Hustlers University: All Questions Answered by a REAL Student

Jul 13, 2022
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Ever since I wrote my popular Hustlers University review, I've gotten tons of questions on Twitter, some bland, some good, and a few great ones.

So I decided to write up an exclusive FAQ with resources about HU 2.0 for everyone interested in the community that shows you how to be rich, successful, elite, you name it.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Hustlers University 2.0, how to get access, features, lessons, what business you can start, and more.

It will be quick and to the point, rapid-fire style. So let's go!

What is the official checkout page for HU2?

Hustlers University's official checkout page is through Stripe and New Era Learning LLC.

They were previously on Gumroad but quickly outgrew the platform due to the sheer amount of enrolled students, and have now moved to Stripe.

Will I be able to make the $49 back in the first month?

If you dedicate all of your time to learning a high-end monetizable skill and actually taking action, then yes.

There are dozens of students who made their initial investment back within 30 days, me included (I learned in the crypto campus and it worked).

Do I need a computer to join HU?

No, you don't need a computer to join HU and access all of the dope content that's inside. 

All of the information, videos, and lectures can be viewed on the Discord app for mobile.

How I can trust that results will come from HU?

There is one thing that you can trust, and that is in yourself. 

HU is a sophisticated system that will teach you what you need to know, the skills, and the correct mindset for wealth creation. 

It's then up to you to actually do something with it and gain real life experience. 

There is no such thing as "do nothing and get paid".

I'm a bit scared about scams...

There are a ton of scams in the field of making money online but Hustlers University is not one of them, and the now famous price of $49 reflects that. 

The real product and course scams are the ones that cost $997, $1997, $2999, etc.

I'm a student, is 1 hour a day enough time to dedicate to this?

You get out what you put in. 

If you ONLY have 1 hour a day then that is the speed that you'll progress at and that's cool.

Totally possible but don't be surprised if someone who spends 12 hours a day outperforms you. 

And for most people reading this, you have way more time than 1 hour a day, stop playing trendy video games, delete social media, and pull the plug on your luxurious TV.

There… Now you have 6-8 hours back that you can dedicate to something that actually has the chance to improve your life.

I'm low on a budget (max $200 to invest), will I profit?

There are multiple high-income skills you can learn that can generate well over $10k per month without any investments, such as affiliate marketing, copywriting, and freelancing.

For things such as crypto, stocks, and e-commerce you're recommended to have an initial capital of $5000.

I have 3 workfree days per week, will those enable me to have enough time for HU?

Definitely 3 days per week is a good place to start learning the ropes of the skill that you choose to learn and get the ball rolling. 

But we both know that you have MORE time, you're just not willing to dedicate every waking hour to succeed, that's just the reality.

What money should I have to start investing (excluding the 49$ to join)?

Nothing extra is required, only the time, effort, and dedication to learn. 

Listening to your professors/mentors, and taking MASSIVE ACTION every day are the secrets to successful business ventures.

I just don’t want to waste my time...

You're talking about wasting time so let's do an experiment. 

On any given day of the week, with your current lifestyle, write down on your phone exactly what you spent your time on for 24 hours. 

Track everything down to the minute!

If you for any reason spent more than 60 minutes on the following:

  • Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

  • TV and media

  • Internet, browsing the web

  • Party, alcohol, girls, drugs

Then I can 99% guarantee you that you've wasted your time on things that have 0% chance of putting more money in your pocket.

Hustlers University on the other hand has the chance so it's a no-brainer from that perspective.

I’m 16 and my biggest fear is making the wrong decision...

So you're a student going through your classes, or even in college, and wondering if you're in the right place. 

If you take the time to open your eyes and look around, observe those ahead of you (older). Your teachers, people rushing to work in the morning, even your parents. 

Are they wealthy? Are they happy? Do they shine with endless amounts of energy and confidence?

No, they're not, every one of them is miserable, stressed out, and in debt. 

This is exactly where you're headed with the traditional path of getting a job and prioritizing safety. 

If you don't like what you see, look for an alternative path, HU is one.

Can someone who isn’t very computer savvy make it work?

As long as you have a working brain, and dedication to get out of the current situation you're in, then no you don't need to be computer savvy. 

You'll be learning skills, copywriting for example has been around for ages, well before any computer.

All you need is words and a vivid imagination to earn a commission from websites for example.

