation and rules, and it’s true for the most advanced marketers out there. What I don’t like is that the page builder is super slow.


Hugely popular sales funnel builder, Clickfunnels is the hyped marketing automation on everyone’s list. But they lack certain features, like email marketing, which you’ll have to pay extra for each month.


Builderall is slightly pricier than, but the tools inside are a mess. Each tool is almost like a standalone application, which defeats the purpose of using one platform to streamline your workflow.


Honestly, don’t bother with this one as there are better alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

What is Systeme io? is an online business marketing platform to generate leads, manage customers, send emails, manage your own affiliate program, and sell digital products using only one platform.

This greatly eliminates the need for a ton of different tools and having to integrate all of them, often creating unnecessary tech problems and headaches.

You also save on monthly expenses as it becomes way cheaper to pay for one service than, let’s say, 6 different ones.

Is Systeme io good? is excellent for beginners, small business owners, and seasoned marketers alike looking to streamline their business, save on expenses, and just make life that much easier.

How does Systeme io work? works as a lead generation and marketing platform for converting visitors into sales.

It’s done by creating a sales funnel with an optin form, sending emails through email marketing, driving them to a sales page, and making the sale.

Is Systeme io free? is 100% free and the free plan has essentially everything you need to launch your online business with sales pages, funnels, email marketing, selling products, and even membership sites.

The free plan is limited in how many of each feature you can use at the same time, but the upgrade is worth it as the price is cheap compared to the competition.

Is Clickfunnels easy to use?

Clickfunnels is easy to use and the best funnel builder on the market. With that being said, they lack other features that essentially force you to use other services as well.

How much is Clickfunnels monthly?

Clickfunnels starts out at $97, but the price climbs fast up to $297, maxing out at an insane price of $2497 per month, and they’ll upsell you hard inside the platform.

Watch my demo of

– Video transcript below –

If you want to run your entire online business with fewer tools and cheaper costs will do that for you, and you don’t even have to pay.

Very few platforms let you build an entire online business ecosystem that can generate cash flow entirely for free, and most are either incomplete or have way too many scammy upsells inside just to suck out some more cash out of your wallet.

Except for it seems and even if you already have a booming business right now, you will still pay way less than the big-name competitors like Kajabi, for example.

I came across this platform from word of mouth. And it seems to be a bit of a well-kept secret online.

It’s growing fast with tons of users running their online business with smooth operation.

Systeme homepage

And honestly, if you are not using it, and if you’re just not trying it out for five minutes, you’re missing out.

In this review, I will go through my own experience, giving you an overview of the platform, how it works, the good, the bad, and what could be improved.

All right, so before I show you the insights and back end in this review, I just want to go briefly over our trusted Trustpilot.

They have 76 reviews, as of now with a 4.6 average rating, which is an excellent score.

I’m going over to the Facebook group as well; the CEO of Systeme is often there helping people out, looking at feedback, and also coming up with suggestions on what they will improve in the future.

So, it’s a very active, very helpful community on Facebook. If you want to talk to people, I suggest that you go over there with any questions that you might have.

Systeme facebook group

Now over to our review, we will sign in to the backend. It’s pretty simple. It’s pretty clean.

As you can see, everything is unlocked from the start, we have our contacts, which is the CRM, where people will come in and you can manage your contacts.

You have funnels and landing pages that you can build, you have emails and campaigns that you can create, you have blogs and websites, and you have automation for workflows and rules.

So the automation will be email automation. You can create courses, and transactions, set up coupons, and stuff like that. So it’s pretty much a complete system.

And you have a tab over here which is to upgrade your account. So we can just go quickly over what it is.

So it’s a free account. So you get 1000 contacts, you can create three sales funnels, one blog and one membership area, one workflow, and one email campaign.

Systeme pricing details

Honestly, I will say that everything that is inside of this free plan is enough to create an online system that you can sell a product on, you can even create a course and sell it and everything is for free up to 1000 contacts and then you might need to upgrade.

But honestly, they are pretty cheap as well. So I mean, it’s almost like you want to give them your money because they just offer so much value, and there are no upsells!

And they’re not bragging about this software or hyping it up. They’re more undercover just working on it, creating it, and making it better over time.

Now just the point that I want to mention is that is kinda new.

I mean, it didn’t launch yesterday, the Facebook group launched around 2018 I think so they’ve been around for a while.

And even before that, they were working on this tool, this platform so you can expect that it’s not so well established and has a track record like Kajabi, which has been around for forever, where they have refined the entire online business platform to a degree that makes them top-notch.

So let’s go and just create a landing page. So I can show you how it looks and how it works. So I’ll just create the landing page I made before.

And we’ll create a new landing page to build an audience and collect an email address, we’ll give it a name, test, and create.

And here you get several steps that you can create a squeeze page, a thank you page, you have a bunch of templates to choose from, and they are beautiful, you can click Preview to preview a template just like that.

Select to work with it, give it a name, give it a URL path, and you can save it, preview it, and edit it. So we’ll go in and edit. And if you are experienced with Clickfunnels, the whole thing and the way it behaves are very similar.

Systeme landing page

You can just click on stuff and remove them, reorganize them, enter a video, which is a YouTube video, or perhaps just change the text. Super simple.

And the beauty of having everything in one platform is that for example, this opt-in form is here for emails to collect, and at the bottom, you can just click on it to go and send a form.

So when someone opts into this landing page, you collect their email, and they will come into the contact area for you later can set them up into an automation funnel.

And that’s where automation and workflows come in. When you create a workflow, and you create emails, you can say that they came from this specific landing page as an initiation trigger. And then you can start sending emails.

And even if you want to slap on a blog, besides everything, you can have a blog up and running with a homepage. And it’s just as simple to edit as any landing page that you just saw.

Systeme use case

And here I even integrated a column layout, which is a row HTML section, it’s entirely drag and drop.

They even have exit-intent pop-ups which can be quite frustrating to set up on a WordPress website, because you have to use a separate plugin and pay for it as well.

So here you have pop-ups, you can set it to open automatically, but  I will don’t recommend that, go for “open on exit intent”.

When I was testing out this specific tool, I ran in on just one issue. Once when I tried to open up the editor nothing was loading, it was just a blank screen. So that’s something that you might need to take into consideration that they may do some kind of maintenance, but it was up and running after like 30 minutes. is more reminiscent of Kajabi in form of cleanliness but at a fraction of the cost. The downside of course is that they are a newer company, which means that they might have some hiccups along the way.

But just a simple jump into the Facebook group asking for help or sending a support ticket and they are on it immediately to help you out. And it’s kind of personalized as well.

So generally, I like this tool, there are some things that I feel they could improve for emails, for example, the emails and automation tab, I feel like they could just combine into one because it might confuse people.

I see the power with having campaigns that you craft and set up emails like this, it’s kind of manual, but it goes faster as well, instead of just working in the automation.

And in the workflows, I feel like this visual style is much better to work with.

And it reminds me very much of Aweber. But they should really add quick functions on the side as Aweber has, so you can just drag in stuff really quickly, instead of just clicking the plus button.

Systeme use case emails

So we’ve covered so far in this review, the perks, the main benefits, and the main benefit, of course, is the pricing! It’s so much cheaper compared to other similar platforms, even if you go for the webinar plan where you get evergreen webinars which will cost you 47 bucks per month (it’s CHEAP).

So overall in this review, I would say that it’s great but it needs some small improvements, and they are on it!

It’s free to try out, and I will suggest you sign up for an account and just try it out for yourself to see what I mean.

And if you love it, you will just give them your money because yeah, they’re great. Thanks for reading my review!