Proofreading and editing are make-or-break steps in the writing process, especially for book manuscripts and novels.

No matter if you’re writing a blog article, poetry, or a publication, if your words aren’t proofread, clients and readers will notice—and they won’t be happy.

ESL students often have difficulty proofreading their own work, so it’s crucial to chat with human professionals that work for good proofreading services that you can trust with your submission.

I highly recommend trying editing services to ensure your manuscript, research papers, or journal articles are polished and error-free.

But with various companies across the line of different countries like the US, UK, and Canada, how can you be sure you’re making a good choice and not wasting your time?

After hours of research, I’ve concluded the best proofreading services are on the market today.

I’ve looked at various factors such as quality of service, turnaround time, ratings, and pricing. The services on this list are all reputable and affordable.

Pick one that suits your needs perfectly, and get your essays checked for readability and inconsistencies by experienced writers.

What Are The Best Proofreading Services?

From simple grammar and spell checking in the English language to a full-blow review of your documents.

No matter what, I’ve got you covered with the best proofreading services.

Proofreading ServicesPriceWordsTurn around
Proofed$180400024 hours
Scribbr$161400024 hours
Scribendi$155400024 hours
PaperTrue$117400024 hours
Wordvice$352400024 hours

1. Scribendi

Best For Professional Editing Requirements

scribendi homepage

Price: $155 for 4k words within 24h   Promotion: Free 1000 words

Scribendi is an editing and proofreading service that has been around the block since 1997, and they know the business inside and out.

They have some impressive stats to show for it; over 400 editors and 244 thousand clients worldwide.

They offer a wide range of services, from simple proofreading to more comprehensive editing for academics and businesses alike.

They have a team of experienced editors who will work with you to make sure your document is top-notch!

Great Features, Likes, and Dislikes

 Covers a variety of fields for academics, researchers, authors, college, and personal use.

 A hand-picked team of editors with experience.

 Get a quote online in an instant with their calculator before ordering a service.

 You have the freedom to choose the turnaround time, which affects the price.

 4 hours of express turnaround for extremely time-sensitive projects.

 It can become quite expensive if you go with anything less than 24 hours’ delivery.

User Experience

scribendi reviews

2. PaperTrue

Best Value For Simple Proofreading

papertrue homepage

Price: $117 for 4k words within 24h   Promotion: Free 300 words

With a diverse team of highly qualified and experienced editors, PaperTrue is able to offer a wide range of services for aspiring authors, academics, job applicants, and marketing professionals.

These services include copy editing, proofreading, and formatting.

PaperTrue is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable online proofreading service.

In addition, PaperTrue also offers free revisions if you’re unsatisfied with the service, as long as you submit the claim within 30 days of receiving the results.

Great Features, Likes, and Dislikes

 Proofreading is made simple by editors who are native English experts.

 Documents will be edited for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

 They also edit for clarity, accuracy, conciseness, and flow.

 You get the formatting according to your guidelines if you want.

 They have great customer support that answers promptly.

 For some reason, people in the EU can only pay in INR, India’s local currency.

User Experience

papertrue reviews

3. Proofed

Best Proofreading Service For Quality Results

proofed homepage

Price: $180 for 4k words within 24h   Promotion: Free 500 words

Proofed comes out of the gate with a bold statement of having the USA’s best proofreading and editing services, and their customers tend to agree.

Proofed is a quality service through and through, from how the website operates to the edited results.

They have a massive team of over 750 expert editors that work around the clock globally to bring you professional results on time.

This is great as you’ll always get an editor with subject-matter expertise for your specific work.

Their services are submitted to authors and business professionals for students and academics.

They always come through in flying colors, no matter what you throw at them. They are one of the best in the business and consistently deliver top-notch quality.

But also be aware that quality comes at a higher price tag.

Great Features, Likes, and Dislikes

 Quality proofreading and editing service.

 They are trusted by brands such as Philips, Samsung, Penn, and even Harvard University.

 USA-based proofreading service with 24 hours support for convenience.

 Exceptional results on short notice.

 Prices are above average, and the service might be more suited to businesses.

User Experience

proofed reviews

4. Scribbr

Best All-Round Proofreading Service

scribbr homepage

Price: $161 for 4k words within 24h   Promotion: No

Scribbr is a professional proofreading and editing company specializing in academic texts.

They have a team of expert editors who can help you improve your writing, whether it’s for an essay, thesis, or dissertation.

The editors on the team are the top 5% of applicants in the field who are native speakers with academic writing expertise in various fields.

The editing process is done with a great deal of care and precision to maintain the originality and integrity of the document.

The turnaround time is quick and efficient, so you can expect to have your document back within 24 hours!

They also offer a plagiarism checker to help you ensure that your work is original and unique.

Great Features, Likes, and Dislikes

 Professionally vetted editors, university graduates, and authors.

 They check for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, style, tone, and more.

 The editors come with feedback and suggestions about how you can improve.

 Has a variety of add-on editing services such as formatting, citation editing, and clarity check.

 Will re edit or give you a refund if you’re not happy with the results.