What do I need to start? I only have my iPhone...

All you really need G, with an iPhone you can:

  • Build an audience on social media

  • Edit videos

  • Send DMs

  • Get clients

  • Get paid

Tell me a little more about what is in the affiliate marketing channel

TONS of resources, marketing, and sales wisdom from the professor that teaches you everything you need to know in the art of selling. 

You'll know what platform to target, how to craft viral content, and titles, build organic traffic and get sales.

Do you have to pay for the lessons once you are on the discord server?

No for the monthly fee you get EVERYTHING, meaning you can pick and choose or even jump around on all the campuses and learn anything you want.

Is there a certain age that should be subscribing to HU2, I’m 15...

There is no specific age requirement to learn information, but you need to pay to get in somehow.

I am a full-time student will 3 to 4 days out of the week be enough time?

Three to four days is good enough to start learning and taking action on whatever business you want to build, but if you want results to come faster to you then you need to put in more effort. 

You reap what you sow.

I would like to buy HU but my parents won't let me, what should I do?

Hard to say G, you could try to learn stuff for free on YouTube and take immediate action. 

Hustle hard and try to earn your first few bucks online or offline yourself. 

Try flipping things, sell something you don't need in your room, or mow lawns until you have enough to progress.

I don't understand any single thing about making money online

And you don't need to, that's the entire point of Hustlers University, they teach you everything you need to know from zero.

What is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University is an online education platform and community originally created by Andrew Tate

There are a handful of professors, real millionaires, teaching their skills and profession that actually made them rich, and that they are using as their primary source of income. 

The entire thing is hosted on Discord, an online community platform much like Slak, Teams, or any other collaboration software where people can communicate, chat, and share resources and ideas.

What does Hustlers University teach?

Hustlers University has a few different campuses where they teach specific high-income skills. The main ones are:

  • Copywriting Campus

  • Affiliate Marketing Campus

  • Freelancing Campus

  • E-Com Campus

  • Amazon FBA Campus

  • Crypto Campus

  • Stocks Campus

Does hustlers university work

It legitimately works, IF you put in the work and effort. 

People somehow think that just by joining a University that gives out information, you're entitled to free money wired straight to your bank account. 

Don't be delusional, show up, learn, do the real work, and get rewarded.

Is Hustlers University 2.0 legit

Yes, Hustlers University is legit, it's not a scam and it's run by real people who unlike others actually know what they talk about and are rich to prove it.

Not only that, there are hundreds if not thousands of legit screenshots of other students taking action and getting the money bag in the process.

How many people are in Hustlers University

At the current time of writing, 77278 people are enrolled in Hustlers University. 

This is an increase with 47000+ students since May 2022 when I first joined.

How does Hustlers University work

First, you buy the monthly subscription for $49/month, and you get an invite to the discord channel. 

You download discord or use its web-based application to join the main campus.

From there you get onboarded with a series of questions and quizzes to determine your current situation and what resources you have (Time and Cash).

You then get suggestions on what online business model that suits your situation the best and you can from there choose to join the respective campus to learn that business model.

In the campus area, you'll yet again be onboarded but this time for the specific skill that you chose. 

This will be a series of lessons, assignments, videos to watch, and steps to take in order to get started.

What do you learn at Hustlers University?

Everything from personal finance, and millionaire mindsets, to high-income skills and investing advice.

How much does Hustlers University cost?

Hustlers University costs $49/month and is a subscription just like Netflix. 

You have access to all information, courses, and lectures for as long as you have an active subscription.

Is Hustlers University 2.0 worth it?

In my personal opinion yes Hustlers University is worth it. 

Not only do you learn high-income skills, but you also learn the crucial mindset on how you should think. 

You are the average of the 5 closest people in your life, if all of them are below average, that is exactly what you'll be as well.

Flip that around, hang around with hustlers who are grinding every day for a better life, and you'll do the same.

How do I join Hustlers University?

Buy the subscription from New Era Learning HU with a credit or debit card, open your welcome email, and join Hustlers University on Discord.

How did Andrew Tate make his money?

Originally through his webcam business but later expanded to stylish casinos and online courses.

He also became an influencer using social media marketing, networking with businesses, and affiliate marketing.

He also created a media empire in Romania with his brother, running the War Room and Hustlers University just to name a few.