Is blogging dead

So here we are, social media all around us, crypto going to the moon (sorry going to the grave in July 2022), and you’re thinking about blogging or starting your own blog?

Is blogging dead? Yes, and No!

If you’re thinking about blogging in the traditional sense like a diary or a place where you quickly write to an audience of friends and family, then yes blogging is dead.

But if you’re running a blog for money, like a real business, then blogging is perhaps the most ROI-positive online business in 2022 and beyond.

You can think of a blog post and each piece of content as digital real estate that you own and write content for a targeted audience that generates organic traffic and sales.

google search console 6 months

In 6 months I’ve built this website up from 0 blogs published and 0 in domain rating to generating over $1k/m in revenue.

I will 10x that in the next 6 months.

Search traffic is increasing

The number of people who search things on Google (organic traffic) and other search engines is increasing year by year.

Google is literally an extension of the human consciousness, you have a thought in your head, you search for it, and Google presents the answer in different forms, including things like a blog post.

google searches

Source: Oberlo

Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google have made that integration even more prominent in our homes.

More people are searching for things than ever before, and people literally can’t be without search engines anymore to function in life.

Is blogging dead? Not really.

A better question, why do blogs fail?

Just look at how many blog posts or YouTube videos you’ve consumed up until this point, all telling you the “28 simple steps” to start your own blog.

All they’re doing is content marketing, trying to sell you on some dumb web hosting from Bluehost anyway (which pays them $75-$100 per sale for mediocre web hosting by the way!).

The real reason both older personal blogs and lifestyle bloggers fail, and just can’t make blogging work is the following:

  • It requires delayed gratification.
  • Being able to execute daily with focused deep work.
  • Become the business owner, not a blogger doing a hobby.
  • Work for hours without seeing anything in return, for 6+ months.
  • Conquer procrastination, doubts, fears, and negative thinking.
  • Build real relationships with other companies and individuals.

If you can’t even believe that you’ll make it work, then you’ve already failed.

The core principles of blogging

seo image

All you really need is to focus on these three things to make blogging work:

  1. Tools that don’t waste your time
  2. Creating content fast
  3. Acquiring natural backlinks

That’s literally it, tools, content, and links. But everyone makes it so unnecessarily complicated and confuses the shit out of you.

You don’t need to learn WordPress, use Pinterest or social media platforms, do influencer marketing, do some weird content silos or “skyscraper techniques”.

Tools > Content > Links lead to more traffic and money in your bank account.

  • Without the tools, you’ll never get going in the right direction.
  • Without writing articles, you’ll have zero traffic or monetization capability.
  • Without links, you’ll never compete, grow or scale, maybe in 3 years… maybe.

If you’re out in the woods on a cold and slightly rainy day where everything is a bit damp and you want to start a fire, what do you need?

Tools to start the fire, wood that’s semi-dry, and lighter fluid to really get it going. Tools > Content > Links.

seo referenced to camping

Want to know what tools to use and my personal blogging stack? Visit my fave tools page and you’ll find everything there.

For the rest, go buy a course or something, but everything’s free on YouTube anyway.

Research how to write SEO-optimized blog posts with SurferSEO and Jarvis.

Research how to do cold email outreach for guest blogging.

Learn how to do keyword research with Ahrefs.

If you need a detailed step-by-step plan then send me a message to let me know and I’ll consider creating one if enough people are interested.

So with that being said, here are some more SEO keywords for the good old Google algorithm.

Is blogging dead for professional bloggers, personal blogging, food blog, or other blogs?

No, or at least not in the way you think this content marketing machine works.

Good luck!

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