These little LED lights attach to the top of your monitor setup and shine seemingly natural lighting, without any of the nasty screen glare.

They come with a number of fitting options so that you can find one that suits your desk setup, and budget, the best.

If you tend to feel tired when working in the evening or need help staying focused during long gaming sessions, a screen light bar can be a lifesaver!

Why Use A Monitor Light Bar?

Lighting can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be.

Monitor light bars are incredibly useful for people who work from home or use their computer for extended periods of time, which is virtually everyone now.

Combine these bad boys with some:

And you’ll have a fantastic desk setup, an environment made for spending time in style!

But the most significant selling points of a pc lighting solution like these over traditional light bulbs are the following.

Effective and Comfortable Lighting

a single monitor light bar illuminating my entire desk

Monitor light bars offer several advantages when it comes to lighting effectiveness and comfortability.

The dimmable brightness levels allow you to customize the level of illumination in your workspace for maximum productivity.

Some models even come with a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness automatically, super cool.

Additionally, they come with multiple color temperature settings that help reduce eye strain while working on the computer for extended periods of time.

And the best feature of all is of course that the light is flicker-free, glare-free, with no screen glare whatsoever. The light actually never the screen to begin with due to the technology and direction of the light.

This makes them ideal for people who spend long hours in front of their computers or laptops, like gamers and entrepreneurs.

Easy And Clutter-Free Setup

easy monitor light bar installation

Another great thing about monitor light bars is how easy they are to set up and customize according to your needs.

All you need is a USB-C port on your device and you’re good to go, no charger needed.

Of course most of these come with an adapter for regular USB ports as well, or vice versa if it’s predominantly USB-C.

I’ve hooked up my BenQ ScreenBar Halo directly to the back of my flat monitor using a free USB slot, and it works great without using any energy from my MacBook.

The only thing you need to check for extra time is if the monitor light bar fits curved screens, luckily for you my top picks does just that. As for dual monitor desks, you’ll only need one of these for a desk setup.

Compared with Other Lighting Solutions

a desk with a traditional lamp

When compared with other lighting solutions like desk lamps or overhead fixtures, monitor light bars provide more flexibility due to their slim design!

This allows them to fit almost anywhere without taking up any space at all – perfect for those who have limited room available, or just love minimalism.

Furthermore, since most models are powered by USB ports instead of electricity cords; this means less clutter around your desk as well.


Monitor light bars are a great way to improve lighting effectiveness and comfortability in any workspace. They offer adjustable brightness levels, multiple color temperatures, easy setup and customization options as well as less clutter than other solutions.

What Are The Best Monitor Light Bars?

These are my top picks for the best monitor light bars on the market.

1. BenQ ScreenBar Halo – Best Premium

BenQ ScreenBar Halo

Most of us work in poorly lit environments with fluorescent lights that hurt our eyes after hours of staring at computer screens, which poses a problem.

The BenQ ScreenBar Halo is an elegant solution for bad room lighting, and this monitor light bar provides a clear and comfortable light.

The hardware is especially lovely while gaming late into the night, working remotely at home during the day, or for the long winter months.

Its eye-protecting technology and hue adjustment keep you immersed and relieve eye strain simultaneously, which is a win-win!

The warm light emitted from this computer monitor lamp is bright enough for any desk setup in low-light conditions, and it just feels off not to have it lit once you get used to it.

I can personally attest to the quality of this monitor light bar, as I have one sitting on top of my screen as I’m updating this article 🙂

Not only does it save space and declutters your gaming station, but it also looks fantastic, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing!

If you want more details then make sure to check out my full BenQ ScreenBar Halo review.

This LED monitor lamp attaches easily to the top of any screen without blocking the view or limiting access to buttons, as other monitor lights do.

And the slim design blends in with your desk setup effortlessly, and you even get accessories for more stability on curved monitor displays.

Just plug the light bar into a free USB port behind your monitor, start the illumination with the controller, and you’re all set.

What I personally like

  • Premium feel and zero screen glare
  • Bright enough to light up my entire desk space
  • Wireless desktop dial looks stunning in the dark
  • Memory function for personalized settings
  • Adjustable color settings from white, warm, and cool light
  • Space saving design with decently long USB cable
What Customers Think
  • This product has received rave reviews from customers.
  • It fits perfectly on top of most monitors and comes with adjustable brightness and color settings.
  • It is well-built, easy to set up and operates with a wireless remote.
  • The backlight feature is also a great addition for illuminating walls or desk space.
  • It works especially well for those who work in darker settings and need a good quality light that won’t strain their eyes.
  • Its hefty price tag and the fact that it is not compatible with all curved monitors may be drawbacks for some consumers.

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2. Xiaomi Mi Monitor Lamp – Best Value

Xiaomi mi monitor lamp

Traditional desk lamps take up a lot of space around your keyboard and can be a nuisance when trying to work.

The Xiaomi Mi Monitor Lamp is an excellent solution to that problem and for a lower price than the BenQ ScreenBar Halo.

This stylish light bar attaches easily to the top of computer displays and doesn’t take up any space at all!

