Do you want a sleek-looking monitor with a webcam to hold video meetings and chats without investing in additional or bulky equipment?

The recent pandemic saw a big shift toward remote working and working from home. Suddenly, people were expected to hold meetings and conversations over Zoom and other video call software.

Most individuals weren’t prepared for this and had to hastily order a webcam, a desk converter, and other equipment to use in their home office setup.

All this extra stuff takes up unnecessary room. And who can be productive when surrounded by wayward cables, peripherals, and other bulky equipment lying all over the place?

If you dream of a streamlined video conference setup, then consider a monitor with a webcam built straight into it. They are amazing!

What Are The Best Monitors With a Webcam?

These are my top picks for the best monitor with a webcam in the market.

  • Best overall 4k monitor with a webcam – Dell UltraSharp U3223QZ
  • Best monitor with webcam for Mac – Apple Studio Display
  • Best monitor with microphone and speakers – Philips Brilliance
  • Best 27-inch monitor with webcam and speakers – ASUS BE27ACSBK
  • Best budget monitor with webcam – Acer B247Y Dbmiprczx

1. Dell UltraSharp U3223QZ

Dell UltraSharp U3223QZ

Best 4k monitor webcam

Brand: Dell
Screen size: 32”
Price: Starting at $1,199.99

If you need to share many documents or presentations on screen, you need a monitor and webcam with the resolution to handle a lot of detail.

This Dell UltraSharp monitor features a 4K Sony Starvis™ CMOS sensor with automatic focus and AI auto framing, meaning you will always be in the frame.

The camera can tilt and swivel and provide a field of view of 65°, 78°, or 90°, and two 14W ear-level speakers allow you to hear the audio clearly.

Other features include automatic log-in for Windows Hello, Microsoft Teams certification, enhanced eye comfort, and low blue-light technology.

Of course, the visuals are what you’d expect with a 4K monitor, and you can expect 98% DCI-P3 color coverage and VESA Display HDR400.

Full connectivity, including USB-C ports and USB 3.0, comes as standard.

Customers love the pixel-perfect clarity and sharpness of the webcam and screen, and like that, there are plenty of connectivity options, including the laptop docking station.

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2. Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display

Best monitor with webcam for Mac

Brand: Apple
Screen size: 27”
Price: Starting at $1,599.99

You know to expect quality from any Apple product, and the Studio Display delivers. Featuring a 5K retina display with 600 NITS of brightness and one billion colors, your video calls will be detailed, sharp, and 100% in focus.

The 12MP ultrawide camera has a 122° field of view and comes with Center Stage, which automatically keeps you in the frame as you move around, and auto zooms in or out when more people enter the room.

The studio-quality three-microphone array provides clear audio and filters out background noise, while six integrated speakers allow you to hear the sound without distortion.

The monitor features three USB-C ports plus a Thunderbolt port to connect your Macbook or other Apple devices with ease.

Fans of this product state that it’s a fantastic LCD display with rich, deep colors and clear imagery. They also feel that the glass finish options are a nice addition to the overall design.

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3. Philips Brilliance 499P9H

Philips Brilliance 499P9H

Best ultrawide monitor with microphone and speakers

Brand: Philips
Screen size: 49”
Price: Starting at $1,038

This ultrawide monitor has everything you need for business conferencing. It’s a perfect gaming monitor for keen gamers too.

The SuperWide 32: 9 LED curved monitor offers total immersion and wide-viewing angles. The DisplayHDR 400 IPS panel covers 91% of Adobe RGB and 103% color gamut.

Featuring a Windows Hello pop-up webcam, it has built-in speakers, a microphone, audio-in/out connectivity, and a headphone port.

People like engineers will enjoy the MultiClient Integrated KVM switch to control multiple PCs, while gamers will enjoy the 75 Hz fast refresh rate and response time.

Customers say this is the best value widescreen business monitor available and love the crystal clear graphics and quality audio output.

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Best 27-inch budget monitor

Brand: Asus
Screen size: 27”
Price: Starting at $399

If you don’t require a larger screen, this 16:9 aspect ratio offering from Asus is a decent FHD monitor with a webcam at a very attractive price. You will also find a mic array and stereo speakers integrated into the unit.

The frameless IPS panel has wide viewing angles, while the noise-canceling microphone provides clear audio and communication.

This Zoom-certified monitor is also compatible with a host of video conferencing options such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Google Meet.

The camera can be tilted and swiveled for the perfect position, and the monitor has built-in height adjustment and an array of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB type-C, USB hub, and more.

Customers say this monitor is perfect for everyday work and well-equipped to hold high-quality video calls and conferences.

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5. Acer B247Y Dbmiprczx

Acer B247Y Dbmiprczx

Best 24-inch budget monitor with webcam

Brand: Acer
Screen size: 23.8”
Price: Starting at $191.98

Tight budgets are also accommodated with this model from Acer. It has 1080p resolution, which is pretty good for a cheap IPS monitor.

The refresh rate is a respectable 75Hz, and the camera is also HD, so you can experience clear visuals during your video calls. Connectivity includes a VGA port, HDMI, and plenty of USB ports.

The webcam and monitor stand are fully adjustable so you can achieve an ergonomic setup, while the anti-blue-light and flicker-free technology keeps you free from eye strain and fatigue.

Customers say this monitor is excellent value for money, and while it certainly isn’t a fancy option, it’s got perfectly adequate specs for the average home office.

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What to Look For In a Monitor With a Webcam

1. Camera Resolution

The camera resolution matters as much as the screen resolution, as you don’t want it to appear grainy and blurry to the viewer.

You should opt for a video conferencing monitor with a camera resolution of 1080p as a minimum.

Even better would be 4K to get that extra sharpness and clarity.

2. Screen Resolution

Choose a monitor with a webcam that has a good screen resolution so you can see all imagery clearly.

This is especially important when sharing laptop screens, documents, and other detailed images on the screen.

You want at least full HD for a clear picture; however, ultra HD (UHD) or even 4K is the ideal resolution for your setup.

Ensure you can adjust parameters such as the contrast ratio and color accuracy to obtain the right balance.

3. Audio Quality

You need to hear as well as you can see during video calls. Therefore, you must choose a monitor that can handle audio output and input well.

Useful features like a headphone jack, noise distortion reduction, and wide frequency response all work to make your video calls better quality.

Monitor With Webcam FAQs

Should You Buy a Monitor With a Webcam?

If you carry out a lot of video calls, use Zoom, or film yourself frequently, it is worth investing in a screen with a built-in webcam.

You can always purchase a separate webcam; however, it will take up unnecessary space on the desk and lack many of the features that come with an integrated setup.

Do Monitors With Webcams Have Built-in Speakers?

Monitors with webcams typically feature built-in speakers and a microphone. However, the quality of these varies from brand to brand.

Choose a good-quality monitor with audio features such as anti-distortion, neutral sound coloration, and good stereo imaging.

What is the Best High-Resolution Monitor With a Webcam?

There are a number of excellent brands that provide high-quality and high-resolution monitors with webcams. Dell UltraSharp, Apple Studio Display, and Philips Brilliance all feature inbuilt cameras and offer 4K resolution upwards.