5 Best Computer Monitor Lighting Screen Bar of 2022 (Ranked)

Chris Nov 15, 2021
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5 Best Computer Monitor Lighting Screen Bar of 2022 (Ranked)

With winter incoming and darker days overall, monitor lighting is an important part of any desk setup (both for productivity and gaming) if you want your eyesight to stay healthy.

Monitor screens are often brightly lit, which can lead to eye strain and headaches if you don't have the right type of desk setup and illumination.

This article will rank and review the top-rated computer monitor lamps that are currently available in 2022, sorted by price, ease of use, stability when attached to the monitor (if applicable), and how good the light is.

What Is The Best Monitor Lighting and Screen Bars?

Here are my top picks for the best monitor light of 2022.

1. BenQ ScreenBar

Best  quality screen bar on the market

The BenQ ScreenBar is one of the best computer monitor lamps on the market. It's very secure when attached to your computer screen, and comes with a long USB cord that can be extended if need be.

The light emitted from this lamp is bright enough for any desk setup or gaming environment in low-light conditions, which makes it perfect for dark winter days, too!

I highly recommend this product if you want quality without breaking the bank.


  • Good price-to-quality ratio.

  • Auto-dimming and color temperature adjustment to reduce eye fatigue

  • Bright enough for any desk space in low-light conditions without screen glare.

  • Stable when attached to your computer screen (won't fall off with vibrations or movement).

  • Has a long USB cable

Price ~$109

BenQ is the best computer monitor lamp on the market and comes in at just under $109. It's much better than other lamps that are priced similarly or higher but don't have as bright of lights or secure mountings.

2. Xiaomi MiJia Monitor Lamp

Best  monitor light runner up

The Xiaomi MiJia is a runner-up to the BenQ ScreenBar, being a bit cheaper than my top pick.

It's got almost all of the same features as the BenQ but lacks some stability when attached to your monitor screen. With that being said, this lamp really shines if you're looking for something with extra brightness.

This monitor light is excellent if you want something with maximum brightness and adjustable hue settings, but its lack of stability, when attached to your computer screen, might make some users uneasy.


  • Extra brightness levels compared to other LED lamps

  • Adjustable Hue settings for reducing eye fatigue

  • Creates a nice, warm lighting effect for your desk space

  • Wireless remote control

  • Magnetic rotation system

Price ~$ 79.99

The price is a bit cheaper than the BenQ ScreenBar, you can usually grab a Xiaomi minor lamp for around $79.99 making it a great choice.

Just beware that it might not sit as stable on your screen as the BenQ (depending on the monitor of course), but if it's of no concern to you then it's a great pick.

3. Baseus Monitor Lamp

Best  overall monitor light

The Baseus monitor lamp is another great choice for those on a budget. In fact, it's one of the cheapest lamps that have adjustable light settings and is also very easy to install onto your screen!

This monitor light is extremely bright and has a nice warm color tone to it, which makes it great for work or gaming. In fact, if you're looking for the best overall lamp that isn't too expensive then I'd recommend this one!


  • Stepless dimming function

  • Easy desk lamp installation

  • USB powered

  • Choose your favorite color temperature (white, mixed, warm)

Price ~$49.99

The price is one of the biggest reasons that I'd recommend this lamp, it's a great deal for between $40 and $50.

4. Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp

Best BenQ ScreenBar alternative

The Quntis computer monitor lamp is pretty much a carbon copy of the BenQ ScreenBar for better or worse, the biggest difference is that it's a bit cheaper and the quality might now be the same.


  • Touch control

  • Auto-dimming feature

  • Stepless hue adjustment and color temperature

  • USB-powered

  • Good brightness levels for its price.

  • Fits a lot of different monitor designs

Price ~$39.99

The Quntis has great reviews on Amazon so it's a pretty good alternative to the BenQ. But if you're worried about the quality and the lamp lasting for a good while then you should consider a trusted brand like the BenQ instead.