It turns on automatically when your computer is turned on, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch.

The Xiaomi Mi light bar is in close competition with the BenQ ScreenBar as it’s a bit cheaper, and you also get a remote control with this product!

It has almost all of the same features as the BenQ but lacks stability when attached to your computer monitor screen due to the clip not being as sturdy.

With that being said, this light bar shines and is a great overall monitor light bar.

Likes and Great Features

  • Wireless remote control
  • No screen reflection (glare) at all
  • Extra brightness levels compared to other cheaper LEDs
  • Adjustable hue settings for reducing eye fatigue
  • Creates nice and warm lighting effects for your desk space
  • Magnetic rotation system on top of your monitor screen

What customers think

  • Good features and build quality at a more reasonable price
  • The mounts work well on flat screens, but not on curved backs
  • The remote control puck shows fingerprints easily
  • The angle of the lights are adjustable
  •  There is good brightness and color range for any need.
  • It remembers settings when turned off and on.
  • No controls on the light bar itself – you must use the remote.

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3. Yeelight Monitor Light Bar – Best Colors


The Yeelight monitor light bar is the perfect addition to your gaming desk setup!

It’s a smart light bar with an intuitive remote control, so you can adjust your lighting without getting up from your chair.

It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, so you can change the brightness or turn it on and off without even taking your hands off the keyboard, super neat!

And if you’re into customizing your light bar’s color, Yeelight offers 16 million different options—and they’re all available in Razer Chroma Studio.

You can sync your lights up with any game that supports Razer Synapse 3, so as soon as things get intense in Overwatch or Fortnite, you’ll know right away!

The Yeelight monitor light bar is also tunable white, meaning it can be set between 2700K (6500K) and natural light sources like daylight.

The lamp also comes with a weighted clip that gently rests on nearly any monitor with thickness from 0.4″ to 1.25″ (1 to 3.2 cm). It works perfectly on monitors with bezels wider than 0.32” (0.8cm).

The best part? Even though this lamp is so customizable it’s still easy to use.

What customers think

  • Customers report that the light bar has great, bright and non-reflecting lighting.
  • It fits most monitors but not all out of the box so a zip tie might be necessary for installation.
  • Alexa can only control the main light, not RGB lights, and the app is difficult to set up with poor in-app controls.
  • However, if you don’t need the RGB options it’s a great buy with excellent lighting quality.
  • It is expensive compared to other options on Amazon, but worth it if you have the money.

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4. Oowolf Monitor Light Bar – Blue Light Reducer

OOWOLF Monitor Light Bar

If you’re looking for a bright, reliable lamp that will provide excellent reading conditions and reduce visual fatigue, the OOWOLF LED monitor lamp is a great choice!

It offers true natural light colors and two special rear ambient lights behind the monitor to reduce pressure and irritation from dark surroundings.

Plus, its anti blue light neutralizing technology helps to safeguard your eyes from blue light without the need of special glasses, or so they claim.

It’s a neat eye caring technology that’s still new, so take it with a grain of salt.

You can adjust this monitor lamp according to your preferences with three color modes and 10 brightness levels — all of which can be saved with its dimming memory function after disconnecting power.

Enjoy worry-free use for long periods of time thanks to its 35,000-hour lifespan.

What customers think

  • Easy to setup and a sturdy product
  • Offers adjustable brightness and temperature settings
  • The backlight may not offer much light depending on an individual’s setup
  • The main light has enough power to cast a good glow
  • There have been some issues with the responsiveness of the buttons
  • Overall a great product at an affordable price and it gets the job done nicely

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5. Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp – Best Budget

Quntis computer monitor lamp

You love your new monitor, but the standard desk lamp doesn’t look right and could be more effective at lighting up your entire work area.

The Quntis computer monitor lamp attaches directly to your monitor and provides bright, even light that is perfect for working or gaming.

This sleek computer monitor lamp works great with irregularly shaped monitors and provides plenty of light.

It has various brightness options to customize it to your needs without taking up any extra space on your desk.

Likes and Great Features

  • Good brightness levels for its price.
  • Fits a lot of different monitor designs, shapes, and sizes.
  • Touch control on the monitor light bar.
  • It works on various monitors but is still not optimal for curved displays.
  • Auto-dimming feature
  • Stepless hue adjustment
  • USB-powered

Customer thoughts

  • It’s well built, solid and sturdy, and feels premium.
  • The lamp has touch controls and a light sensor
  • Adjustable spacers for different monitor thicknesses.
  • The auto memory function is also convenient
  • provides just the right brightness while not causing any glare on the screen.
  • There’s some dimming issues compared to other similar products
  • Overall it did a decent job at an affordable price ($40 instead of $200).

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6. Vivo Light Bar – Best For Office

Vivo light bar

Many light bars on the market are cheaply made and don’t last long, and you end up wasting your money and time.

The Vivo Light Bar is a great alternative because it’s super bright, easy to install on a standard monitor, and offers adjustable brightness controls.

With a 3-year manufacturer warranty plus five adjustment levels for the light, you get excellent brightness for your needs.

The only downside is that it’s bulky when sitting on your monitor and not as streamlined as the other light bars on this list.

