We all need a little help with our writing from time to time, and I’ve heard good stuff about Quillbot. But is it up to the job? 

I’ve thoroughly tested the software to bring you my comprehensive Quillbot Grammar Checker review.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and AI writers, we now have grammar checking technology to make our jobs faster, better, and more efficient.

But are they all they’re cracked up to be?

It’s true, we’ve come a long way from Microsoft Word spell checker and proofreading services.

However, grammar check tools have a reputation of being unreliable and coming up with some interesting takes on sentences.

My experience is they’re also quite keen to suck the personality out of your writing so you end up with a dry, boring piece albeit grammatically correct.

I’ve been using tools to improve my English grammar for quite some time and have experienced the frustration of having a perfectly good sentence transformed into gibberish.

Every time a new tool comes out, I like to give it a try so when I heard about Quillbot.com and all its fancy and exciting tools, I decided to give it a whirl.

In this article I’ve covered the good, the bad, the ugly, and the brilliant so you can decide if Quillbot is the one for you.

Quillbot Grammar Checker Review at a Glance👇

quillbot dashboard

Quillbot came to be in 2017 and is an AI-based tool that uses machine learning to perform several tasks that help you to improve your writing skills and fix grammar errors.

The tool is free to use on a limited basis or you can upgrade to Quillbot Pro to enjoy all available features.

The tool is primarily a web-based application but you can add the Quillbot extension and also use it in MS Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs.

Quillbot must be used while online and does not have offline capabilities.

The chief reason you use Quillbot is to correct punctuation errors, spelling errors and grammatical typos. But, the tool also features a number of other useful writing assistance tools.

Quillbot is comprehensive and will help you:

  • Correct and fix grammatical errors
  • Create more succinct and to-the-point paragraphs using the paraphrasing tool
  • Be certain you’re not accidentally stealing someone else’s work thanks to the plagiarism checker
  • Use the summarizer tool to reduce lengthy paragraphs
  • Use the citation generator to automatically give credit to any outside sources used in your work

So, now we know what Quillbot does, let’s see how it performs. I’m going to take a deeper dive into some of its top features.

Outstanding Features & Recent Updates

Quillbot is known to have a more comprehensive range of tools than other grammar checkers and is largely touted as being more accurate and “human-like” without altering your writing style too much.

Quillbot Grammar Paraphrase

quillbot paraphraser

If you have a tendency to waffle on, you’ll find the paraphrase tool valuable. With a single click, the powerful AI removes complicated language, changes the sentence structure and inserts synonyms.

Quillbot occasionally misses the mark here but in most cases the result is a concise yet engaging paragraph.

This tool is especially useful if you want to take an article and reduce the word count down for snippets, social media posts, and other short-form content.

Quillbot Summarizer

quillbot summarizer

The summarizer tool is perfect for professional writers or marketers that require a summary of a larger piece of work. For example, it’s great for producing SEO summaries and meta descriptions for search results pages.

Or, if you write academic and research papers, you can use the summary tool to create a concise overview of the topic.

Here in the image you can see I took the first few paragraphs of Alice in Wonderland. Quillbot did a pretty decent job of summarizing the content into one short paragraph.

Quillbot Co-Writer

quillbot cowriter

To save you from switching between tools and interrupting your workflow, you can use the co-writer and have all the tools at your disposal at once.

Whether you need a thesaurus, error checker, summarizer, or paraphraser. The co-writer acts as your automatic writing assistance and performs all of these tasks as you write.

Rather than having to manually go through your writing once it’s finished, the co-writer does it in real-time.

My Experience Using Quillbot Grammar Checker

Quillbot’s grammar checker is pretty on-point. It corrected my writing in real-time and quickly notified me of any spelling and grammar errors. I found that it kept the personality in my writing—something that other grammar checkers love to remove.

The paraphraser is neat and does a good job of reducing sentence fluff. This is super important if you’re a content writer. However, this tool is restricted on the free plan, so if you want to use it, you’ll have to upgrade.

The co-writer tool is fantastic since it functions as a full writing assistant and combines all of Quillbot’s tools at once.

But it’s buggy, and I had to reload the page several times for it to work. Additionally, I had to keep verifying that I was “human” (I’m pretty sure that I am!) which got annoying.

Overall, I think this does a much better job than other grammar tools but there are some functionality issues that need ironing out.

Quillbot Grammar Checker Reviews

quillbot reviews

(Source: Capterra)

Reviewers feel that this is a superior writing assistant that manages to correct and paraphrase work while keeping the essence and personality of the writer.

However, customers don’t like having to upgrade to use the paraphrase tool fully and find that sometimes it removes the context of the paragraph.

