A dual monitor standing desk provides a better -and more practical – working experience. Adding an ergonomic, height-adjustable desk into the mix offers the ultimate setup to work in style and comfort.

An impractical and uncomfortable workspace reduces productivity and increases frustration. If you spend all day at a desk, you’ll already know this.

Having spent the best part of my working life behind a desk, I know how crucial it is to have office products that meet your needs.

However, if you’re in the market to buy an adjustable desk, the bewildering array of standing desk options makes it challenging to make the right choice.

Furthermore, many of these desks are only suitable for a single monitor setup. What to do 🤔?

Since switching to a dual monitor, height adjustable standing desk, I can work for longer without getting fatigued or uncomfortable.

And, I have ample space to work without feeling like I’m going to elbow my coffee all over the place at any given moment ☕.

In this article, I’ve selected five of the best dual monitor standing desks and outlined their features and prices. 

With this information, you can easily decide which height-adjustable desk is perfect for you.

What Are The Best Dual Monitor Standing Desks?

1. SmartDesk Pro

SmartDesk Pro

Best for dual monitors – SmartDesk Pro

Brand: Autonomous
Height: 29.4” to 48”
Price: Starting at $649

Available in a range of colors and finishes to perfectly match your home decor, the Smartdesk Pro features an ultra-quiet dual 40 dB lift mechanism.

This freestanding office desk is height-adjustable to 48,” and you can save your favorite height positions and adjust your workspace with one touch.

And, with plenty of room for two monitors, the solid steel frame has a weight capacity of 310lbs, making it one of the sturdiest options on this list. In fact, Autonomous is so confident of its quality that you get a seven-year warranty with your purchase.

If you want a long-lasting sit-stand workstation. You can’t go wrong with the Autonomous brand.

Customer review: “The desk is the perfect depth! It allows me to have my monitors, laptop, keyboard etc but also have plenty of room for old school note writing! So happy with my choice to pick the bamboo top!”

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2. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Best for L-shaped setup – SmartDesk Corner

Brand: Autonomous
Height: 29.4” to 48”
Price: Starting at $1,199

Another offering by the retailer Autonomous, the SmartDesk Corner, provides twice the space as the Pro version.

Two modular segments allow you to customize your desk to seamlessly fit into your home office corner space, while three motors provide the ideal ergonomic position for your height.

The Smart Desk Corner also has the capability to save your perfect working positions, and the heavy-duty steel frame will accommodate up to 400lbs.

If you want tons of working space with variable working positions, this is a great choice.

Customer review: “Straightforward to assemble with a great design. Managed to fit five 27″ monitors on it. Easy to screw in additional devices like power bars, routers and so on. The top material is good and doesn’t feel cheap.”

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3. Tranzendesk Electric Standing Desk

Tranzendesk Electric Standing Desk

Best for charging capabilities  – Tranzendesk

Brand: Stand Steady
Height: 28.75” to 48.5” (with feet) or,  32.5” to 52” (with wheels)
Price: Starting at $ 399.99

This height-adjustable standing desk from Stand Steady comes packed with features. You get an optional clamp-on shelf plus  1 AC outlet and 2 USB-A outlets, which reduces the need for unsightly charging cables cluttering your workspace.

The desk can handle a respectable 154 lbs, which is more than enough for a dual monitor stand and accessories.

For a more versatile desk, you can choose to use the leveling feet or castor wheels. A convenient feature if you need to move your desk around with little effort.

Customer review: “This is a solid, stable and easily adjustable dual-level sit-stand desk. The additional shelf makes positioning one or more monitors at an appropriate height easy, leaving the main work surface free for drives, hubs, keyboards, mice, and other accessories.”

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4.  G Pack Pro Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

G Pack Pro converter

Best for Converting a standard desk – G Pack Pro

Brand: G Pack Pro
Height: 5.9” to 19.3” (on top of your existing desk height)
Price: Starting at $189

If you already have a desk you like but want the capability to stand and work while increasing your desk space, the G Pack Pro is the best standing desk converter at an attractive price.

The G-Pack Pro has a gas-spring riser capable of 22 different height positions. A generous 37” two-tier work surface comfortably accommodates a dual monitor mount up to 33lbs. The keyboard tray can be removed if you wish.

The desk riser can be set up in minutes, making it the ideal portable solution for working on the go.

Customer review: “It was easy to set up and I love that all I have to do is press the button to move the desk up and down. Also, I have two monitors on it and the desk looks sturdy.”

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Best for Gaming – MAGNUS Pro

Brand: Secret Lab
Height: 25.5” to 49.2”
Price: Starting at $849

The sleek design of the high-quality Magnus Pro features an integrated power supply column and a clever cable management system.

With plenty of add-on options, you can fully customize your desk with Secret Lab’s range of magnetic desk mats. Add the ultra-cool LED light strip into the mix, and you have one awesome desk for gaming.

A decent weight support of 192 lbs will easily handle your gaming setup, and the three preset height settings give you a comfortable sitting or standing experience.

Customer review: “This tabletop plus accessories is such a beautiful product, sturdy, and easy to put together. It supports all my monitors and heavy duty computer. Thank you for building such a fantastic table. I love the additional feature of the cable management tray.”

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What to Consider When Buying Dual Monitor Standing Desks

1. Electric or Manual?

Standing desks are either operated via an electric motor or a hand crank.

Electric desks allow you to adjust your standing position at the touch of a button. They are, however, more expensive than hand-operated desks and require a power outlet to work.

Desks featuring a hand crank are more cost-effective but harder to operate. This is particularly true for anyone suffering from mobility issues or if your stand up desk is holding a lot of weight.

2. Minimum and Maximum Height

Each stand-up desk has a maximum height capability. When choosing the best standing desk for you, opt for one that comfortably accommodates you while you work in a standing position.

Similarly, ensure the desk goes low enough to give you comfort while in a sitting position.

3. Desk Surface Area

If you’re reading this article, then you likely use at least two monitors at a time. Choose a desk that has enough surface area to comfortably manage all your equipment and give you space to work.

Dual Monitor Standing Desk FAQs

Is a Standing Desk Worth It?

A height-adjustable desk is worth it if you want the flexibility to choose between standing and sitting while working.

Add in the extra comfort and reduced strain from having versatile office furniture, and you’ll never return to having a standard desk.

Is a Standing Desk Good For You?

Sitting for long periods puts strain on your body. A standing desk helps you stretch out, maintain normal spine alignment, and lessens neck and back pain and tension.

However, standing all day is not ideal, and having the opportunity to adjust your desk to a sitting height reduces fatigue and gives your body a break.

Does a Standing Desk Help With Posture?

A standing desk helps with posture by maintaining your spine in its normal position. When standing, the abdominal muscles are engaged, keeping your spine aligned, lessening the strain on your neck and back muscles, and reducing back pain.