Likes and Great Features

  • Plug-and-play USB connection
  • Excellent build quality and easy to use
  • Very bright monitor light bar, which is great for dark rooms
  • Unfortunately produces screen glare
  • 5-level color and brightness ranges
  • Fits most standard monitors on the market
  • Ergonomic setup

Customer thoughts

  • A great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective solution
  • Offers plenty of light output
  • Simple controls and adjustable brightness and colour range
  • It lights up the workspace well without affecting your screen image.
  • The counterweight keeps it stable and the clamping strength is sufficient.
  • No fancy bells or whistles or extra charges

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7. Baseus Monitor Lamp – Best Alternative

Baseus monitor lamp

The Baseus computer monitor light bar is another choice for those on a tighter budget.

It’s one of the cheaper light bars with adjustable light settings and is also very easy to install onto your screen.

It has simple controls that are easy to use, so you can adjust the light according to your needs.

This light bar is extremely bright and has a warm color tone, making it great for work or gaming.

The Baseus Monitor Light Bar is an excellent solution as it provides bright, even light that comes from above, so you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Likes and Great Features

  • Stepless dimming function
  • Easy desk lamp installation
  • Easy to choose your favorite color temperature (white, mixed, warm)
  • USB-powered monitor light bar
  • Plugs straight into the back of your screen

Customer thoughts

  • The mount can be tricky to use on older monitors, but is otherwise easy to install.
  • Needs some tinkering to get the light shining in the right places.
  • This light bar is a great budget option
  • It comes with three touch buttons for brightness, color mode and power
  • Adjustable light levels and color schemes.
  • Handle it carefully due to the delicate plastic in the swiveling head.

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What Is a Monitor Light Bar?

A computer monitor light is a device that sits on top of your computer screen and provides additional lighting to help you see better in darker environments.

It’s an alternative to the traditional table lamp models as it doesn’t take up any space or create clutter like other regular lights.

It also offers more adjustment options than most desk lamps would provide, like an auto-dimming mode, brightness levels, and hue adjustments.

The most significant difference is how the screen bar lights up your desk environment, as the light is not reflected on your screen, otherwise known as reflective glare.

The light travels in an asymmetric direction, reducing glare that doesn’t impact your screen’s brightness, color representation, and reflection, making the overall lighting conditions much better.

Tips & Tricks For Monitor Light Bars

monitor light bar tips and tricks

If you have decided that investing in one or more monitor light bars is worth it, here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of them:

First, make sure that whatever model(s) you choose come equipped with adjustable brightness levels, and most actually do.

So no matter what kind of task requires extra focus during certain times, there won’t be any issues finding suitable illumination settings accordingly.

Also, try experimenting with different color temperatures until settling on one that feels comfortable enough while working long hours at night without causing too much strain on eyesight over time either.

I actually like a warmer tone on the light similar to what you would get if you used blue light blocking glasses.

A monitor light bar is a great way to create an optimal work environment and increase productivity.

With different lighting modes and features, you can customize your workspace for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Monitor Light Bar FAQ’s

Are monitor lights any good?

They really are!

Monitor lighting is one of the best new technologies in recent years.

It’s practical and easy for any computer user and gives excellent lighting options.

Sure there might be some initial investment costs, but you’ll get your money’s worth after a few days of use, I can personally vouch for that!

If you love working at your desk late into the night, these light bars will keep you fresh even when your eyes start to feel tired or sore.

What kind of light does a light bar produce?

Most lamp brands use LED to provide white light that simulates natural daylight while also providing different lights (warm/cool).

This makes for easier reading on the screen, reducing eye strain during long periods spent in front of the monitor.

Are these lights good for gaming?

Yes! These lamps can improve your visual acuity and reduce glare which is especially useful during long periods spent playing games on your PC or laptop.

I’ve had one installed at my desk since last year, and so far, it has made a massive difference to how comfortable I feel when working late at night, and I love the ambient light.

What are some other benefits offered by using a monitor light?

There’s no shortage of reasons why you should opt for this little light bar, but here are some that stand out:

  • Reduced eye strain (reduced fatigue)
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better moods & concentration levels
  • Easier e-reading on-screen
  • Easy installation options
  • Bright USB-powered lamp (no power bank) with even light distribution across the desk

What are some excellent brands offering this type of product?

There aren’t many options, so it doesn’t matter much, but you should check out the BenQ screen bar or the Xiaomi Monitor Lamp.

Wrap Up

In addition to using monitor light bars as lighting options, there are a few ways that you can reduce your eye strain and fatigue from staring at screens all day.

For example: taking regular breaks by getting up for a quick walk or going on a short vacation outside is exceptionally effective.

This gives your eyes a chance to refocus and rest up.

Also, ensure you’re sitting at the correct distance from your screen (especially if it’s ultra-wide curved monitors).

This helps reduce eye strain because you won’t be straining them as much by moving closer or further away.

Using glasses that block blue light is also helpful for reducing eye strain.

Monitor light bars make a difference, and you’ll notice that, too, in a few days of use.

Try one; they’re relatively cheap!

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