How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything (the Truth)

Chris Aug 20, 2021
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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything (the Truth)

So you want to know how to make money online without paying anything, and I get it.

The world economy has been through a lot in recent years, people are either getting laid off or quitting altogether in record numbers.

And for the number of beginners looking to make an income online, there are an equal amount of scammers out there looking to capitalize on your behalf!

There is a reason that the “make money online” niche is getting a bad rap, and you’re smart enough to look into alternatives that don’t require an initial investment.

I’m keeping it 100% real with you in this post, yes it’s possible to make money online without paying for anything (or at least damn near free).

BUT it will require an unreal amount of work, doing it consistently, and over long periods of time.

I’ll break it all down for you and how you can get started, so read on my friend!

The truth bombs you need to know before embarking on this journey

Most business models work out there, but a majority require some kind of upfront capital investment, and even then there is the risk of failure, especially if you’re trying it for the first time.

That’s why before we even get into the methods of how to make money online without paying anything, there are some truth bombs that need to be dropped.

Are you ready for it? You might not like this:

1. You will most likely fail on your first try, this is why

Since you’re reading this post you’re either in one of these two categories:

A beginner looking to learn, or someone who tried it and got burned.

Either way, when I talk about making money online, it’s not about making a sale here or there for a quick buck, a flash in the pan, or sell something from your garage on eBay.

Making real money online, on a monthly basis for years requires you to start a business.

And statistically proven, 30% of new businesses fail at the end of their second year for numerous reasons.

But at the end of the day, if this is your first, second, or even third rodeo, expect it to be a learning experience instead of aiming for the moon.

Being a small business owner requires you to wear multiple hats, you need to be the content creator, the manager, the marketer, the designer, the copywriter, the ads manager, etc.

Each and every role in itself can easily be a full-time job!

So just beware that you most likely won’t make $10k/month on your first try with half-assed effort.

As my mentor from afar said, starting a business is like doing hard time in a Korean prison camp, and you won’t survive by being delusional.

See your first gig online as a learning experience, get your feet wet, and fail forward.

Each step takes you that much closer to achieving it.

2. Creating a real business is not fast, easy, or instantly high paying

If you’ve ever done a quick search on YouTube on how to make money online, you’re being showered with the following message:

  • Easy $1k/month just by doing this for 5 minutes per day
  • How I made $10k/month in my sleep, anyone can do it
  • The $60k passive income side-business working 4 hours a week.

Anytime you see the words easy, fast, 10k, passive income, in the same sentence or thumbnail, run away!

These are copywriting power words carefully selected to get your attention, promise you a quick and easy win, if you just buy this, do that or sign up for whatever.

There is no such thing as making quick money fast without doing anything, they are selling you a dream.

Why? Because it sells!

They either gain your attention, views, or money through selling BS courses that most of the time are outdated advice already overdone and overcrowded.

The truth is that creating a real business takes a lot of time, it’s lightyears from easy, and you might just make $100 total in your first year!

Once again, I’m not talking about selling a course one time or selling on eBay.

If it’s quick money in, it’s also quick money out. They never last, but your mortgage, rent or car payment does!

3. Your number one enemy is your own mind

The last truth bomb is that there is only one hindrance to your success as a new entrepreneur looking to make money online, and that’s yourself.

You’ll be showered with something called the shiny object syndrome, or new opportunities that you jump on constantly.

Or you might encounter self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of the unknown, “will this thing work”, or just plain old procrastination.

Your own mind will often times NOT be your companion, but more a roadblock to your success. And if you’re not ready for it, it will eat you alive.

And the reason these YouTube videos or articles don’t talk about it is that it doesn’t generate views, impressions, or sales!

It’s not sexy, and people want the fast and easy.

How to make money online without paying anything?

So with all that being said, if you’re still here and not terrified out of your mind, then good news!

You can start making money online, and almost entirely for free as well!

What it will require is hard work, consistently over a long period of time (12 months minimum), doing one thing only.

Each of these methods works, but you’ll have to pick one that you can stick with for a long time, and go all in.

1. Content creation on YouTube

Most if not all of us have a phone, right? Then you got everything you need to get started creating content on YouTube.

The video quality on the phone is insane and all you need, the microphone is ok for the beginning stages, but you’ll want to upgrade that in the future.

