You love gaming on your 5k monitor but the loud clicking of the keyboard is driving everyone else insane. Time to switch to using a quiet mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards give you that tactile feedback and satisfaction of knowing the key has been pressed. They’re super clicky though and really loud.

If you have to work or game in the same area as other people, you’re no doubt making yourself extremely unpopular with all the noise you’re making.

And if you’re gaming with a microphone or working it will be a distracting noise for your mates.

I invested in a silent mechanical keyboard so that I get that nice tactile keystroke without others nagging me to death.

Let’s discover the best quiet mechanical keyboards.

What Are The Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards?

If you want a quieter life, then what are the best quiet mechanical keyboards out there right now? Here’s my top picks for 2023.

1. Ducky One 3

Ducky One 3

Best overall quiet mechanical keyboard

Brand: Ducky Channel
Switch Type: Cherry MX Silent Red
Price: Starting at $164

Ducky makes superb keyboards and this striking yellow TKL model features hot-swappable Cherry MX Silent Red switches – some of the quietest available on the market.  

The QUACK Mechanics design features pre-installed dual-layer high-grade silicone, lubed stabs, and EVA foam sound dampeners for an ultra-quiet key press.

All the keys feature hot swap PCB sockets so you can change them up however you like while the low profile case is available in a number of colors. On top of the Cherry Red’s you have seamless, thick PBT double-shot keycaps with V2 stabilizers.

The RGB backlight is programmable per key or by macro key layout so you can have a truly unique light display and the adjustable feet give you three levels of height. The keyboard is connected via a braided USB type-C cable.

Customers love the bold color and build-quality of this keyboard. They also report that it works flawlessly with great anti-ghosting.

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2. Redragon K582 SURARA

Redragon K582 SURARA

Best budget quiet mechanical keyboard

Brand: Red Dragon
Switch Type: Red Dragon Red
Price: Starting at $39.99

This sleek black number from Red Dragon is as quiet as it is budget friendly. The keyboard features linear pluggable red switches which require less pressing force. The result is a smooth, near-silent but responsive keystroke.

The 100% full size keyboard has N-key rollover and is fully anti-ghosting. Plus you can program any key and set up your macros with ease. A dynamic RGB backlight has 18 backlight models as well as six backlit themes with adjustable brightness.

Durable and tested for a 50 million keystroke lifespan, the Red Dragon has a solid base and ABS, double injection keycaps. Plus it has Windows. Mac OS compatibility via USB-C connection.

Customers think this mechanical gaming keyboard is an absolute bargain and are impressed with the build quality and durability for the affordable price. They also enjoy the RGB lighting with the different themes to pick from.

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3. Corsair STRAFE

Corsair STRAFE

Best quiet mechanical keyboard for gaming

Brand: Corsair
Switch Type: Cherry MX
Price: Starting at $99.99

This, fully programmable, wired mechanical keyboard is packed full of features that any gamer will love. With Cherry MX switches, the linear mechanical key response has a wide actuation zone.

The Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) allows you to reassign any of the key switches and set up your gaming macros with ease. The built-in USB pass-through allows you to connect all your peripherals without interrupting your gameplay.

The contoured and textured tactile switches feel great plus keen RGB LED programmers will enjoy unlimited backlighting adjustability. And, if you have other Corsair products, you can sync the lighting across the board.

A nice touch is the easy-access multimedia keys that let you effortlessly change audio during gaming sessions.

Customers love the solid feel of this keyboard and the quiet gaming experience it provides. They also appreciate the detachable wrist rest and fully programmable RGB backlight.

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Best premium quiet mechanical keyboard

Switch Type: TKL Tenkeyless
Price: Starting at $229.99

Logitech are giants in the keyboard world and while you pay a bit more, you definitely get your money’s worth. This super thin, tenkeyless beauty is available in black or white and features a low profile design.

The ergonomic wireless keyboard has pro-grade LIGHTSPEED for a seamless typing experience or you can connect with USB. You also have LIGHTSYNC RGB giving you fully customizable lighting per key, or you can opt for one of the preset effects.

The keyboard fully charges in less than four hours and gives you up to 40-hours of use plus you can keep using it while it’s charging. Dedicated media controls and edgeless volume wheel allow for full control while typing.

Customers love the aircraft-grade aluminum casing and how fast and quiet it is to operate. They also think the Bluetooth connectivity is really handy.

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5. CHERRY G80-3000

CHERRY G80-3000

Best retro design quiet mechanical keyboard

Brand: Cherry
Switch Type: Cherry MX
Price: Starting at $119.99

Who doesn’t love a bit of retro in their life? This classic design makes a great office keyboard but still delivers outstanding performance and a super quiet typing experience.

The individual keys feature Gold Crosspoint contacts with Cherry MX technology. Plus it comes equipped with Codeset 3 support for Unix computers and PS/2 connection.

This is the quietest mechanical keyboard that’s specifically for typing rather than gaming so you won’t find any RGB MK backlight here. This is a solid full size keyboard with all function keys that’s built to last.

Customers say this is one of the best keyboards for office use and love its timeless retro design.

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What to Consider When Buying a Quiet Mechanical Keyboard?

1. The Type of Keyboard

You can opt for three different types of keyboard switch – linear, tactile, and clicky.

Clicky are as the name suggests and make a loud clicking sound when pressed. Tactiles are quieter but also make a clicking sound. Linear are the quietest as they have a smooth, gliding downward motion without any tactile feedback.

Therefore, if you want a quiet keyboard, you need to opt for linear mechanical switches.

2. Backlighting

RGB backlighting doesn’t just look pretty, it serves an important function too. The lights can be zoned to highlight different sets of keys. This is essential when gaming and you use certain keys for different actions as it allows you to see them more easily.

However, many people do find RGB lights distracting so you may prefer to purchase a keyboard without this feature.

3. Keyboard Size

A full size keyboard has a form factor of 104 keys including the square number pad situated on the right hand side. However, tenkeyless keyboards are also popular. These do not have the number pad and are also known as 80% keyboards.

The smallest option is the 60% keyboard featuring 61 keys. These are good for small setup spaces and are highly portable.

Quiet Mechanical Keyboard FAQs

Which Type of Mechanical Keyboard Is the Quietest?

For the quietest gaming experience, choose a keyboard with linear switches. These don’t make a clicking noise when pressed and have a smooth downward travel when pressed.

Cherry MX black and Cherry MX Silent Red are two very popular types of linear switch options.

What Is the Difference between Mechanical and Non-mechanical Keyboards?

A non-mechanical keyboard has a rubber-like membrane to which all the keys are attached. A mechanical keyboard has an individual switch for every key.

When you press a key on a mechanical keyboard you get tactile feedback so you know the keystroke has been registered whereas on a non-mechanical keyboard there is no feedback.

What Are the Advantages of a Quiet Mechanical Keyboard?

The typical gaming keyboard is notoriously noisy but you get that all important tactile feedback when you press down on a key.

A quiet mechanical keyboard greatly lessens the clicking noise while still giving you that all important tactile feedback. You can game to your heart’s content without annoying anyone.