 Could improve how they use punctuation with their own APA guidelines.

 The bill you get can seem shocking at first, but the service is well worth the cost.

User Experience

scribbr reviews

5. Wordvice

Best Ease Of Use

wordvice homepage

Price: $352 for 4k words within 24h   Promotion: Free 500 words

Wordvice is another excellent proofreading service with fantastic reviews to back them up.

They have a barrage of editors that deliver fast results in a timely manner, all according to how fast you want the turnaround to be.

They have several areas of focus, including terminology and language use, conciseness, style, clarity, meaning, and coherent logic, just to name a few.

Wordvice’s fantastic service covers areas such as academic, business, and any written work.

They have different levels depending on what you need, and each order is tailored specifically for your needs.

Not only do they fix the common grammar, punctuation, and flow of your books or whatever you need them for, but they also provide valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, which is a huge plus.

Great Features, Likes, and Dislikes

 Easy to use, just upload your essay, cover letter, or any page you need to proofread.

 They maintain good quality even with competitive rates.

 Reliable proofreading service with quick, guaranteed deadlines.

 Direct access and communication with your editor.

 Helps you to become a better writer with customized feedback.

 The service could be a little cheaper, but overall it’s still worth the investment.

User Experience

wordvice reviews

What Are Proofreading Services?

Proofreading services are a great way to improve your standard of writing. A proofreader will check your work for errors and make edits to your piece with suggestions for improvement.

This is a valuable service for students, business professionals, and anyone who wants an immaculate text or wants to improve their writing style through the knowledge of specialists.

Proofreaders review your work for grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, typos, and misspellings.

They also check for consistency in terms of style, formatting, tone, flow, terminology, coherent logic, conciseness, and more!

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to check your assignments or improve the quality of your writing with questions to industry experts, proofreading services are worth considering.


What Should I Expect From a Proofreader?

When I’m looking for a proofreader, I want someone who can catch any mistake, big or small. I also need someone who can offer suggestions on how to make my writing better.

Proofreading is all about finding errors and fixing them, but it’s also about making sure your writing is clear, concise, and error-free. A good proofreader will help you polish your writing to the next level.

What Is The Turnaround Time For Proofreading Services?

When looking for a proofreading service, one of the most important things besides quality is the turnaround time.

You don’t want to have to wait weeks for your documents to be returned with notes and corrections.

You need it back in a hurry so that you can make the changes and send it off to the publisher/client/teacher.

That’s why I love the proofreading services on this list—they all have a deadline of 24 hours or less.

That way, you can get your document back in a flash and still have time to make the necessary changes based on the advice that you got.

Most of these services are affordable, so it’s a win-win situation.

How Much Do Proofreading Services Cost?

Generally, proofreading services fall into one of two categories: fast and affordable or high-quality and expensive.

Expect to pay between $120 and $350 for a 4000-word document. This heavily depends on the word count and what type of document you need edited and proofread.

The skills and expertise required for a heavy academic research paper are way different than those for editing a light novel.

Most of the time, you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

What Happens If I Am Not Satisfied With The Proofreading Service?

Most proofreading services offer a satisfaction guarantee or a money-back guarantee on their sites.

This means that if you’re not happy with the service, you either get revisions on the work until you’re satisfied, get a discount, or get the entire thing refunded.

But it’s important to read the fine print before you sign up for a proofreading service because not all guarantees are the same if something happens.

Some guarantees may only apply to a specific portion of the editing process, or they may only be valid for a certain amount of time.

So be sure to ask the proofreading service about their satisfaction guarantee before you sign up.

Can I Request A Specific Proofreader For My Project?

Absolutely! Most professional proofreading services offer this option. When you’re selecting your proofreader, just make sure to choose one who has the specific qualifications you need.

For example, if you’re writing a scientific paper, you’ll want to choose a proofreader with a background in science.

What Are The Qualifications Of A Proofreader?

There are no formal qualifications required to become a proofreader, although most proofreaders have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Many proofreaders have experience working as editors, copy editors, or writers.

In addition to having strong language skills, proofreaders must be able to spot errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as have a keen eye for detail.

Proofreaders must also be able to work independently and have the ability to meet deadlines.

How Much Experience Do Proofreaders Have?

Proofreaders have a wealth of experience in proofreading and copyediting.

They have worked with a variety of clients, probably including major publishers, small presses, and individual authors.

They have experience proofreading and copyediting a wide range of materials, including books, articles, website content, and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Best Proofreading Services?

There are many benefits to using proofreading services. Here are some of the most important benefits:

1. It saves you a lot of time, especially for larger content pieces like books and academic papers.

2. Improves the quality of your work with fast turnaround times.

3. Elevates your writing skills with feedback and comments from the editors.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re a student writing your thesis, an author putting the finishing touches on your latest book, or a business professional preparing a presentation, proofreading is an essential step in giving your work the best possible chance of success.

Proofreading services offer fast and affordable editing and proofreading of your work, and they’re all great options for anyone who wants to make sure their work is free from spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and typos.