Signing up for a YouTube account is 100% free, and all you need to do is create content, consistently, for a long period of time that people resonate with. This will be the personal brand of you.

You will suck at the beginning just keeping it 100% real, but over time you’ll improve how you film, speak, and so on.

Future costs when you have some spare change might involve online video editing software, a better microphone, and some lighting if you’re tired of sitting next to a window.

You’ll not even need SEO tools to find the right titles and descriptions for your videos, as you can easily see what content that ranks and how they title things, take inspiration but do not copy.

How to monetize

Monetization will come from a mix of ads on your videos, affiliate marketing with links in your description, and sponsorships with companies.

Income potential down the road

Just by doing videos, you’ll build three different income streams, and the potential for creating evergreen content is high.

One example being Graham Stephan who makes $20k per week on his financial channel just from ads alone.

But he is by no means an overnight success, it was years of grinding and hard work that you did not see.

2. Content creation on a Blog

Another type of content creation instead of videos is in writing, just like what you’re reading right now.

Some might argue that writing blog posts are way easier than shooting a YouTube video since you can stay behind the scenes, but that’s just your mind playing games on your insecurities.

Blogging is actually even harder, since you’re competing against the World Wide Web, billions of websites.

You can easily confirm this by doing a random google search and check how many results you get at the top.

The good news is that writing posts are entirely free! It only takes time, effort, and a computer that you most likely have.

Educate yourself on the best SEO practices through content on YouTube, learn as you go, and have keyword research as the skill you need to master as your top priority.

Even a website can be entirely free nowadays, and later down the road, you can invest in your own domain, a website builder, and professional keyword research tools.

SEO is easy, publishing content and building links is the hard part.

How to monetize

While most people slap on ads on their website once they get a tiny bit of traffic, it won’t result in anything, pennies really.

The primary method for monetizing any blog should be through affiliate marketing, linking to products or services, and earning a commission.

It’s passive in nature, and your sole job should be to rank your posts on the top 10 searches in Google.

Income potential down the road

Ranking content on the biggest search engines takes time, as content needs to mature for a good 8-12 months before they climb up the rankings.

But the income potential is huge, ranging from a few $100 to $80k/month and beyond, depending on how much content you have, how it ranks, etc.

3. Arbitrage with a modern twist

Arbitrage has been around for decades, essentially buying an asset in a lower market and selling it in another higher market for a profit.

Depending on how you do this business model, it can be entirely free and scaleable like a real business.

Instead of buying a thing low, and then selling it high with an initial investment, you can do the opposite with digital services, let me explain.

For example, there are loads of local businesses that have no idea about websites and how to rank on Google to generate more customers.

You could become an agency where you provide these services, visit these local business, cold call them, and close your first customer.

Once you get paid, use that revenue to hire a freelancer to do the work for a cheaper price in another market, and you keep the difference.

This is essentialy what agencies are all about, and once your business grows, you can have in-house employees working full time for you.

How to monetize

This is a straightforward business model where you provide services and get paid for it.

Income potential

The beautiful part about this is that since you’re delivering digital services to improve businesses, you can take on and scale as many clients as you want, you’re the agency, the middle man.

Let’s say your service costs $250/month, a freelancer costs $50, you keep $200 x 10 clients = $2000/month.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make money online with no money?

There are various ways to make money online without paying anything, make YouTube videos, write blog posts, sell services to businesses, or even write ebooks and publish on Amazon.

Whatever you choose, just choose one and stick with it long enough until it succeeds.

How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

If you want to make $100 a day on the internet then you’re most likely interested in passive income.

The most realistic way is to create evergreen content on the internet in combination with affiliate marketing.

The road to build up $100 a day is a long one, as you’ll need hundreds of contents floating around in evergreen niches that usually are competitive.

How can I make money now with nothing?

It’s entirely possible to make money online without paying nothing, but it will take loads of hard work, dedication, and time.

The simplest way is to create evergreen content, either video on YouTube or blog posts on Google. All it takes is time and effort.

Wrap Up

Making money online without paying anything is not easy, and be prepared that it will take a long time before you even see your first dollar.

But once things start to pick up, you can reinvest the profit that you make into the business, and start scaling it more from there.

The only difference between having money at the start is that it potentially shaves down on the time it takes make money online.