5. Vivo Light Bar

This light bar is a great alternative because it’s super bright, easy to install on a standard monitor, and offers adjustable brightness controls.

The only downside is that it's but bulky when sitting on your monitor and not as streamlined as the other monitor screen bars on this list.


  • 5 level color temperature and brightness without screen glare

  • Plug and play USB connection

  • Fits most monitors on the market

Price ~$39.99

Just as the Quntis and Baseus it's priced in the same range of $40-$50 depending on where you get it.

What Is a Monitor Light / Screen Bar?

A screen bar is a device that sits on top of your computer screen and provides additional lighting to help you see better in darker environments.

It's an alternative to the traditional desk lamp, but unlike lamps, it doesn't take up any space or create clutter like other normal lights.

It also offers more adjustment options than most desks lamps would provide, like auto-dimming features, brightness levels, and hue adjustments.

The biggest difference is how the screen bar lights up your desk environment, as the light is now reflected on your screen.

The light travels in an asymmetric direction reducing glare which doesn't impact the brightness, color representation, and reflection from your screen.

Why should you use a monitor light?

Using a computer monitor can help reduce eye strain from working in a dark environment, as it illuminates the entire desk. This is especially true during the winter months or if you don't have any windows.

This reduces visual fatigue and you'll be able to work longer without feeling tired or sore at all! This is especially true if you're a gamer or streamer, sitting for long hours every day in front of your monitor.

The best part about this new device is that they're extremely easy to install on your current monitor setup. Most lighting comes with a magnetic rotation system which makes for easy installation and removal when necessary.

They also use USB connectors so there aren't any additional power adapters required which keeps things simple but effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are monitor lights any good?

They really are! I think monitor lighting is one of the best new technology to come out in recent years, especially because it's so practical and easy for any computer user.

Sure there might be some initial investment costs but you'll get your money's worth after just a few days. If you're someone who loves working at their desk late into the night then these lights will definitely keep you feeling fresh even when your eyes start to feel tired or sore!

What kind of light does a light bar produce? 

The majority of lamp brands use LED to provide white light that simulates natural daylight while also providing different color temperatures (warm/cool) too. This makes for easier reading on the screen which reduces eye strain during long periods spent in front of the monitor.

Are these lights good for gaming? Yes! These lamps can improve your visual acuity and reduce glare which is especially useful during long periods spent playing games on your PC or laptop. 

I’ve had one installed at my desk since last year, so far it has made a huge difference to how comfortable I feel when working late at night.

What are some other benefits offered by using a monitor light?

There's no shortage of reasons why you should opt-in for this technology, but here are some that stand out: 

  • Reduced eye strain (reduced fatigue) 

  • Improved sleep quality 

  • Better moods & concentration levels 

  • Easier reading on-screen 

  • Easy installation options 

  • Bright monitors with even light distribution across the desk

Does monitor light help eyes?

Yes! That's one of the main benefits that I've noticed when using monitor lights. They really help to reduce eye strain and fatigue, which is great for gamers or anyone who spends a lot of time staring at screens in general.

What are some good brands offering this type of product? Right now there aren't many options out there so it doesn't matter too much but you should definitely check out Xiaomi MiJia Monitor Lamp, BenQ screen bar, or the Baseus Monitor Light Bar.

Wrap Up

In addition to using a monitor light, there are a few ways that you can reduce your eye strain and fatigue from staring at screens all day.

For example: taking regular breaks by getting up for a quick walk or going on a short break outside is extremely effective. This gives your eyes a chance to refocus and rest up.

Also, make sure that you're sitting at the correct distance from your screen (especially if it's an ultra-wide monitor). This helps reduce eye strain because you won't be straining them as much by moving closer or further away.

Finally, using glasses that block blue light is also helpful for reducing eye strain. 

I hope this blog post was useful to some of you out there looking for advice about purchasing monitor lighting online, it really makes a difference and you'll notice that too just in a few days of use.