If you’ve recently invested in a standing desk, then you’re likely looking for an ergonomic chair to go with it!​​

This begs the question, what are the best standing desk chairs you can buy right now?

L shaped standing desks are awesome because they allow you to stand up and stretch those muscles without pausing your work day.

But, what many people forget is that a supportive chair is just as crucial as the desk itself, as standing up all day isn’t particularly good for you either.

The body needs to move and change positions often and being locked into a static position for hours on end is not what our bodies are made for.

I found this out the hard way. I invested in a beautiful sit-stand desk but didn’t think to invest in a good office chair, and continued to rock with the old Ikea stool for months. 😮‍💨

old ikea stool

Before long, I was so uncomfortable I was either standing all day which was exhausting, or I was finding reasons and ways to avoid my awesome desk setup altogether.

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a premium home office chair, and it was an amazing feeling of relief. 😊

I love my new chair, and I look forward to keeping building my desk setup, next will be a monitor riser.

If your current chair looks sad and desperately needs replacing, here are my top picks for the best office chairs to go with your standing desk. 👇

What to Look For In a Standing Desk Chair

1. Do You Want a Stool or Chair?

Both stools and chairs offer individual benefits that could influence your purchase.

An ergonomic desk chair provides adjustable back support, can usually recline, and typically accommodates every body type as they have larger weight capacities.

On the other hand a stool keeps muscles engaged for a more dynamic sitting experience. They tend to have more of a height range and take up far less space than a chair.

2. What is the Height Range?

If you have a standing desk then the height range of your chair matters. If you want to sit at your desk while standing, you need to choose a chair for your workspace with a wide height range.

Also, if you’re tall, you will be far more comfortable if you can adjust your chair to a height that provides you with the right sitting position.

3. How Comfortable is it?

Some office furniture looks great but is wildly uncomfortable and chairs are no exception. You want to be comfy while you work so pick a chair that provides lower back support, is adjustable and is breathable.

The area you sit on should be cushioned or created from mesh so your rear end doesn’t become numb or uncomfortable.

What Are The Best Standing Desk Chairs?

1. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

Best ergonomic standing desk chair – ErgoChair Pro

Brand: Autonomous
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Price: Starting at $379

Ergonomic office chairs don’t get much better than the ErgoChair Pro. The eye-catching design is available in a range of colors, features a breathable mesh and is fully adjustable.

This is the one I personally use and I can’t get enough of it.

ErgoChair Pro in white

You can move the headrest, armrest, and backrest and adjust the seat tilt until you find the ideal position. And for ultimate comfort, the chair can also be reclined to five lockable positions.

The curved high back design gives you full lumbar support and helps combat lower back pain. Crucial when sitting for long periods.

This chair is created from 100% earth-friendly materials making it a sustainable option. And, it comes with a two-year warranty, so you can be assured it’s a high-quality item.

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2. ErgoStool


Best sit/stand stool

Brand: Autonomous
Weight Capacity: 270 lbs
Price: Starting at $139

If you prefer to keep your desk in a high position, a standing desk stool stool is a great way to get some relief from standing.

The ErgoStool is a wobble stool that has been specifically designed to help strengthen core and back muscles.

The ergonomic sloped seat and weighted base allow for dynamic movement giving you a wide range of motion without having to stand. This means you can sit and relax yet still keep and active seat with your muscles engaged.

The base of the stool features non-slip grips, so you have great traction on any surface.

The stool has an adjustable height range of ten inches, so you can use this stool with a regular office desk too. The height varier is quickly and smoothly operated by pressing the lever on the underside of the seat.

Like all Autonomous chairs, the ErgoStool comes with a two-year warranty.

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3. Hylone Drafting Chair

Hylone Drafting Chair

Best tall office chair for standing desk

Brand: Hylone
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Price: Starting at $189.99

If you want a little more support than a stool, a tall office chair is a great solution.

The Hylone Drafting swivel chair is available in three colors and features a height-adjustable footrest and padded seat.

The chair is fitted with a BIFMA-Tested gas lift and tilt-tension mechanism, which gives full adjustable height and seat tilt capabilities.

If you want to move closer to the desk, the flip up arms give you more space, while the waterfall-edge seat cushion promotes blood flow to the legs.

This fully ergonomic mesh back drafting chair has a height range of eight inches, so you can use it with your desk in the standing or seated height positions.

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4. Finercrafts The Office Chair

Finercrafts The Office Chair

Best standing desk chair with back and footrest

Brand: Finercrafts
Weight capacity: 280 lbs
Price: Starting at $289

If you take long calls or meetings, it can be a relief to stretch out and relax while doing so. This chair from Finercrafts gives you the ultimate in comfort thanks to its retractable leg rest and adjustable headrest.

Easy to assemble, the ergonomic design of the chair follows the natural curve of your spine and features built-in lumbar support. With the fully reclinable mesh back, you can stretch all the way out – especially if you use the leg rest – and have a power nap!

The chair is constructed from durable materials, plus you get a five-year warranty. I personally think this design makes an excellent gaming chair too.

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5. Capsico Chair

Capsico Chair

Best adjustable standing desk chair

Brand: Hag
Weight capacity: 249 lbs
Price: Starting at $1,325

This high-end office chair is available in a range of upholstery colors and has been inspired by the form and movement of the body.

The clever shape of the backrest allows you to adopt a good posture in a variety of ways. The design allows for active sitting frontways, backward, or sideways in a comfortable upright position for long hours without feeling fatigued.

The sit-stand chair has a generously sized foam seat while looking sleek and minimal. Plus, the adjustable seat height allows you to work at a regular or standing desk.

The seat has smooth rolling casters for dynamic movement when working from home. All Hag chairs come with a five-year warranty.

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Standing Desk Chair FAQs

Is a Standing Desk Chair Worth It?

Standing desks give you more flexibility while working and a standing desk chair should do the same.

If you can change up your working position and remain comfortable and focused throughout the day then a standing desk chair is absolutely worth it.

Should You Get a Chair for a Standing Desk?

A chair that’s been specifically made for a standing desk allows you to sit or stand without having to adjust the height of the desk.

If you have been standing and need a rest, you can simply adopt a sitting position without interrupting your workday.

How Important is a Standing Desk Chair?

A standing desk chair is essential if you want to maintain good back health and posture.

The best ergonomic office chairs will provide adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrests and other supportive elements to help you maintain an optimal seated position.

This will help minimize lower, mid, and upper back pain, relieve neck tension and help combat fatigue.