If you’re searching for the best L-shaped standing desk (that is height-adjustable), then you’ve come to the right place.

L-shaped desks provide a large workspace for your desk setup without taking up excessive room. And having an adjustable height range gives you even more flexibility when working.

We’ve all felt the extreme fatigue and muscle ache that go hand in hand with sitting for long periods. Maybe you’ve already succumbed to ongoing back pain issues?

Standing up more often is much better for our posture and back muscles, but standing usually means taking an extended break from the office chair. Who’s got time for that when there are deadlines to be met?

I’m a long-term sufferer of back issues, and before I upgraded to an adjustable standing desk, I was spending more and more time away from my computer, which is kind of counterproductive.

So, I’m keen to show you some fantastic L-Shaped standing desk options so you can experience the same revelation as I did.

What Are The Best L-Shaped Standing Desks of 2023

Here are my top picks for the best L shaped standing desks that also work for two persons, including my absolute favorite.

1. SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

Best overall – SmartDesk Corner

Brand: Autonomous
Height: 29.4″ – 48″
Price: Starting at $1,199

As far as L-shaped sit-stand desks go, they don’t get much better than the SmartDesk Corner. The two laminate modular pieces allow you to customize the shape to suit your space and are available in a white, black, or walnut finish.

The triple motor silently adjusts the range to your desired standing height, and once you’ve found the perfect working height, you can save it, and the desk will remember it for future use.

The high-quality steel frame can accommodate a hefty 400 lbs and is suitable for dual monitor setups.

All SmartDesks come with a complimentary cable tray and a five-year warranty.

According to customer reviews, buyers love the quality of this desk and are impressed by how sturdy it is. The quiet motor with fast and smooth height adjustment is also a huge plus point.

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2. Fezibo Reversible L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk

Fezibo Reversible L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk

Best smallest L shaped desk – Fezibo Corner Standing Desk

Brand: Fezibo
Height: 27.6″ – 47.3″
Price: Starting at $339.99

If you only have a small space for your electric standing desk, then the Fezibo is an excellent choice. You still get an ample 55” x 24” work, but the L-panel is small.

Furthermore, you can swap which side you want the L-panel to be placed on and even remove it if necessary. The iron frame can hold up to 155 lbs which is plenty for a smaller office desk.

Customize your desired working heights with up to three programmable options. To avoid accidents, the motor has an inbuilt anti-collision system that stops if it reaches an obstacle.

Added accessories include a headphones hook and a cable management system.

Customers appreciate the smooth rising mechanism and added accessories to keep things tidy.

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3. EUREKA L-shaped TechDesk

EUREKA L-shaped TechDesk

Best desk with integrated charging points – EUREKA TechDesk

Height: 29.78” – 48.5”
Price: Starting at $479

If you’re anything like me, you don’t want cables flying everywhere and an untidy working environment. If so, you’ll love this EUREKA gaming desk’s specs. It’s an official Call of Duty licensed desk, so it will definitely appeal to the gamers out there.

The desk has integrated USB charging points, a rotatable dual headphones hook, and a magnetic cable management system. And the riser stand easily accommodates dual monitor setups.

A dual motor adjusts the desk’s height and has two programmable height presets for touch-of-a-button height adjustment.

Backed by a five-year warranty, customers say they’re impressed with this desk’s sturdiness and large surface area.

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Best for storage – EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60

Height: 29.5″ – 48″
Price: Starting at $569.99

Another offering from EUREKA, this new desk is a must if storage is essential for your home office setup.

With the sliding keyboard tray and monitor stand, you can keep the desktop clear for other accessories. You can also add a matching drawer unit if you wish.

The steel and particle-board desk features a headphone hook, cup holder, USB charging ports, and RGB light found under the monitor stand.

The motor has a lifting capacity of 220 lbs with programmable settings and an anti-collision mechanism.

Customers appreciate the simple assembly, its large surface area, and the storage elements such as the keyboard tray.

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5. Corner Ryzer Standing Desk

Corner Ryzer Standing Desk

Best premium standing desk – Corner Ryzer Standing Desk

Brand: Ryzer
Height: 23.6” – 49.1”
Price: Starting at $1,013

Available in 14 color options in a semi-gloss or matte finish, the Ryzer is the premium executive desk on this list. The large surface area features a grommet hole for tidy cables and a durable scratch-resistant finish.

The heavy-duty frame can comfortably lift 330 lbs while the motor has programmable features to save you desired height and anti-collision device as standard.

You can customize the configuration of the desk to suit your space, and the triple-legged setup means you have bags of room underneath for a file cabinet or drawer set.

Made in the USA, the Ryzer desk has an incredible 15-year warranty, so you can definitely be assured of the quality. And, if you’re in a hurry, this desk is shipped within one business day.

Customers rave about the quality and durability of this desk, and even though you have to assemble it, it’s widely reported that it’s simple to put together.

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What to Consider When Buying an L-Shaped Standing Desk

1. Minimum and Maximum Height

Regarding their minimum and maximum heights, all L-shaped desks vary. Therefore, you need to consider how tall you are and which adjustable height range you need.

Consider both sitting and standing working heights; you must be comfortable working in both positions. Otherwise, the desk won’t be fit for purpose.

2. Desk Surface Area

What is the ideal size of tabletop needed to accommodate all your equipment? You’ll need a desk with a large work surface if you have multiple monitors and many accessories.

If office space is at a premium, consider a stand-up desk with add-ons such as a keyboard tray, monitor arms, stand, and additional shelving.

3. What is the Maximum Weight Capacity?

Every adjustable height desk has a different weight capacity. The motors can only lift so much. Therefore, you must ensure you purchase a computer desk that won’t be overloaded and unable to manage all your equipment.

It’s a good idea to weigh your equipment before buying a desk so you know what capacity is required for the desk frame.

L-Shaped Standing Desk FAQs

Is an L-Shaped Standing Desk Worth It?

A standing desk allows you to change from seated to standing without disrupting your working day. The clever desk design and motor let you work comfortably in either position and are shown to be anti-fatigue and more productive.

A standing desk is an excellent choice if you want a versatile, healthier way of working.

Is an L-Shaped Standing Desk Good For You?

When you sit for long periods, you put added strain on your body. You also become less productive and more fatigued. A standing desk lets you change your working position and maintain proper spinal alignment while relieving tension in the back and neck.

An L-shaped standing desk has more surface area, which increases comfort as you have space to rest your arms properly. This lessens the likelihood of repetitive strain injury occurring.

Does an L-Shaped Standing Desk Help With Posture?

Sitting for long periods causes muscle fatigue and is a significant contributor to experiencing back problems.

Our spine is in its normal alignment when we stand, and our abdominal muscles are engaged. This posture reduces strain on the neck and back muscles and lessens back pain.

So, yes. Using a standing desk does help you maintain a better posture.