How To Get Started With Quillbot Grammar Checker

Quillbot is ultra easy to get started with. All I did was sign in with my Gmail account details and I was away. You can choose to add a password if you like but it’s not necessary.

quillbot chrome extension

To use Quillbot in Chrome, Google, or Word, you just need to add the extension and it’ll function inside these applications.

Quillbot Grammar Checker Pricing

quillbot pricing
  • Quillbot Free Plan: Limited features and modes, no plagiarism checker
  • Quillbot Premium Plan with full features and tools:
    • $19/95/mo
    • $13.33/mo billed every six months
    • $8.33/mo billed annually

The premium plan has a three-day money-back guarantee.

My Take On Quillbot Grammar Checker: Should You Buy It?

If you need a grammar checker then I feel that you can’t do much better than Quillbot.

It has way more tools and features than other grammar checkers and generally catches more grammar mistakes than other writing tools.

While its free version is somewhat limited, the premium version is excellent and cheaper than its main competitors.

Ultimately, I say go for it. Despite the occasional bug, it’s a great all in one writing tool that will save time and reduce proofreading requirements.

Quillbot Grammar Checker Alternatives

Of course, Quillbot is not the only grammar tool out there. Here are some alternatives you may want to consider.


quillbot alternative spinbot

Spinbot is a 100% free tool that spins up to 10,000 characters in one go. The result is a grammatically accurate fresh take on your words. The tool also features a paraphrase option that can deal with long and short form text.

The fact that it’s free is a bonus, however, it’s definitely not as advanced as Quillbot and the tool came up with some weird and wonderful sentences when used.

I did find it useful for finding alternative words and phrases to pep up my writing and it’s kinda fun to see what it comes up with.

ProWriting Aid

quillbot alternative prowritingaid

ProWriting Aid is a full grammar checker and writing aid that allows you to set a tonne of parameters to get your writing exactly how you want it.

It’ll provide you with alternative sentences to improve readability and suggest styles to add impact. There are also loads of in app tutorials, videos and quizzes to improve your skills.

While it’s certainly a highly useful tool, it’s a little complex for beginners and most features are only available on the paid plan although at $10/mo it’s affordable.


quillbot alternative linguix

Linguix has some nifty tools up its sleeve. I particularly like the ability to create style guides so you can write according to your client’s tone and preferences while avoiding corporate clichés.

The tool can also integrate with millions of apps in Android and iOS and the tool is built for enterprise and can handle on-premise installations and training.

There is a basic free plan for individuals, paid plans can be had for $5/mo+.

If you’re a corporate or business copywriter, this is a really useful app to have on hand.

Grammarly Vs. Quillbot

quillbot alternative grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checkers available. In fact, most content writing companies use it so it’s become somewhat of an industry-standard.

Personally, I’m not sure why.

Remember I said that writing tools tend to suck the personality out of writing. Well, I was talking about Grammarly (mostly) when I said that.

First of all, Grammarly does an excellent job of fixing grammatical errors and does make reasonably decent suggestions for improving your sentences. But, the app does do a few things that I really can’t stand. Notably:

  • Corrects your sentence then decides its own sentence is incorrect and you get stuck in an infinite correction loop.
  • It absolutely hates passive language even if it makes sense for the writing in question
  • The Grammarly extension constantly crashes
  • The free version is super limited and stuffed full of advertising
  • There’s no paraphrase or summarization tool

Overall, I feel that Quillbot is superior and certainly cheaper than Grammarly Premium. While it doesn’t have as many integrations as Grammarly and has its own bugs, it is more stable and performs better.

Quillbot also catches more errors,  keeps the life and personality in your writing and has a whole bunch of extra tools and features.

If I’m forced to decide between the two? I hands down choose Quillbot every time.

Quillbot Grammar Checker FAQs

Is Quillbot Grammar Checker Accurate?

Quillbot is very accurate when correcting grammatical errors and mistakes.

The paraphrase and summarize tool can be less accurate especially when converting a large volume of text. However, most of the time it does a good job.

Is Quillbot Grammar Checker Good?

Quillbot has an extensive and effective range of features to improve your writing and alter it for different purposes. The features perform well and the tool is especially good at catching spelling and grammar issues.

Is Quillbot Safe?

Quillbot is a reliable and safe tool to use to improve your writing. It’s not always 100% accurate though so be sure to check your writing after you’ve used Quillbot.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Quillbot is a tool for enhancing your own work. It is not designed to do the work for you.

Is Quillbot Worth It?

If you write professionally, Quillbot it a valuable and useful tool for aiding your work.

When compared with other writing tools, Quillbot has better, cutting-edge features to help you write better, faster and more creatively.

Does Quillbot Work for Turnitin?

Quillbot’s paraphrase tool is not designed to spin someone else’s work in order to pass it off as your own writing.

Turnitin is a powerful plagiarizing checker and its AI understands how to recognize spun content.

In short, don’t do it.