If you already have a good desk, a height-adjustable standing desk converter is a great way to change up your workspace and make it more comfortable.

Sitting down for long periods is detrimental to our health, and the average person spends at least six hours a day sitting at a desk or in a cubicle. That’s a long time.

Before I switched to using an ergonomic standing desk for my home office, I found myself looking for excuses to get up and step away from the desk.

“Just another coffee,” or, “I think I’ll deal with the laundry now.” Trust me; I’d rather be working than doing laundry.

If all of this sounds familiar to you, allow me to show you five of the best standing desk converters on the market today.

Each has its unique features to make them stand out. I’ll cover them all in detail so you can easily determine which type is right for you.

What Are The Best Standing Desk Converters of 2023?

These are the best standing desk converters that work great and look aesthetically pleasing.

1. FENGE Standing Desk Converter

FENGE Standing Desk Converter

Best overall desk converter – FENGE Standing Desk Converter

Brand: Fenge
Height: 4.3”-19.8”
Price: Starting at $109

A generous 32-inch work surface is what makes this desk riser shine. You have space not only for your monitor but a laptop too, or, if you prefer, ample room for a dual monitor setup.

The two-level design also has a keyboard tray with enough space to stand and use the mouse. Plus, there is an integrated slot to hold a phone or tablet.

Available in three colors, the sturdy metal frame has a 33 lbs of weight limit. All you do is squeeze a small handle to adjust the height range to your liking. A protective pad keeps your desk from getting scratched or damaged.

So you can be assured of the quality of this desk riser, the product comes with a one-year money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

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2. Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Best wood desk converter – Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Brand: Fully
Height: 5.9” to 19.7”
Price: Starting at $239.20

Many people love the look of wood, but these types of desk converters tend to look kinda ugly.

If you want something more of an aesthetic desk setup, then this offering from Fully gives you the attractiveness of a wooden worktop but with the versatility and stability of a metal frame.

With two available sizes, you can find exactly the right fit for you, plus you can choose between an eco-friendly bamboo (my favorite) or black MDF table top.

The weight capacity is 35 lbs and will easily accommodate a single monitor plus a laptop. The separate keyboard tray comes with both the small and large standing desk risers and provides plenty of surface area to work on.

The gas-spring lifting mechanism is easily operated with one hand. Simply press the handle to raise the desktop converter to the desired height.

Customers are thrilled at how attractive the bamboo work surface is and how easy it is to operate the lifting mechanism. They feel it’s a worthwhile addition to their existing desks.

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3. Cora Standing Desk Converter

Cora Standing Desk Converter

Best minimalist design- Cora Standing Desk Converter

Brand: Fully
Height: 1.3″–15.7″
Price: Starting at $143.20

Small minimalist designs are all the rage right now, and this laptop stand from Cora satisfies those who love this aesthetic. Available in black or white, the streamlined tabletop comfortably accommodates a laptop or tablet.

The converter is made of water-resistant laminate and has an aluminum base. It is very light but can hold up to 22 pounds of gear.

You can easily change the height of the converter by pressing two small buttons on either side. It can also be stored completely flat.

This makes it the best portable sit-stand desk converter, so if you work away from home a lot, the Cora is super convenient.

Customers appreciate the laptop stand’s simplicity and build quality. Some also report that it can easily hold a dual monitor setup too. They also appreciate how portable it is and having the ability to change working environments.

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4. VariDesk® Pro Plus™

VariDesk Pro Plus

Best dual monitor desk converter – VariDesk® Pro Plus™

Brand: Vari
Height: 4.5” to 17.5”
Price: Starting at $403.75

While most desk computer desk converters on this list will manage a dual monitor setup, the extra-wide surface of the VariDesk gives you the right amount of space to manage all your equipment.

I particularly like how the keyboard tray has extra room at the sides to rest your arms while easily accommodating a full-size keyboard and mouse pad. The tray curves inward, allowing you to adopt a comfortable standing position and alleviating back pain.

Available in black or white, the desk is of commercial-grade quality with a steel base for added stability. The lifting mechanism is spring assisted and gives you 11 different height settings, which are operated with a dual handle.

Customers love that you can use this product right out of the box—no assembly required. They also say that the mechanism is easy to use and is good for people who have arthritis.

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5. Versadesk Power Pro

Versadesk Power Pro

Best electric – Versadesk Power Pro

Brand: Versadesk
Height: Up to 20”
Price: Starting at $479

The Versadesk electric standing desk converter has it all. Button-operated, the motor adjusts the desk’s height up to 20” and has a USB charging port included.

Available in several colors and sizes, you can match it perfectly to your personal taste and requirements. The high-density fiberboard monitor mount and keyboard tray can manage a huge 80 lbs of weight and is scratch and dirt-resistant.

Three grommets give you perfect cable management, while the felt pads protect your existing desk space. If you want extra space, Versadesk has a range of add-on options, such as a single or dual monitor arm.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to buy another desk converter again!

Customers are satisfied with the electric mechanism and the high-quality build of this converter. They also appreciate the variety of finishes and sizes available.

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What to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Converter

1. The Size of the Converter

For the perfect sit-stand workstation, you must choose a converter that is large enough to hold all your equipment.

If you only use a laptop, you can buy a smaller portable model, while desktops require more space and possibly a separate keyboard tray.

2. How Much Weight it Can Hold

Keep in mind that your current desk can accommodate a lot more weight than a converter, so consider this before you buy one. I always recommend weighing your equipment so you know exactly how much weight your new desk converter must handle.

3. The Available Height Settings

We’re all different shapes and sizes, so to achieve the most health benefits from an adjustable sit/stand converter, you must ensure it can be moved to the best height for you.

Shorter people can get away with a riser that has less range, while taller people will benefit most from a higher uplift desk converter.

Dual Monitor Standing Desk FAQs

Can You Convert a Regular Desk to a Standing Desk?

With a standing desk converter, you can turn a regular desk into a standing desk. Converters hold all your equipment and are height adjustable, allowing you to switch between a seated and standing working position.

How Tall Should a Standing Desk Converter Be?

With a desk converter that can rise to at least 15″, most people will be able to work comfortably standing. Taller people may want to look at models that have a higher height limit so they can stand straight up and not find themselves stooping.

How Many Hours Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

It is recommended to take a break from your office chair and switch to a standing position for at least 5–15 minutes out of every hour, for a total of two hours out of every eight-hour workday.